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Article: How to Raise Your Vibes & Attract Abundance at Work

How to Raise Your Vibes & Attract Abundance at Work

How to Raise Your Vibes & Attract Abundance at Work

Vibes can make a huge difference in your success. Most people don’t know what vibes actually are or how to improve them but all people can sense when someone has good vibes. Yogis have studied vibes for well, 5,000 years and they know a thing or two about how to improve them.

The famous law of attraction is directly linked to our vibes and we don’t have to be a physicist to attract success but we do need to strengthen our aura so it’s easier to stay positive.

Work Can Be Draining

Many people are bombarded by their thoughts and become emotional, reactive and bitter at work. This comes from having a small or weak aura. They also tend to lack creative inspiration which can lead to feelings of despair and attract worrisome thoughts. It’s time to use your breath and intention to shift your mind and energy field.

This will make you excited about life as well and give you tremendous energy to conquer fatigue.

When people start to notice how positive you are, they will enjoy being around you. They will notice you can smooth out issues by seeing creative solutions. They will look to you for inspiration and they will know they can rely on you to be efficient and organized.

Having a daily breathwork practice also increases the size of your energy field (aura) so that other people’s vibes don’t hit you and affect your stress levels. Having an energy field clear of negativity will help you feel confident and people will see you like a more powerful capable individual.

Here are some direct ways to raise your vibes and attract prosperity!

Set Your Intention Before You Walk Inside

The way we communicate affects both us and the people around us. One of the highest forms of yoga is conscious communication. That means we slow down and come from a place of kindness when we speak so that we do not create bad vibes with our words.

Instead of just speaking automatically about mundane things and having the same boring conversations, we are able to connect with people on a deeper level because they will sense we have a strong caring intention that seeks to help and not compete.

Try setting your intention before you walk into to work that you will use positive language, build people up and think positively of them. Say to yourself, “I am here to provide humble loving kindness in all that I do.”

Your Second Mission

Besides your tasks at works, you can have a second mission to improve morale by helping people focus on the positive through humor, gratitude and inspiring love based ideas.

Use more positive words in your communication such as loving, supportive, excellent, fantastic, beautiful, healing, special, resonating, breathtaking, inspirational, fun, exciting, brilliant, calm, etc. Have a positive affirmation in your head while at work to combat negative thinking.

Maybe that would be, ‘today is the best day of my life,’ or, ‘amazing things are happening right now,’ or ‘there’s something special about today.’

Do Breathwork Everyday Throughout The Day

Breath of fire is a great technique to clear your subconscious mind. The subconscious holds our habitual thought patterns that tend to be more pessimistic. We may suddenly be mad at a coworker or not want to complete a task because we were raised around someone who felt people were out to get them.

Breathing can help clear the negative energy that builds up daily.

Your goal could be to do 11 minutes of breath of fire before work and 3 minutes on your lunch break. You can do another 3 minutes before you get home so you don’t take work stress into your home space.

Start the Day with Positivity

If you enter work and maintain a positive outlook, you’re less likely to have disagreements which are actually based on reactive egotistical thoughts instead of supportive high vibration ones. Try it out and see how you suddenly feel optimistic.

This technique is easy and gets even easier as you build up your breath capacity. Just note pregnant women or women on the first three days of their monthly cycle should not do breath of fire. Push air out of your nose as you snap your navel in.

Allow your inhale to happen naturally but it should be equal in length to the exhale. It develops a rhythm and allows you to get a lot of chi into your body. You may even build up to 31 minutes which will help you think clearly and give you lots of creative ideas!

When our body is stressed, we often unconsciously stop breathing. This puts our nervous system on alert because we need oxygen. We start feeling anxious and spiral into a frantic mental state. Get in the habit of taking deep breaths all the time. This will help keep you calm and keep you level headed.

Kundalini Yoga Can Raise Your Vibes

We all know that depressed people rarely stumble upon opportunities. Enthusiastic people seem to have more opportunities than they know what to do with. We know our health is directly linked to our emotional state and it alters our perspective as well.

Our digestion, our nerves or our spine being out of alignment are all examples of how our health affects our emotions. Kundalini yoga targets your emotions by making you experience an elevated state of consciousness. You can feel your vibration raise when you get hot in the meditations of this practice.

Abundance Meditations

They have many abundance meditations that are highly effective when paired with a clean diet, adequate sleep, and consistency. You can practice right from home online. In today’s technology age, there’s no reason for you to be a low vibe when you can access the secrets of the yogis at the click of a button.

I’ve tried and taught many types of yoga and when it comes to prosperity, this one is the fastest because it makes you feel great and expands your aura fast!

Raising your vibes literally means moving your energy from your lower chakras to your upper chakras. The upper chakras allow you to think selflessly, compassionately and in a more loving manner. People will feel your good vibes.

The exercises in Kundalini yoga move your chi up and stimulate the chakras associated with these emotional states. It’s a powerful type of yoga that many successful people use.


In addition to these techniques, a healthy diet that has fruits and vegetables will help all the systems in your body harmonize so you can feel positive. If you’re trying to get ahead at work but you aren’t taking care of yourself, it’s essentially like shooting yourself in the foot. People will have more respect for you when you have respect for yourself.

There is a higher law of the universe that says, ‘as within, so without.’ This means that the way you treat yourself inside is the way the world will also treat you. Even your thoughts about yourself should be loving.

Make work fun by wanting everyone to smile and be happy. What can you do to raise the vibes? Can you encourage healthy eating? Can you bring uplifting artwork, send an inspiring quote at the bottom of your email signature, wear happy colors?

There are many ways to raise your vibes at work but the one thing you’ll notice that sets the leaders apart is that they think about others and aim to support the group instead of themselves. Another higher law of the universe is the law of compensation. We are shown the energy we give out. Give love, support and good vibes and you will be met with the same.

If you feel stuck first look to yourself and change that, next evaluate if you’re in an environment that will allow you to thrive.

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