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Article: The Best Fall Drink for You, Based on Your Enneagram Personality Type

The Best Fall Drink for You, Based on Your Enneagram Personality Type

The Best Fall Drink for You, Based on Your Enneagram Personality Type

Fall is in the air! Leaves are turning colors, pumpkins are set upon doorsteps, and we’re all watching spooky movies on Netflix.

One of the best parts about the autumn season is curling up next to the fireplace with a delicious drink. We all love fall drinks, but have you ever tried picking one based on your Enneagram type?

You might have already heard of the Enneagram, which is a nifty, clever little test that accurately places you in one of nine personality types based on a series of in-depth questions.

So, what’s the best drink for you this fall based on your Enneagram personality type?

You may be surprised at the range of benefits your own special Enneagram drink can give you. These drinks have been chosen based on your own unique individual Enneagram aspects, so let’s dive in!

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The Best Fall Drink for You, Based on Your Enneagram Personality Type

Type One: The Reformer

As a Type One, you’re rational-minded, principled, and self-controlled. There is only one drink that’s able to take on the might of your mind this fall, and it’s dandelion coffee.

No ordinary coffee, this drink is caffeine-free and has a multitude of benefits attached to it, such as potent antioxidants. For one such as you who does not like to compromise on the good stuff, this has all the kick of a steaming cup of coffee while being good for you at the same time!

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Type Two: The Helper

Caring, generous, and likes to please, as a Type Two, you need a comforting drink now and then. All these feels and emotions get to be too much at times!

That’s why a cup of warm oat milk with turmeric is such a good choice for you. With the turmeric boosting your brain levels, this provides a warm cozy comfort drink while giving your intellect a kick as well.

Type Three: The Achiever

Driven, ambitious, and determined, something with a lot of spunk is ideal for you, Type Three. Go for a matcha latte, which gives you all the kick you need.

Not only does it look nice – a good-looking drink always brings a smile to someone’s face – but it’s also packed with brain-boosting components and has plenty of antioxidants to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful, perfect for all those nights you’re up working late.

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Type Four: The Individualist

Self-absorbed, creative, and sensitive, not any old drink will do for you, Type Four. You want something different and dashing – let’s go for a blend of green tea, white tea, and hibiscus tea.

Sprinkle a few tea leaves of each into your tea strainer and watch the magic develop as you pour hot water in. Your taste buds may get a bit of a kick! These tea blends can also be pretty inspiring, so don’t be surprised if your creative muse is empowered.

Type Five: The Investigator

Type Fives are clever, secretive, and perceptive – Sherlock Holmes has got nothing on you. You need something you can sip elegantly, which will boost that brainpower of yours even more.

Roll out the blueberry juice! Best tried in its pure format and mixed with water, and this juice is potent with antioxidants and amazing for boosting your immunity.

Type Six: The Loyalist

Loyal, protective, and responsible, you don’t suffer fools gladly. It’s not fancy stuff Type Six is after – just something that gets the job done.

Simple yet effective is what gets your juices flowing, and this is why Assam tea is such a good choice for you. This drink has a nice, simple taste that satisfies the taste buds and gets you ready for your next great adventure.

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Type Seven: The Enthusiast

Fun-loving, spontaneous, and easily distracted, you don’t do boring stuff, do you, Type Seven? This is why we’ve got the perfect drink for you this fall: a pumpkin spice latte.

This exciting blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and all kinds of other goodies will have you whizzing about in no time and craving for more! Besides, this blend of spices provides a wealth of benefits for your mind and body.

Type Eight: The Challenger

Strong, self-confident, and confrontational, you’re not someone people like to mess with! People either fear or respect you, Type Eight. Hence, you need a drink that suits your personality.

How about dandelion tea?

Now you may think this is easy stuff to swallow, but actually, there aren’t many who can stomach what essentially tastes like vegetable water. You’ll have no problem though – and what’s more, this is no ordinary tea. It’s amazing for your liver and can flush those nasty toxins from your body.

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

Type Nine is agreeable, easy-going, and warm-hearted. Everyone likes you – and why wouldn’t they? You’re just so pleasant and warm to be around – a bit like your drink, the comforting raw cacao with honey hot chocolate.

This fall drink has a lovely chocolaty taste and honey that brings out some sweetness. Mixed with a bit of oat or almond milk, it’s the perfect hot chocolate for those colder days.

Embrace Fall With These Drinks!

There you have it, your ideal drink for this fall season. It’s amazing what the Enneagram can tell us – even match us with our favorite drinks!

Remember, no matter what challenges you may face, a good drink can put you right. What we put into our bodies can make all the difference in the world to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Which drink is yours? Do you feel it matches your Enneagram type?

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