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Article: Deep-Level Emotional Energy Healing with Reiki

Deep-Level Emotional Energy Healing with Reiki

Deep-Level Emotional Energy Healing with Reiki

As adults, we are faced with many decisions such as; what job to take, where to live, and who to spend our time with. In this process, we come up against ourselves in a few common ways that we end up addressing at some point to allow ourselves to live without the fears we developed as a kid. While there are many forms of therapy that can help us identify how our past is coloring our life today, releasing a deeply held subconscious pattern is not always easy. Instead of feeling like you have to do this all yourself, invite your mind to consider Reiki techniques for healing your deepest pain and fear.

We are often so used to living with our habitual subconscious thoughts that we’ve become accustomed to not really liking ourselves and not really believing in ourselves. This creates behaviors that can cause us to become bitter, angry, stiff, and unhealthy. We can become quite the sob story if we don’t deal with and release the subconscious. Reiki is gaining popularity because it alleviates the pressure of feeling like you need to do it all on your own and it’s not an intellectual exercise that requires lots of mental energy either. It is quite effective and wonderful to use in conjunction with other wellness resources.

How Does Reiki Work?

We each have a nervous system in our body which essentially works as a circuitry system. We have energy running through us that keeps our heart pumping and helps us perform the vital functions of life.

Our emotions, which are produced from neurons firing in the brain that signal the glands to release chemicals, are highly impacted by the energy in our nervous system. If we look at the nervous system encased in a wider circle of energy, we start to see the pathways that influence the nerves and thus our emotions that run between the nerves and the wider area of energy around the body. The neurons keep firing and producing energy which is stored in the nervous system and in the circle around the body. The subconscious thoughts which are the product of these neuron patterns create the deepest feelings that we grow accustomed to. It’s a lot for the brain to wrap itself around.

Those neuron patterns, which are a filing system that categorizes experiences, create energy that can block the energy pathways, and fill up the circle around the body. Reiki power is energy that removes those blocks and subconscious vibrations that have been generated. The pattern itself can be dislodged by the practitioner if they are intuitive and able to directly address the root cause. The practitioner is able to sense where the energy is blocked and clear it, and they will often receive images in their mind’s eye that are an imprint of the energy which has been festering from a past experience. They can share this with the person as they help to release the energy.

Why We All Need Healing

We often feel the heaviness of our subconscious but don’t know that’s where it is coming from because we mostly were not raised with education about our energetic field and chakra system.

The nervous system is well known to energy healers as the storehouse of our vitality and it becomes drained when we have stress stemming from subconscious thoughts. For example, if much of our daydreaming is about what people think about us, we are draining our own energy with a fear-based pattern that we picked up somewhere in our lives. An intuitive healer will use the Reiki power to channel healing energy into this subconscious pattern to release it.

The person receiving this healing will feel lighter and more able to sense their true soul nature. They often feel like the Universe has offered them a hug. It’s not always easy to know what has affected you because it’s so close to you and you’re so used to your own thoughts. A healer can identify it and then direct their intention to release it. We are all connected energetically and when the healer is connected to your energy field directly, they can perceive your own subconscious thoughts as clearly as reading a book for the most part. They see the unhealthy pattern and hit it with loving healing divine energy, which is a higher vibration, to get it to release. You are able to experience release and deep healing.

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Closing Thoughts…

Since Reiki only adds positive energy to your life, it can’t hurt to try it. You can expect it to take effect over a few weeks. Some people will feel significantly different right away while others notice subtle changes take place over time. The healing is energetic so it’s not something that happens which you can see and hold in your hand. When you start to pay attention to your emotional state and then get used to Reiki, you’ll see it does have a very noticeable effect and value in your life. You’ll find you’re able to handle things without losing your cool and you can decide to do things that are helpful for yourself (not harmful) in small and big ways.

If Reiki can improve the quality of your life, your relationships, and help you avoid majorly bad decisions, what is its real value? We would propose that it’s invaluable because it puts you back in harmony with your soul. It’s just like water and breathing, it is essential to life and should be treated with great reverence. When we realize how much our own subconscious energy affects our life, we realize that Reiki is an essential ingredient to feeling our best!

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