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Article: Fill Your Soul, Now & Later

Fill Your Soul, Now & Later

Fill Your Soul, Now & Later

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions? The important things in life like supporting each other, helping our community, and finding spiritual depth in our personal lives are often easily forgotten when we focus on just getting through the day or week.

Just a slight shift of focus can allow you to be in the same space but have an entirely different experience where you feel alive. Being more fully present is something that comes from practice.

When we are truly in the moment, we are able to sense much more that inspires us and makes being a human really exciting. If you’ve ever experienced moments that feel extraordinary, you know what we mean - it’s as if your senses are heightened and there’s a palpable energy that helps you perceive more potential and creativity. You can practice accessing your intuition with simple daily activities like the ones listed below to help you get to the truth of what is in your heart.

Listen to Soul-Stirring Music

There are so many incredible types of music that can connect you to your soul and there is no shortage of ways to find them. Just search soul-stirring music online and you’ll get plenty of ideas for free on YouTube. Mantras, drumming music, opera, or orchestra all give a sense of divine inspiration. You may find the music that fills your soul different from one day to the next, but the practice of following your intuition to see what you resonate with each day can help you learn to follow your intuition as well.

Write in Your Journal

Allowing your consciousness to stream onto paper can let your mind start to unload its stress so you can hear what is in your heart. Your heart and soul can speak to each other, and writing is a great medium to listen to your deepest self without judgement.

If your heart says you want something and your head hesitates, write about which side feels the most uplifting and where your fears are coming from. Writing can help you live a soulful life without having to spend money or ask others for advice. All you need is already within you.

Join a Yoga Studio

When you step into a sacred space like a yoga studio, the area itself has a profound effect on your soul connection. The vibration of a space that is intended to help others connect to their soul will help you slip into that state of mind where you’re present, emotionally and mentally awake, and able to sense the interconnectedness of all things. This can help the less significant thoughts that scratch at our minds to soften and fade away so we can finally experience peace. Instead of spending money on new clothes, why not join a community of people that are happy from the inside?

Indulge in Art

If you feel depleted of soul juice or your aura feels like it needs some sprucing up, get yourself around some form of art. Whether it’s an art gallery, seeing a film, or making art yourself, art and creativity help us step into a more relaxed and open-minded state where we can start to see things differently instead of in routine ways which deplete the soul. Fill your soul by appreciating what soulful people bring through in their highest states of creativity.

Do Something For Others

One of the age-old practices of the yogis and many spiritual cultures is to connect to their soul by being of service to others through humble actions like gardening, cleaning, preparing or serving food for the community, or fulfilling other needs to help support the community. Thinking of the needs of others raises your energetic vibration so that you can perceive the parts of yourself that go beyond the physical body. Your soul is able to help you see how to lead your life in a way that creates and supports the energy that sustains all life, which gives you purpose and a deep sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Make a Vision Board

Going along with our theme of tapping into soul-filling energy both now and later, we want to bring up the idea of making a vision board and putting it prominently in a space in your house where it can continue to inspire you to follow the vision that you hold in your heart.

A vision board contains images or words that represent the future you want to manifest. Creating a vision board with the intention of having a soulful goal, your life will continue to be inspired in a soulful direction by looking at your vision board. A vision board is a great way to shift your thoughts on a subtle level so that you can point yourself in the direction of your soul and away from the distractions of the ego that can leave you feeling a sense of void.

Concluding Thoughts…

The more you incorporate soul-filling activities into your lifestyle, the more your life will continue to be guided on a soul level, now and later. You don’t have to go to the other side of the world on a fantastic (read: expensive) retreat for a month to find your soul, just creating little habits like the ones above will help you get in the flow of your higher consciousness so you can live in a maintained state of bliss.

Can you think of a time where you felt at peace or felt connected to the energy of things? What little rituals or activities help you feel the most soulful? For some of us, we find it in quiet moments sitting in front of an altar we have made. Others find it on a hike out in nature or attending a transformational retreat. Each time we access that mental space where we are at ease in our skin again and feel no fear, we are able to reach that place easier the next time.

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