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Article: How to Strengthen Your Emotional Bond With Your Partner

How to Strengthen Your Emotional Bond With Your Partner

How to Strengthen Your Emotional Bond With Your Partner

Do you feel distant from your partner? Intimacy is more than a physical connection, although a lot of marketing campaigns, movies, and TV shows have led us to believe it’s all about physical allure. Feeling close to someone comes from showing interest in their life, their feelings and what they are working through.

Besides the ways we can reach into each other’s souls through communication, there are ways to stimulate and strengthen the bond between two people that can create a foundation that feels safe and exciting at the same time.

The best part about this deeper emotional bond is that it’s a true soul connection that can be created, where the petty things we see creating discord in relationships no longer move us.

With this new energetic bond stemming from new emotional creativity, we train ourselves in our relationships to thrive on positivity, genuine sharing, and complete transparency. This can cultivate a love that redefines what stories of happily ever after can be opening us to more lasting layers of connection.

Meditate Together

In a very real sense, sharing energy fields allows for something called quantum entanglement. In layman’s terms, our energy fields interact, merge and begin to get in sync mimicking each other. Sounds kinky right? What’s actually happening is we are communicating on a subtle level.

When we sit in front of each other and just breathe in meditation, our heart rate slows and our nerves calm.

Looking into each other’s eyes can help us see each other from a soul level. When souls see each other, the level of understanding deepens. The level of compassion for one another expands exponentially.

We can see their finite selves that struggle with human emotions are not all that they are. We can recognize ourselves in their own struggles.

Meditation, even with the eyes closed, allows intuitive understanding to strengthen. Instead of taking words and actions personally, we will start to see the root of their deepest fears and insecurities which we all have. We stop seeing each other as a means to an end to our own happiness but as a spiritual being, trying to find purpose.

It helps us literally feel their feelings when we sit closely, putting ourselves in their shoes. It creates peace and one unified energy field. Meditating together will also increase physical attraction.

Take Time To Do Soul Check-Ins

Deepening your level of conversations will create a stronger emotional bond. Instead of talking about external life, talk about internal life. How are they feeling? How do they feel fulfilled in their jobs and friendships?

Get to understand which emotions get the best of them so you understand how you can support them to lessen negativity in their habitual thought patterns. Lots of times this type of soul check looks back to childhood where we begin to understand when our habits and reactions were shaped.

If you feel they aren’t opening up, remind them you’re on their side and it’s safe.

This brings up another subject. We are at a point in our culture where both men and women but especially men are just learning how to open up because it’s been considered unmasculine to acknowledge emotions for so long. Our culture is shifting as men and women realize that it’s unhealthy to suppress emotions.

It’s our job to seek out relationships with people who are willing to have conversations about their feelings. Of course, not all relationships are between men and women. No matter what type of relationship we are in, we do need to raise our own bar when we choose our partners if we expect to have a strong emotional bond.

Often people who have done self-reflection studied conscious living and can speak about the conditioning of society are able to have stable, more peaceful and happier relationships. We cannot blame the other person for not opening up if we allowed someone into our lives who do not value that level of communication.

If you’re trying to build an emotional bond with someone who makes fun of it, you may be beating your head against a wall and better off spending your time with someone who has stronger empathy and compassion. In this new age, we do have to set new standards to shift the demand in behaviors and find more empowering roles in relationships.

Plan Experiences Outside of Your Routine

We live in a society dominated by the logical side of the brain. Creativity is valued less than science and the watery feminine energy has been made fun of instead of protected as sacred.

As we acknowledge that emotions play a big role in society and creativity has been the catalyst for many important revelations in our society, we can also see the need for creative outlets in our relationships. To break the routine, it requires a new experience that generates new feelings, stimulates connection to our soul and reminds us to be loving.

Make A Habit of Complete Transparency

A teacher of mine shared a quote with me that stuck. “Say only what is kind, necessary and true.” When it comes to opening our mouth, most of us are really bad at it. We gripe and complain, effectively spewing negative vibes on our partner, throwing them into an unconscious funk that can be mirrored back to us in impatience or irritation.

When we are transparent, we need to be aware of how the other person is feeling before opening up. If they are overwhelmed or needing space, it’s not a good time to share. Ask if it’s a good time to share to test the waters.

Why Transparency?

Transparency is showing all your cards, admitting your own difficulties allows someone to see the whole of who you are. Always appearing strong is showing someone a version of you that you want them to see, but they will feel the distance even in the tone of your voice.

When we speak truthfully, even the tone of our voice changes. Being honest about how we are feeling and what we want or need can help remove energetic tensions that can come from unresolved feelings.

Each person should have the ability to share how they are feeling without being attacked and discussions about feelings should be non-accusatory, calm and as neutral as possible. The words we choose must be measured carefully without reacting or we will cause our partner to shut down.

Building trust and friendship through this style of communication creates a bond that gives you true empathy and a deep friendship.

Take Care of and Respect Yourself

Keep your own connection to your soul strong by meditating so your own inner guidance is the strongest voice in your life. If you start looking for happiness outside of yourself, the first thing to suffer will be your relationship, which is a mirror of your own inner self.

Then make sure you’re taking care of your body, speaking directly about how you feel and not sacrificing your soul’s purpose to fit into someone else’s vision of life. Self-respect comes from respecting your true self, your soul. If you don’t have that, your partner will unconsciously lose respect for you.

Clean food, regular exercise, sleep and a balance with work and relaxing is key to showing up emotionally sound for your partner. If you spend all your time with your partner, you won’t have time to reflect on or listen to your soul. Taking time apart for self-care will strengthen your emotional bond.


In the Age of Aquarius, our consciousness is shifting to be more sensitive to emotions and this means that we are going to look for different things in our partners. Relationship dynamics are shifting, evolving into something that is healthier and more compassionate.

No longer will relationships be based on a dowry, a facade of ageless beauty or a “bad guy” reputation. We will naturally be looking to bond on a deeper level because of the effects of The Age of Aquarius.

These cycles are quite predictable and happen on time which is reassuring in that we can look ahead to relationships that are beyond surface deep.

The sign of Aquarius we have entered only recently is opening our soulful self to higher ideals and lives guided by our individual integrity. We are starting to communicate about our emotions in an entirely new way, a healthier way and we are awakening to the existence of our soul.

In a very real sense, this shift is poised to turn our focus to our good deeds and away from things that glitter and provide temporary satisfaction. Soon, those who are living only in their ego will be the exception and not the rule.

Relationships, based on the historic cycle of the procession of the planets and their observed effects, have a very hopeful outlook for the foreseeable future.

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