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Article: 8 Things Only an Extrovert Would Understand

8 Things Only an Extrovert Would Understand

8 Things Only an Extrovert Would Understand

Do you feel yourself gathering energy in social situations? Like your inner light turns on and burns with the most fire when surrounded by the company of others?

Then you may be an extrovert.

Extroverts feel energized and renewed around the companies of others, whereas introverts need time to recharge in their own company after socializing. The population seems to be split in just about half when it comes to introverts and extroverts, which means you’re not alone!

And today, we’re going to talk about the things that only extroverts can understand! So, if you’ve been looking for company, you’re in the right place!

8 Things Only Extroverts Can Understand

The extrovert personality can make just about anyone feel welcome and at ease – anyone with extroverted tendencies, that is. There are some things in life that only an extrovert can understand, and that’s why we’re here today.

Let’s explore the top eight things that only an extrovert will identify with.

1. That Overwhelming Compulsion to Fill Awkward Silences

While extroverts are pretty easygoing, there are a few things they can’t take – awkward silences being one of them. Is there anything worse than sitting in silence with someone when you could be sharing ideas and creative visions?

Extroverts would, frankly, rather be alone than have to endure an awkward silence with someone else.

2. The Tendency to Come on Too Strong

Let’s face it: We extroverts know how to flirt in one language, and one language only – intense. We don’t always realize we’re flirting a bit more than the average human, but the intentions are playful and loving, nonetheless.

Give an extrovert a break!

If you find yourself blushing and feeling a bit over-the-top when approaching your crush, straighten your posture, remember how fun you are, and let that inner confidence take over.

3. Alone Time is Even Better With Others

An extrovert’s idea of taking it easy and spending the day alone obviously includes their best friend. After all, what’s better than a little “me time” that also includes your favorite person?

You aren’t looking for stimulating conversation or excitement, but rather someone to enjoy the chill vibes right along with you.

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4. There is Such a Thing as Too Many Plans

While extroverts are known for their social side and winning personalities, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little downtime every once in a while. There’s nothing worse than spreading yourself so thin that you don’t even have time to obsess over the perfect outfit.

An extrovert with too many appointments can quickly become scattered and overwhelmed, which is why we need to plan for that extra time to make sure that our very best, most sparkling self is presented at all times.

5. Bad Vibes Create Pain

An extrovert naturally wants to win over the people around them, and it can be quite painful when someone else seems to refuse to click with your personality. Others – namely introverts – don’t seem bothered by the thought of an adversary.

But to the people-loving extrovert, a nemesis often comes with a bit of internal pain.

Try to let it go when others refuse to soak in your positive personality – your inherent light might shine a bit too bright for them, and that’s simply not your fault.

6. Bad Moods Are Hard to Miss

When you’re often the life of the party, it’s hard for others to ignore your off days. It can be exhausting trying to keep a smile on everyone’s face, especially when you’re in a funky mood yourself.

Try to let yourself and others be okay with the discomfort of your darker days. Remember: It’s not your job to make sure that others are comfortable. Take care of your own wellbeing first and foremost.

7. Living Alone is Not Ideal

Some people long for a place of their own, where they can spend days without interacting with others. Other people prefer a social setting, even in their own home, and those people are usually extroverts.

It’s not that you can’t have fun living on your own. It’s just that it’s much more fun to be surrounded by people with whom you share common interests and goals. Just make sure to choose your roomies wisely!

8. You Live in Your Head More Than Others Might Think

Just because you enjoy the company of others, that doesn’t mean you don’t spend some portion of your days overthinking. Extroverts are capable of neuroses just as much as any introvert – they prefer to escape those intrusive thoughts through social endeavors.

An introvert might think your mind is like a party that doesn’t stop, but fellow extroverts understand that overthinking is just as common an occurrence.

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Are You an Extrovert?

Both introverts and extroverts are necessary for the balance of the planet to continue – neither is better than the other, and each group has its own unique gifts to offer the world. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your status as an extrovert.

Be proud of your warm, gregarious nature!

Others might inaccurately label you as primarily party-driven or happy-go-lucky, but you know your true nature as a deep, spiritual, and compassionate individual. Let your introverted friends know that you deal with your own pain and insecurities, although you might deal with those things in a different way.

What’s your favorite thing about being an extrovert?

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