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Article: Self-Care Sunday: Water Wellness

Self-Care Sunday: Water Wellness

Self-Care Sunday: Water Wellness

Happy Self-Care Sunday, DL Family!

The human body is about 2/3 water, which means that we need a lot of it to be healthy! But beyond satisfying a need, there are other ways we can use water in our self-care practices.

According to the scientific studies of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto who photographed water molecules under a microscope, water, essentially 80% of what we are, is easily imprinted with positive or negative energy. Did you ever think that water could have memory? Turns out, water does a lot more than we might think.

For today’s Self-Care Sunday, we have 3 simple water healing rituals you can use to experience the healing power of water. Water can help you internally and externally cleanse your body, reduce headaches and pain, and improve your emotional state. Using more water in your life can help you develop a positive lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and in tune with the earth. Being ‘in tune’ can help us find what it is that is truly important in life.

Water & Wellness

Water is sacred in many ancient cultures and used in many religious rituals for cleansing and healing purposes. Try these water healing rituals and see how much better you feel.

1. Salt Bath

How about slowing down and taking a healing salt bath? Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is.

Pick up some Epsom salts (look for the ones infused with essential oils) and be sure to keep a glass of water close at hand during your bath because the salt is dehydrating. Salt water is one of the most healing forms of water because it helps to detox the skin and balance the ions of our energy field. Taking salt baths has great physical and emotional benefits and the salt is very inexpensive. Baths can help reduce muscle tension and soreness as well as stress.

2. Lemon Water Cleanse

You may want to reset your system with a mini-cleanse of lemon water. You can add a little maple and cayenne to the water to help curb hunger and heat it up if you’d like. Drink only lemon water on your next Self-Care Sunday instead of eating to help clear your intestinal tract. If fasting and cleansing isn’t your thing, you could spend just the morning doing a cleanse and start eating at lunch time.

Intermittent water fasts can greatly improve some people’s energy levels. If you’re interested in doing longer water fasts, you can even grow stem cells that will heal old injuries.

3. Charge Your Water

Here’s one for you particularly soulful folk. The ancient practice of charging water with a prayer is still used for healing to this day. You too can charge your water!

Get a large pitcher and tape or glue positive words and images on it like love, peace, and bliss. Alternatively, place healing crystals all around the pitcher and leave it to sit in a window overnight where the moonlight can also “charge” the water. Play mantras in the room where the water is stored and do a ceremony of your own to set your intention that the water is infused with healing and harmonizing energy. Light a candle and take a moment to visualize positive, clean energy imprinting on the water. Then, drink up!

Concluding Thoughts…

In a less metaphysical sense, drinking plenty of water can greatly improve our health and help our skin, internal organs and energy levels. If you’re irritable, tired, or confused, usually it’s because you’re dehydrated. Even just making sure you drink a few litres of water for your Self-Care Sunday will make a big difference in your overall wellness.

Water holds our intentions and helps us retain it. So I ask you, what is your intention today? To heal yourself? To truly accept yourself and walk a spiritual path? Write it down and put it under your water or on the jar so that your intention manifests, and we’ll see you right here next Sunday for more Self-Care!

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