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Article: The Color Psychology of Orange: Energy & Happiness

The Color Psychology of Orange: Energy & Happiness

The Color Psychology of Orange: Energy & Happiness

Imagine tearing into a juicy, ripe orange – juice dripping down your fingers, the scent filling the room. Think about the orangey glow of a sunset washing over your body, encouraging feelings of comfort, creativity, and confidence. What feelings occur when you’re surrounded by the crunchy, orange autumn leaves? How would you feel encountering a powerful, tangerine-colored tiger in the wild?

Every color of the rainbow vibrates at a different frequency and affects our energy in different ways. The premise behind this notion is color psychology, which suggests that each and every color brings out a certain vibe from our spirit, connecting to different chakras and illuminating certain parts of our personality.

If you’ve ever had a favorite color, you might agree that the energy of that color seems to fill you with joy and comfort, and that may be because that color tickles a certain part of your personality, urging it to come out and play.

Today we’re exploring the energy of the color orange, a creative shade that delights the senses, and amplifies inspiration. Have you ever wondered why a marmalade-hued sunset can bring tears to your eyes? Or why oranges seem like an inherently happy, uplifting fruit?

Let’s dive in to learn more about the meaning of orange, the psychology behind this color, and how to utilize the vibrations of orange in your life.

The Meaning of the Color Orange

Orange is the lovechild of the colors red and yellow, two passionate, primary colors. Yellow represents happiness and joy, while red is connected to romance and intense feelings. When these two colors come together, the result is a positive, optimistic, passionate energy that lifts the spirits.

Orange is associated with feelings of joy, creativity, warmth, and compassion. This color promotes an energetic wellness, encouraging you to express yourself openly and honestly.

If you’re feeling down and out, or stuck in place, this is the color to surround yourself with. Orange reminds you of the possibilities of life and opens your mind to new opportunities that you may have otherwise ignored.

Vibrant and lively, shades of orange can fill your spirit with feelings of self-assurance, inspiration, and expression.

Learn more about orange’s complementary color: The Psychology of the Color Blue

Some orange flowers in a bush.

1. Positive Energy

The positivity of yellow and the energetic vibrations of red come together to create the happy, exhilarating hues of orange. This color takes the best of both worlds and leaves the negatives behind. Whereas red can indicate anger or upset, orange is uplifting and bright, pulling you out of a funk.

The optimistic energy of yellow contributes to this color to encourage creative self-expression and confidence. With the energies of red and yellow combined, orange is a buoyant color with high vibrations and positive energy that will help you feel happier and more successful.

Any time you’re feeling down or insecure, try lighting an orange candle, putting on an orange article of clothing, or simply visualizing yourself surrounded by shades of marmalade and amber can raise your vibrations and help you feel happier.

Three silhouetted women dance in front of an orange sunset.

2. Extroverted Fun

Many introverts struggle with putting themselves out there and sharing their thoughts and ideas with the world around them. Working with orange, however, can help you turn this around and let your extroverted self run free. Orange is a powerful color that promotes self-acceptance, making it easier for you to step outside of your comfort zone.

If you’re heading to a first date or a job interview, you might want to slip on an orange blouse or piece of jewelry. Wearing this color will naturally help you feel more confident and willing to express yourself openly and without fear.

3. Turning Over a New Leaf

Orange is associated with the falling leaves of autumn, which lead to cold winter and finally the budding flowers of spring. As such, this color is associated with new beginnings and letting go of feelings that are no longer serving you.

In fact, orange has been said to combat grief, helping you move on from feelings of emotional turmoil and strife. This color represents rejuvenation, positive vibrations, and encouragement.

If you’ve been dealing with feelings of grief, shades of honey, carrot, and squash can lift those vibrations and help you feel lighter and less weighed down.

A woman stands with her arms spread out against an orange feature wall. She is basking in the bright sun as looks up to the left of the frame while wearing an orange head scarf and skirt.

4. Creative Endeavors

This color is deeply connected to creativity and self-expression, and focusing on or surrounding yourself with orange can help you feel more inspired than ever. There is a sense of freedom connected to orange, an openness that encourages you to be wholly and fully yourself.

Orange encourages you to celebrate yourself and your brilliant ideas! It wraps around your passionate vision and brings it to the forefront of your mind, allowing you to recognize and acknowledge your amazing insight. It’s a stimulating color that sets your creativity on fire and helps you embrace your thoughts and ideas.

5. Lots of Excitement

It can be difficult to maintain positivity and enthusiasm sometimes, especially during years as challenging as the one we’re currently living through. Fortunately, spending time near shades of orange will help you reconnect to your excitement for life.

Orange is a jubilant, flamboyant color that infuses your spirit with the enthusiasm you’ve been missing. Its energy is warm and inviting, and it wraps around your soul like a comforting, supportive blanket.

If you feel like you’re not quite as invested in your life as you used to be, it’s time to surround yourself with hues of bronze, rust, and ginger.

Sliced oranges fill the screen.

6. Ties to The Sacral Chakra

Orange is connected to the Sacral chakra, the chakra that represents emotions, self-expression, sexuality, creativity, and relationships. Visualizing or concentrating on this color helps your Sacral chakra heal, opening up and blossoming within your body.

If you’ve been feeling stuck creatively, or you feel disconnected from your feelings and relationships, your Sacral chakra is likely in need of some attention. Wearing orange, eating orange foods, and focusing on this color will help your Sacral chakra flow properly, filling your body with creative inspiration and emotional warmth.

Carrots, pumpkins, orange bell peppers, oranges, pumpkins, and apricots are excellent foods to work into your diet when you want to open the Sacral chakra.

There are also many crystals you can work with, keep these crystals on your altar or in your left pocket to promote healing and positivity.

Orange Crystals That Enhance the Sacral Chakra

  1. Citrine
  2. Carnelian
  3. Amber and
  4. Sunstone

It’s Pumpkin Time

When Autumn approaches, this is the perfect time to embrace the color orange and allow its energy to fill your spirit with positivity, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Start collecting your pumpkins and Halloween decorations to infuse more apricot and shades of fire into your life. Even if it’s spring or summer, nothing is stopping you from drinking hot apple cider and taking in the healing with each sip of positive energy that orange provides.

Surrounding yourself with orange will lift your vibrations, boost your mood, and increase your creativity. So, determine your favorite way to incorporate more of this color into your life and start embracing the energy of orange!

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