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Article: How Can You Find Real Love? Find & Follow Your Purpose

How Can You Find Real Love? Find & Follow Your Purpose

How Can You Find Real Love? Find & Follow Your Purpose

If you’re reading this article, perhaps you’re wondering why it hasn’t happened for you yet. You know, the whole finding your prince charming or princess. Maybe you’ve had a series of failed relationships and are exhausted trying to chase after a fairytale happy ending.

Take a journey in your mind with me to a new reality, where the meaning of life expands beyond happily ever after so that love is just a part of our purpose.

We have been spoon-fed by the media the type of life adults ‘should’ lead. We get married, have children and the cycle repeats right? What media has yet to reveal is the nature of our true selves which is a soul.

Sensitive healers, mystics and those who have a strong connection with spirit are able to open our hearts and minds to a life view that is doesn’t necessarily place our wedding day as the most important day of our lives.

This information shows us we have a purpose in this lifetime and when we due finally follow our hearts, we can experience true contentment.

Searching For Happiness In A Partner Doesn’t Work

Searching for happiness in someone else doesn’t work for one main reason, the law of attraction. If we are seeking someone to make us happy, it means we are not yet in a state of happiness. The law of attraction only attracts what we are putting out and so if we are unhappy, we cannot meet someone who is happy.

Where then do we get happy so we can attract a higher vibration person? From serving humanity in some way.

If you see people or have yourself become obsessed with wanting a partner to feel complete, or even suffocate people and get clingy, there’s still hope. It’s a learning process to understand the true nature of who we are.

When we seek to uplift the world, relationships are no longer the thing we need to be happy but a beautiful addition to help us grow and experience life. If you feel you will not be happy until you have a partner, why not shift to a more empowering perspective of, “I won’t be happy until I find and follow my purpose.”

Let’s Look At The True Nature of Who We Are

Mediums who are able to speak to spirit can communicate with the spirits of those who have crossed. Evidential mediums are able to tell specific details of people to show that they are actually in communication with a specific deceased spirit.

Our spirit, the eternal part of ourselves is evolving over many lifetimes (the Dalai Lama and other monks/yogis vividly remember other lifetimes). We learn lessons as spirits having a physical experience and return back to a non-physical dimension after death.

We are not the identities we create through our careers only. We are not the looks we present to the world either. We are here to offer love and help in some way, big or small. When we commit to our soul as the top priority, we realize that desire for fame or power unless used for good, is a struggle to prove self-importance.

This way of living merely indicates a confused person trying to solidify what they are, not knowing they are a spirit here to help and evolve.

Similarly, we see people attach to their relationships because it’s the only way they find meaning in life and we see people afraid to age or deeply concerned about lose their physical allure because they place so much value on the comfort of having someone to create meaning out of life.

There’s nothing wrong with love but it is not everything. If we place all our eggs in the basket of our relationships, we are sure to be let down. We must shift that inverted thinking of getting happiness from outside of ourselves to giving love so that we can fulfill our purpose.

You’ll notice the happiest people are those who give selflessly and live for others, not for love alone.

What Steps To Take To Find and Follow Your Purpose

Conceptually, we can grasp the idea that we are a spirit having a physical experience but how do we apply this concept in our daily lives? Especially if we haven’t seen anyone live from their soul. Think of someone you know who is a giver and how happy they seem.

Think of a leader, someone you look up to who seems to have strength and courage because of their purpose which guides the way they are choosing to live. They often have a sense of calm because the things that happen in their life can’t take away their true identity as a spirit having a physical experience.

Each soul has a blueprint and it indicates our natural strengths and talents. That blueprint can be found in your natal chart and a spiritual counselor or strong meditation practice can help you find your purpose. Not everyone has just one purpose.

The best way to find it is to listen to your intuition and develop your intuition. Your heart will help guide you, it is a quiet voice that feels kind.


A purpose can be simple. It may be just to uplift others in your job and in your community by listening, showing loving kindness or offering a helping hand. It may require you to learn new skills or move to a new area. It may require you to let go of many ideas of what you thought your life was supposed to look like.

Often following our purpose means letting go of our need for material comfort because we reorganize our priorities around selfless living. We no longer have a need to be the best or make the most money to prove we are important, nor do we seek the most attractive mate.

We begin to seek truth and require our potential partners to be seeking the same. We do not seek perfection rather acceptance and we do not seek to be known but rather to know. If you want to find a partner that is loving and happy, you yourself must realize that we are hardwired to nurture others, not to compete.

When we become loving, we become happy because the chemicals in our brain start firing that make us happy. We then can attract a nice person because we have become it.

This truth slips by many people and we are conditioned to think we must impress to attract people. However, just loving your soul will make the world fall in love with you.

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