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Article: What is Your Behavioral Tendency?

What is Your Behavioral Tendency?

What is Your Behavioral Tendency?

When it comes to knowing about ourselves, analyzing our behavior is one of the first steps to acquainting ourselves at a deeper level.

You may be a fan of tests such as the Myers-Briggs Personality test or the Enneagram test, both of which are extremely helpful in unraveling the many layers we possess as individuals.

But what about your behavioral tendency?

What is My Behavioral Tendency?

Understanding one’s behavior at a relatively simple level doesn’t get much better than the behavioral tendency test.

There are three main types of behavioral tendency: Approach, Avoid and Go with the Flow.

You may find that you are a mixture of two of them, or even all three. But there will usually be one that dominates above the others. You can take the test and find out yours here.

Understanding the Types of Behavior Tendency

The more you understand your behavioral tendency, the easier you will find it in certain situations.

For example, if you are a dominant Avoid type, you can be a perfectionist.

You may wonder why little things that never seem to bother anyone else seem to bother you. You may feel irritated if a mirror is hanging lopsidedly or if a piece of work you’ve done isn’t up to scratch (by your own standards). You may feel irritated by others if you feel they are not trying their hardest.

This irritation can be overwhelming and really ruin your day. However, understanding your Avoid behavioral tendency helps you to manage it better.

If something is hanging lopsidedly on the wall, talk with yourself.

Why does it bother you so much? Is it logical or rational to allow it to have such a negative effect on you? You are a logical person; does there come the point where it seems rather illogical for such a thing to bother you the way it does?

The more you delve into your behavior type, the easier it becomes to deal with challenging situations in your life. You may not choose or control everything that happens, but you can choose to control how you react to them.

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What is My Behavior Type?

The three behavioral types are as follows.


You are optimistic, and one thing people notice about you is your confidence. Even if it is the quiet type of confidence, it is a quality you have in abundance. You are usually a popular person, and people like you for your optimistic nature.

If you are an Approach, but you struggle with confidence issues, then your natural confidence is being blocked and stifled, and it is helpful to address this by engaging in shadow work and self-analysis.


You have great intellect and a logical mind. Paying attention to the details is a specialty of yours, and you excel in problem-solving and analytical thought. You have a talent for academic activity.

However, you can also be judgemental and critical of others, sometimes to the point where your criticism is unhelpful. It helps you practice empathy and put yourself in others’ shoes so that you can see their point of view and why they behave the way they do.

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Go With the Flow

An easy-going person, you are tolerant of others and can be a dreamer.

You are more flexible than other types, and you accept people for who they are, warts and all. This makes you an excellent friend as you tend not to judge others too much, and at your best, you can help others with empathy and understanding.

However, you can also drift into a world of fantasy, which can result in escapist tendencies, and you can lose your sense of self more easily than other types as you may go along with what others say, rather than be confident in your own individual thought.

It helps you learn more about yourself and recognize your thought patterns, as this enables you to differentiate between your own thoughts and the thoughts of others.

What is Your Behavior Type?

How much of yourself do you know? Really know?

If we are honest with ourselves, we tend to know very little about ourselves. Self-discovery is an ongoing process, but the more we delve deep within, the more we can understand ourselves and, ultimately, become the best of who we are.

Behavioral tendencies and observing ourselves from an outsider’s perspective lead us to a better place: always.

Why? Because only by unraveling ourselves can we reach the core of who we are, and our core is the most beautiful part of us. It is just a question of whether we choose to bring it out into the open or not.

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