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Article: How to Do a Bath Meditation

How to Do a Bath Meditation

How to Do a Bath Meditation

Who doesn’t love a good bath? Baths have been a favorite past-time of mankind since the dawn of time.

Their popularity spreads right back to the Iron Age when natural hot springs flourished in what is now known as the city of Bath, England. Here ancient tribes would worship the goddess, Sulis, while bathing in the hot springs. After the Roman invasion of Britain, the Romans built a unique complex of public baths which are still visited to this day.

Additionally, in modern-day Japan people regularly bathe in both indoor and outdoor onsen (hot springs) and in some remote mountainous areas, some hot springs are even famed for their magical healing properties.

Baths & Meditation

The term ‘bath’ is synonymous with relaxation, healing, and worship. Therefore, it comes as no great surprise that one of the best places to meditate is in the bath.

Bath meditation is like regular meditation, whether it’s sitting, walking, or standing with the added benefit of being submerged in water!

Water is a powerful element, and it is connected with our emotions and intuition. Meditation is all about tapping into that side of ourselves which sometimes lies dormant in everyday life; moving beyond the conscious, rational mind and passing through the veil of our subconsciousness. It is through water that we do this most with ease, hence why some of the best meditative moments come from being near a body of water, such as the sea, rivers, and lakes.

But sometimes, the most amazing meditation session can come from your own bath. Read on to find out how you can meditate in the bath and reap the amazing benefits of watery meditation as you connect with your innermost self!

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How to Do a Bath Meditation

Prepare Your Bath:

First, you want to make sure you have all the necessary things ready for your bath meditation. Of course, you can just hop in the bath and begin to meditate without this extra preparation, but it makes it all the more potent and powerful when you have these extra touches.

  • Candles:

Naturally, you want to be careful with these as you don’t want to accidentally start a fire! Battery-flicking candles are a good alternative, but if you’re opting for real candles, then see if you can get your hands on a few Himalayan salt candle holders. Not only do these set a beautiful, ambient tone to your environment, but they also cleanse and purify the air, removing negative energy.

  • Essential Oils:

When it comes to putting essential oils in the bath, it’s important not to pour a few droplets directly into the bath; instead, they should be diluted with a carrier oil, otherwise, they may irritate or even burn the skin. Three to twelve drops of an essential oil mixed with a tablespoon of carrier oil (which can be coconut, olive oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil) is absolutely fine. The best essential oils for bathing are chamomile, rose, and lavender.

  • Crystals:

Putting crystals in the bath can help relax you and enhance your mood even more. Crystals such as amethyst, citrine, and carnelian are perfect for the bathtub, helping to absorb negative energies and prepare you for a great meditation session.

  • Meditation Music:

Pop on the laptop, tablet or phone and play some soothing meditation music; leave it by the door so the light from the device doesn’t distract you. Playing music with a running stream or raindrops can add to the water energy and strengthen the bath meditation even more.

  • Bath Salts:

Bath salts a fabulous addition to your bath meditation. Bath Salts are believed to relieve stress, remove toxins from the body, and even assist with weight loss.

  • Aesthetic Elements:

Whenever you look at beautiful bath layouts on Pinterest or Instagram, you always see flower petals or colorful water (usually from bath bombs or bath oil). Create a beautiful environment that makes you excited to hop in the bath and settle into your meditation. Any combination of these will enhance your bath meditation experience by making the room around you personal and positive.

Note: Some crystals are not meant to get wet; always double-check if your crystal can be submerged in water. Often, crystals ending in ‘ite’ such as selenite and kyanite should not get wet.

Meditation Time

Then there’s just the meditation itself. With your senses activated, it’s time to let yourself fully relax and immerse yourself in the water. Close your eyes, take in the scents, listen to the sounds and let the crystals, and bath salts work their magic. Feel yourself drift away and let all the negative worry, anxiety and stress leave your mind.

At this time, there is only you in your beautiful watery surroundings; all of your senses are delighted and charmed. There is nothing to worry about, nothing to stress about, there is only this beautiful moment. Visualization may not even be necessary because your environment is so wonderful at this time; let your mind simply be at peace.

Lie or sit in your bath meditation for twenty to thirty minutes or longer if you like. During this time, you may find some incredible things happen to you. Innovative ideas may come to you; visualize on your Third Eye Chakra to activate your mind, body, and soul. You may have sudden realizations or visions; an overwhelming sense of calm and peace may overpower you as if you’ve been taken to another world. Do not shy away from this, allow your mind to float.

The power of water meditation, especially combined with oils, salts, music, crystals, and candles has the ability to take you into a completely different world, all while lying in your own bathtub.

Note: Don’t have a bath meditation if you’re feeling particularly sleep - the last thing you want to do is fall asleep in the bath!

In Conclusion…

I understand that not everyone has a bath, or is a bath person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a watery meditation session too!

Himalayan bath soaps are available from a number of New Age stores and these are wonderful for scrubbing and exfoliating in the shower; shower meditation sessions are also particularly good for those who like to stand while they meditate. Alternatively, for those who would like a watery meditation without a bath or shower, fill a bowl halfway with boiling water, and pour six to ten drops of an essential oil such as jasmine or sandalwood in it. Then inhale the water deeply for ten minutes. The relaxation effect can be staggering, and it is particularly beneficial to do this before bed.

Bath meditations are wonderful, magical forms of meditation that require little effort to reap enormous benefits. Try a bath or shower meditation next time you feel stressed, drained or filled with negative energy and let the power of water do its work.

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