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Article: Meditation & Breathwork for Trauma Recovery

Meditation & Breathwork for Trauma Recovery

Meditation & Breathwork for Trauma Recovery

When we go through any type of trauma, it leaves an energetic imprint that will need to be released before we can move on.

Trauma can stay with us for a long time and the impact on us emotionally can go undetected. Trauma can indirectly affect all the major areas of our life if we don’t have a plan to mitigate its long-term effects.

While breathing is a necessary part of life, deeper, specific types of breathing have been used therapeutically across cultures for a very long time to lessen the pain of trauma. The practices of qi gong, pranayama, and tai chi are all examples of using the breath to heal the emotional state. When you set an intention to release your trauma, the breathwork becomes even more effective.

The combination of guided meditation with breathwork is a great way to approach your personal healing and it doesn’t require any type of expensive procedure or mysterious drug. Breathwork can help us release trapped emotions and grief. Breathwork also helps us rebuild the nervous system which is taxed during stressful experiences. This allows us to regain our sense of strength and recover our energy.

Try this easy three-step process every day for a week to release the effects of trauma that may be draining your precious energy. Remember trauma can come in many forms and if it feels like it was significant to you, that’s what matters. Arguments, moving away from family and friends, and even just witnessing a traumatic event can all be forms of trauma.

Step 1: Preparing Your Mind & Body With Breathwork

Sitting tall in a chair or in a cross-legged position on the floor, begin to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose. Simply notice the way your breath moves through your body naturally, without trying to change it. Notice the temperature of the air entering your lungs. Feel your lungs expand on your inhale and contract on your exhale. Listen to the quiet, soothing sound of your breath. Visualize healing energy entering your aura and body with each breath in. This brings positive healing energy into your energy field to begin the healing process.

Relax into this state of mind for five full minutes. As you do, breathe more deeply and more powerfully. This is key to your next step. After five minutes, you will feel as if you are buzzing or in a slightly altered state of mind.

You’re now ready to start your process of release. You may feel a slight hesitation because it will be an energetic shift, but embrace any feelings of trepidation so you can give yourself this long-awaited gift of healing.

Step 2: Releasing the Trauma

With your eyes closed, visualize yourself holding a picture in your hands. This picture represents the past trauma that is affecting you the most right now. Take a look, and then set your intention to allow the universe and its loving guiding energy connecting all things to help you release the energy of this trauma once and for all.

You may feel a bit of sadness, anger, or fear as you feel it being lifted from the points in your body where that energy congregated.

On your next deep breath in, allow yourself to release the photo and the memory as you exhale. The photo disappears out of sight, and you are left feeling more free and clear.

Mentally state this affirmation three times with complete assuredness: “I am completely free of all energy linked to this memory in past, present, and future.”

Continue breathing slowly and deeply through your nose, sensing the shift in your energy and feeling your power returning to you.

Step 3: Soul Connecting

Now you are ready to connect to your true identity, your soul. You are always supported and there is always guidance for you and your healing when you set your intention to connect to your soul.

You can now set your intention to feel the high vibration of your soul, which can help you find the best thing to focus on in your continual healing process. As adults, we continue to heal from the experiences we’ve had so that we can open to our soul’s purpose more with each day, year, and decade. In this way, we become more brilliant and free as time passes. So today, you get to take one step closer to your high-vibration self.

Sense your heart’s energy expanding and fill up with love for everything in your life. Feel yourself being filled with a sense of excitement and wrapped in this loving energy that feels so deeply healing. Your soul wants you to know you are supported, you are guided by your inner instincts, and you are loved no matter what. Your soul is always ready to help and wants you to know that at any point when you need support, just to come to this space and ask for it.

Remember to allow the universe to send you signs on your path that will guide you, and be open to receiving those signs. You can allow the signs to show up to feel the closeness of your soul starting right now.

Take one final deep breath, and slowly open your eyes.

Closing Thoughts…

As you do this meditation over the next week, you may be surprised which memories show up on the picture. It’s completely fine and encouraged if you want to adopt this meditation as a daily ritual. Many healers use this type of breathing meditation to keep themselves clear and present for others.

The subconscious mind runs in the background of our lives based on our habitual thoughts. As a result, the thought patterns we have developed over time will likely require time to redirect. This means healing happens with consistent intention and practice. Remember to be loving to yourself in the process, and you’ll begin to remove the layers and residue of the past to experience a more empowered and happy life.

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