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Article: Here's How to Work Out to Release Every Type of Negative Emotion

Here's How to Work Out to Release Every Type of Negative Emotion

Here's How to Work Out to Release Every Type of Negative Emotion

Releasing negative emotions is essential to get past them. But then again, you want to have a healthy go-to to release them. I think we can all agree that yelling at your significant other won’t get you farther ahead in life. Quite the opposite. You can end up taking steps back in your relationship when you’re communication derives from a negative place and mindset.

Interestingly, fitness exercises have the capacity to set your mindset straight. Exercise benefits include an improved mood thanks to good ol’ endorphins.

So next time you’re feeling sad, anxious, or straight-up angry, consider hitting the gym or maybe even the pavement to release these negative energies. Start afresh after your workout - with a fresh mind and maybe a fresh perspective (And hey, maybe even make this a habit to combat those negative emotions when they hit).

While we could simply just tell you to go workout, we can also help with a little fitness inspiration. What specific fitness exercises and workouts can help you shed that layer of negativity?

Angry? Smash That Medicine Ball

If you’ve never used a medicine ball in your workouts, now is the time. Nothing feels more empowering (and anger-releasing) than throwing a medicine ball to the ground or at the wall as hard as you can. Let it all out!

Plus, you’ll work on your muscle explosiveness - which often gets neglected in the same-old weight routine or cardio sessions. Oh, and did we mention your core gets a killer workout here too? Out of all the fitness exercises, this one is guaranteed to make your whole body burn. And make you feel better when you’ve just had it at work or with the sticky parts of life.

Try doing 5 floor slams combined with 5 wall throws. Make sure to get ready to catch that rebound! Throw in 5 or so squats in between and do 3-5 rounds. You’ll feel better afterwards - trust us!

Sad? Run It Out

Feeling sad? Anxious? Show yourself you’re above that. Get on that runner’s high. Try an endurance run (this can seriously help you sort out any thoughts relating to sadness. In a way, it’s very meditative at certain points as well). Start at a very slow pace and do your best to maintain it, rather than speeding up or slowing down.

If you’re a little more mad and fiery, sprint for a minute, then walk for 2-3 minutes. Let that pavement have it!

Anxious? Try Boxing

Boxing is super therapeutic. It takes focus, as well as some hard punches. And it can alleviate mounting anxiety, stress, and tension. It might be intimidating. You may feel like this is totally out of your comfort zone - but it’s absolutely worth a try if you struggle to deal with negative emotions on a regular basis.

Get outside of your comfort zone. Become empowered. Take on those next-level superhero vibes. Boxing is one of the fitness exercises that once you try it, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.

Stressed or Tired? Do Weekly Yoga

Have you tried meditation but you find it’s just not “your thing”? Don’t worry - you’re not the only one. And while some forms of yoga also include meditation sessions, a simple flow or hatha class can feel very meditative in some ways.

It forces you to zero in on your body’s movements and your breath. You’re able to get in a flow state and just be. You’ll come out way more relaxed than when you went into class. Plus, it’s good for your body. You stretch, you strengthen, you rest. It’s everything. You’ll reap all the exercise benefits in only 90 minutes a week.

Still Having Trouble Working Through Those Negative Emotions?

We’ve got a few tips when it comes to metabolizing negativity and letting it go. Inevitably, you’re going to experience pain in life. It’s part of this journey. We all experience it. And sometimes, it’s harder than others to get through. Yet, pain is temporary and you can get better at dealing with it through the course of your life.

How? Let’s take a closer look!

  • Start by locating your emotional pain. Where are you carrying the pain? Where does it sit? Does it manifest as tension in your temples? Do you feel a pit in your stomach? What does it really feel like? Put a name to it.
  • Express it. Say out loud where it hurts. Or better yet, write it out. Journalling is a very therapeutic activity that can help you release and let out negativity and unwanted emotional turmoil.
  • Own up to it. These are your feelings. They aren’t the responsibility of anyone else - but you. You choose to interpret events or situations this way and then, react with these feelings. This is essential to understand. And it can help you in life in more ways than one.
  • Breathe. Every exhale, push away the pain. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Partake in an activity - like the fitness exercises above - to release the emotions fully.
  • Celebrate. You worked through it. You made it. Use this every time you struggle to sort through your thoughts and emotions. Consider them coping strategies to help you form your path through life.

Don’t Cling to Negativity

The problem arises when we cling to these negative emotions. When we embody them. When we play the victim in our life. When we don’t take control. You aren’t a victim. You aren’t an angry person or a sad person. You are worthy of more than that.

Find healthy ways that work for you to release negative and toxic emotions. Don’t let things fester and grow. Always walk toward the positive light. Your life will get that much better when you do.

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