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Article: 7 Journal Prompts to Overcome the Fear of Creative Living

7 Journal Prompts to Overcome the Fear of Creative Living

7 Journal Prompts to Overcome the Fear of Creative Living

Do you want to switch your career to a creative field but shudder at the very thought of it? Did you lose your creative mojo?

Did you know that fear is the biggest reason creative people give up on their dreams? If you relate to “try as I may; I can’t get back into the flow,” then this article is for you because there’s a way out!

Journal prompts for creativity are a great way to start facing your fears.

So, gather your journal and favorite stationery.

It’s time to say “Dear Diary…”

Journal Prompts to Overcome Fear of Creativity

Before we begin, we want you to know that being gentle, loving, compassionate to yourself is the top priority here! This introspection and daily journal prompts are not meant to drive you to feel self-guilt or shame.

Whoever you are, if you have fear holding you back, know that it’s what makes you human.

Let’s get into it!

1. “I don’t admit my fear in the following ways…”


It’s a sneaky emotion that creeps up on you. Doesn’t it?

This primal emotion disguises itself and can engulf a creative person’s life. Here’s where it can get really deceptive. Fear enslaves us to the point that we often feel fear to admit to our fear.

Does it sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be!

Here are some common thoughts which prevent us from looking within.

  • It’s not that I’m afraid. I just don’t have the time. Other priorities are more important to me right now.
  • I’m not afraid. It’s just that I don’t have a creative bone in my body.

It’s your turn now… What are your reasons?

2. “Ways in which I procrastinate are…”

“I’m not yet ready.”

I bet we all hear this one before! Haven’t we?

“I have to finish X certification and develop X skills. A few months from now, once I finish my certification, I will be ready to begin”.

Psst – You will never be ready.

This is where you know that fear is holding you back. But you let it take over anyways because it feels like too much of an uphill battle to overcome.

Procrastination is literally the most common way in which we allow fear to engulf us. Listing out your procrastination methods is how you can take baby steps to be radically honest and gentle with the afraid part of you.

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3. “What if I fail?”

Neuroscientists have extensively studied what happens to the brain under fear! Interestingly they found a scientific correlation between loss of creative drive under high stress and fear.

It all really comes down to the fear of failure.

We’ve unfortunately evolved to be a society that is obsessed with metrics of success. This conditioning begins at an early age. The “what will people say” and fear of judgment mindset are hardwired into us. And we let this fear control a majority of our decisions in adult life.

So today, ask yourself: Why is failure so bad?

Ask yourself: What will happen if people reject my creative work?

4. “The action plan to work towards my creative goal will be…”

Break down your action plan into baby steps. Give yourself a deadline. Hold yourself accountable.

What are some daily targets that can help you stay focused?

Even better is asking for accountability help from someone you can trust. Communicate with your accountability partner that you not be shamed for not upholding a day’s task list. Gentle reminders are a great place to start!

5. “A ‘day in my life’ living creatively will look like…”

Visualization often leads to manifestation. It’s a powerful tool to divert your thought spiral from fear-based “I cannot” to inspired action “I can.”

Unleash your imagination and dive into this world where your creative process has already come to fruition.

How does your DIML look like?

What emotions do you feel – a high of accomplishment? Joy from seeing your project complete?

Feel your feelings!

This is a journaling prompt to inspire creativity for sure. Allow these feelings to nudge you to face your fear of failure and fear of judgment.

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6. “The last time I felt proud of myself was…”

Celebrating small wins does amazing things to your confidence. It’s the single best way to give yourself a nudge and show yourself some self-love.

Describe in detail a time when you felt proud of yourself. See if this helps you with overcoming the fear of the creative process.

7. List 3 mentors in your creative field who you look up to & seek them out

Seeking out a creative community and sharing your struggle goes a long way in helping you realize that you are not alone. The fear which arises from the ego makes us believe that everybody else has figured it out except for us!

Our ego tells us big fat lies! Here’s one:

But look! Everybody is doing it all by themselves. Why can’t I?”

This creates a feeling of isolation which prevents us from seeking help. Know that every creative person is in the same boat as you!

Do you now see how you are not so alone?

Live Joyfully & Creatively

Fear is boring,” said Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Big Magic.

Fear keeps us safe and in the familiar. Our comfort zone feels great, but at the end of the day, it merely promotes conformity. Uncertainty is where all the magic happens.

Facing your fear should not feel like a punishment! Remember to let loose a bit! Have fun with whatever your creative project is because creativity is what makes us feel alive!

We hope these journal prompts for creativity help you face your fears so you can live joyfully and creatively.

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