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Article: Your Holiday Gift Guide, Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Your Holiday Gift Guide, Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Your Holiday Gift Guide, Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types

The holidays are fast approaching, which means that now is the time if you haven’t already started holiday shopping! And if you and your loved ones have done the Myers-Briggs 16 Personalities Test, we’ve got a treat for you.

Based on your loved one’s Myers-Briggs personality, what should you gift them?

We’ve laid it all out in this personality gift guide. There aren’t any questions as to what your family or friends need...their personality says it all!

Let’s take a look.

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

The Architect - INTJ-A/INTJ-T

The Perfect Gift: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

An Architect personality is a strategic thinker but is also very introverted. With their analytic thinking cap always on, there’s no better gift than the book called Sapiens.

This book dives into what is known about the history of humankind. It’s one that will get a person who loves to think, thinking. Plus, this offers up the INTJ personality that alone time that they often crave.

The Logician - INTP-A/INTP-T

The Perfect Gift: 2021 Planner

The Logician personality loves creativity and experimentation. They thrive on logic, but they have a major fault where they may become absent-minded or forgetful, especially when there are many on-going events or projects.

This planner will keep your friend or partner on track and won’t let them miss any important events or appointments.

The Commander - ENTJ-A/ENTJ-T

The Perfect Gift: Meditation Cushion

The Commander personality is very efficient, charismatic, and strategic. But they often forget to be mindful, live in the moment, and generally chill out. Lucky for them, they have you!

You can help them go down a more relaxed path by gifting them a meditation cushion - the perfect way to help jumpstart or further their meditation habit. This can help prevent burnout from their always-on-the-go and “doing” attitude.

The Debater - ENTP-A/ENTP-T

The Perfect Gift: Wood Carving Set

If this isn’t ideal, you can go for some other craft gigs, such as wheel throwing pottery or painting even. Generally, this is all about supporting the Debater’s need to get creative and invent or make things. A wood carving set does just that. It gives them a project that takes time to plan and create carefully.

There’s also a bonus here: Giving your loved one the gift of an activity like this one can help them find balance in their life.

The Advocate - INFJ-A/INFJ-T

The Perfect Gift: Love Bombs

Now, you might be looking at this one sideways, wondering what the heck are love bombs? Love bombs are little love notes that you can sprinkle across many gifts in one or a scavenger hunt game (if you want to get creative).

The Advocate loves to feel appreciated and seen, and you can make that all happen with simple notes. If you don’t want to buy any, make this gift more personal and create your own version at home.

The thought and time you put into it won’t be overlooked!

The Mediator - INFP-A/INFP-T

The Perfect Gift: 35 Powerful Methods for Personal Growth & Well-Being

The Mediator loves helping others. In fact, they often put others’ needs in front of their own that they tend to forget to show themselves some love.

Buying them a book all about focusing on them and their goals show you care about their well-being. It will enhance their world-view and flip their perspective around.

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The Protagonist - ENFJ-A/ENFJ-T

The Perfect Gift: How to Make Sh*t Happen

Yes, we know. There are a ton of books on this list. But there are so many thinkers within the 16 personalities.

This one encourages the Protagonist to make their life what they want it to be. While they strive to improve their community and help others, this can help them do just that and get what they want.

Alternatively, you could also sign them up for a seminar they’ve been talking about or an online course they’ve been debating doing. It’s all about self-improvement for this personality.

The Campaigner - ENFP-A/ENFP-T

The Perfect Gift: Motivational Stress Balls

The Campaigner tends to overthink things, leading to serious stress and emotion. While they definitely know how to relax and chill out, they could help regulate their emotions and stress.

Enter: The stress ball!

This guy is easy to take with them wherever they please. When the stress hits them, they can squeeze this stress ball, as well as take a peek at the motivational sayings written on them.

The Logistician - ISTJ-A/ISTJ-T

The Perfect Gift: The Vitamix Blender

The Logistician has a hold of their emotions. Yet, they do tend to pride themselves on having the highest quality in everything.

For instance, if they are sick of that cheap blender, the Vitamix won’t let them down. If this isn’t really their thing, think of other ways to upgrade regular appliances or regularly used devices. They’ll love it!

The Defender - ISFJ-A/ISFJ-T

The Perfect Gift: Funny Sayings Coffee Mug

The Defender is reserved and open - all in one. They are one of the most balanced personalities on the list. Keep this gift within their comfort zone, something they’ll use daily - such as a mug, decoration, plant, or journal.

These things nurture their heart and soul, and it won’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do.

The Executive - ESTJ-A/ESTJ-T

The Perfect Gift: Virtual Wine Tasting Tour

The Executive loves trying new things and taking on leadership roles. A virtual wine tour can offer just that. Grab a book all about the tasting of Italy, and plan your own food and wine tour. They’ll love the newness of it all.

Plus, they love learning, and this offers the perfect glimpse into Italy without actually physically being there.

The Consul - ESFJ-A/ESFJ-T

The Perfect Gift: Foot Spa Massager

The Consul loves to get people talking and laughing. They’ll even go above and beyond to do so - without stepping on any toes. But it’s time to show them that you also care about them.

A foot spa massager brings the spa to them. Make a day or afternoon of it. Pretend you’re at a real spa. It can bring you closer and help them feel appreciated and loved.

The Virtuoso - ISTP-A/ISTP-T

The Perfect Gift: Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Virtuoso loves the latest tech gadgets - almost as much as they love digging in, taking things apart, and putting them back together. The Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones offer the perfect up-and-coming tech gift. It brings headphones to a whole new level.

If this isn’t quite their speed, consider a Roomba or the next new phone or a drone. These also have “tech geek” painted all over them and will definitely hold a place in their heart.

The Adventurer - ISFP-A/ISFP-T

The Perfect Gift: Desktop Planter + a Plant

The Adventurer loves upgrades and newness in their personal space. While they’d much rather go on an adventure, adding a little something to their at-home work desk is the next best thing. A desktop planter and plan is the perfect addition, especially if they’re new to taking care of plants.

Chances are, this personality will dive into everything they need to do about the plant and likely enjoy taking care of it. They’ll also think of you every time they see it!

The Entrepreneur - ESTP-A/ESTP-T

The Perfect Gift: Home Brewing Kit

The Entrepreneur is a creator. They love to take action and take on new and exciting hobbies. And if they fail, they’ll want to try again!

A home-brewing kit gives them something new to work with. They also get to create, which is one of their favorite things to do. They’ll happily start researching and applying their new skills.

The Entertainer - ESFP-A/ESFP-T

The Perfect Gift: Canon Camera

The Entertainer is one upbeat and vibrant ball of energy. But they are also very in tune with their emotions and artistic side when given a chance. Give them that opportunity through photography or even a paint set to get creative and express themselves.

Give the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

You know your friend or loved one’s personality the best. Find what suits them and would show them that you truly care. After all, this really is what the holidays are all about. Taking the time to really analyze what your friend or partner would want shows that you care.

And this year, this is needed even more!

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