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Article: What is Reiki & How Can it Help You?

What is Reiki & How Can it Help You?

What is Reiki & How Can it Help You?

Reiki is a healing energy that clears your energy field that stores emotional charges. Your energy field directly interacts with your physical body including your organs, muscles, nerves, immune system, glandular and lymphatic system. When we are low on energy, feeling unclear mentally or experiencing chronic pain, reiki is a healing option.

The practitioner is trained to allow energy to flow through their hands to the person receiving the healing even if it’s at a distance. Read on to find out how reiki can help with relationships, work, health, and happiness.

Many of the major things we want require creativity, flexibility, and positivity all of which can be improved by reiki.

Rei is the energy that permeates everything and ki is life force also known as prana or chi.

If you’re receiving reiki, you may experience some slight pressure or sensation at the area receiving reiki. Your muscles may twitch or you may have an emotional release and find tears come with it. For many, the experience happens afterward in the days, weeks and months that follow.

They are encouraged to drink lots of water to continue the emotional and energetic detox process that reiki initiates. After a session, it’s normal to feel strong emotions for the next day or week that seem stronger than usual as they release.

Breaking into tears for no apparent reason could be a part of this process.

What Happens During A Session

During a session, you will lay on a table or sit in a chair and you may feel or sense energy moving that has been stuck or blocking your chakras. You may be surprised to find that memories you haven’t thought of in a long time come into your mind during a session as well.

This is because energy from those traumas are stored in your cellular memory and are finally moving out. There usually is no major events in a session physically although there can be. It can reduce or at times get rid of chronic pain that has been prolonged by emotional stress.

One of the main benefits of reiki is that it helps turn your thoughts to ways to better take care of yourself. Your habits and ways of thinking become kinder towards yourself and you start to see things differently as the reiki gently works on your psyche.

If the practitioner is intuitive or clairvoyant, they may share with you the images they see while working on each chakra to help you know what to let go of. You may receive information from them about foods that can help balance your chakras or how you need to take care of a part of your body, mind or spirit differently.

How It Can Help You

Reiki is used to speed up healing from sickness or surgery in hospitals now. It’s used to help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, confusion and depression. It helps you with self-love, healing from emotional traumas and detoxing your body.

Reiki influences Intuition

Besides helping reduce pain the emotional benefits can have far-reaching effects as well. Sometimes we aren’t able to use our intuition because our third eye is blocked or we aren’t able to communicate with spirit because another chakra is blocked and energy isn’t flowing into it.

Our minds may be unable to communicate with higher realms of consciousness because our energy could be stuck. This can block creativity or even hamper us from being able to open to love and intimacy.

Let’s talk about money though. It’s something we all need and it’s an important part of life. If your root chakra is blocked, shrunken or overactive, you may be having financial problems, problems finding a stable living situation or landing a good job.

Reiki can Unblock Chakras

Reiki can help unblock this chakra and while it’s not going to rain money down from the sky, you may suddenly think of a new idea, something you can follow up with or someone you know that can help you.

Sometimes our root chakra is imbalanced because the other two chakras above it are blocked so we have no ideas, no manifesting power and no confidence. It’s important for all the chakras to be running like a circuit for our life to be balanced.

Sometimes our financial strife can come from not speaking up for ourselves and so a clear throat chakra would be essential in our success as well.

Reiki for Love

Let’s talk about love, it’s on our minds and sometimes feels out of reach right? Maybe we have gotten into a habitual way of thinking about ourselves or relationships that is keeping our guard up or keeping us from being open to new experiences.

That block would be in the heart chakra. Reiki can help with that too. Perhaps we are severing ties in our interpersonal relationships at work, with friends or coworkers and an old would is making us reactive or closed off from people unnecessarily.

Renew Energy  and Release Baggage with Reiki

Reiki is a great way to take out the emotional garbage and don’t worry if you have a lot, reiki isn’t exhaustible, it’s a renewable energy source.

If you have become fear-based or rigid in your thinking and perhaps become anti-social or pessimistic, reiki can help with that too. Often our belief systems that we inherit from our parents can be unanchored from our psyche with the gentle nudging of this.

Maybe we have been holding onto guilt for something we did a long time ago and we do not feel deserving. Reiki can help us recognize which traumas are still affecting our perceptions of the world and holding us back.

Perhaps it’s as simple as an attitude we have developed that gives us a sourness and repelling people from wanting to engage with us. Imagine if you could shift your energetic state so that people felt energized by you instead of drained.

Should You become Certified in Reiki? 

Some people that offer you reiki will be certified in level 1 only. They can add energy and remove blocks. Someone with a level 2 attunement will have more symbols to use for specific focuses and be trained in distance healing which can go beyond time and space.

Some will be a level 3 or a master level and can attune other people to the reiki energy. If you get attuned, you can do reiki on yourself and even pets. When choosing someone to certify you, always go with your gut feelings to find the right person. Your body has innate wisdom beyond the mind.


In our culture, we are often skeptical of things we can’t see because we are such a visual culture but most people will feel it. This type of energy healing originated in Japan and there are others as well such as pranic healing.

I was shocked when a reiki master I knew held his hands out and I put my hands between his without touching them and it was noticeably hot like a toaster oven. When I got certified I was also shocked that my hands actually buzzed as if there was electricity coming out of them.

How frequently should you get reiki? It all depends on what you’re experiencing in your life and how much you can afford. Some friends will offer it for free or you can get attuned for a very reasonable rate. Overall, you will feel loving healing energy enter your life through this healing modality.

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