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Article: How to Embrace Your Femininity in a Masculine World

How to Embrace Your Femininity in a Masculine World

How to Embrace Your Femininity in a Masculine World

It’s no secret that it can be difficult being a woman in a man’s world.

For hundreds, even thousands of years, women have been oppressed and marginalized in nearly every society and culture in existence. While certain movements have made it easier for women to speak up about this treatment, and although feminism has been around and kicking butt for many years, men and women remain to experience markedly different treatment in many areas of life.

This can be discouraging for a woman, causing her to feel dissatisfied or even ashamed about being a woman. Sometimes, embracing or celebrating femininity might even feel impossible. But the truth is, the nature of a woman is mysterious, magical, mystical, dark, shadowy, intuitive, lunar, and special. There are so many wonderful things about being a woman that it would be a shame for us to forget our dazzling nature due to external, societal circumstances.

You may be wondering how you can begin to embrace your femininity in a masculine world that often shuns the very nature of woman. But there are many ways to stand up for the blessing you have received in your feminine nature, the compassion, empathy, and beautiful instinct that comes with being a woman.

Embracing Your Femininity

“Embrace your femininity” may seem like an abstract concept. You might wonder if that means hugging yourself or singing a loud rendition of “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.” And while both of these are very good ideas, embracing your femininity begins with an acceptance of who you are at the core.

You don’t have to be a “girly-girl” to be feminine. Femininity is whatever that idea means for you. So, the first step to embracing your femininity is accepting your own version of being a woman and celebrating your vision for womanhood. For you, femininity may involve gardening, lunar studies, fashion and makeup, studying spirituality, or loving art. It’s about not only embracing the core of this concept but embracing your own core. Who you are is a woman, and what you are is feminine—no matter what that might look, smell, or feel like.

Embracing femininity can be as simple as thinking about the women in your life that you admire and considering why you are proud of them. And then add yourself to that list.

Perhaps, for you, embracing your femininity is practicing a mantra, such as, “My femininity is what makes me who I am.” Maybe it’s making a list of the things you’ve accomplished, especially if you had to fight hard for them. Affirmations can be another great way to remind yourself that being a woman is a magical thing. Try buying a colorful pad of sticky-notes and placing loving, woman-affirming messages around your home.

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Celebrating Your Femininity

When you begin to feel comfortable and accepting of your feminine nature, it’s time to start celebrating it. Take yourself out to dinner and order the most expensive thing on the menu. Create a spa day in your own home, placing rose petals in the bath and listening to soothing music while soaking your womanly body. Spend a day one day in your house entirely naked, dancing around and admiring your own curves. Paint your nails only for you to admire. Draw the most beautiful, forgiving self-portrait you can or write a poem dedicated to your femininity.

Wear your most favorite outfit around the house. Cook yourself a romantic meal for one and curl up with a glass of wine and a great novel. Take yourself for a lovely stroll, embracing the inherent connection with nature that comes with being a woman. Make a list of all of the features, talents, and skills that you love most about yourself. Have a girls’ night out with your most favorite women and make a toast to your incredible energy.

Accept compliments that are given to you without feeling like you need to defer them or return the favor. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, you are confident, and you are enough.

Celebrating your femininity is about doing the things you love without guilt, without wondering if you have earned the right to do so. It’s about not saying “I’m sorry,” when you haven’t done anything wrong.

It seems like celebrating masculinity comes naturally to men, while women struggle with accepting the concept of celebrating their nature. There are very few men you will meet that are ashamed of their masculinity, yet that shame seems to follow women wherever they go. It’s time to shake the shame and step up to the plate. Femininity is beautiful, it’s natural, and it’s magical.

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