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Article: How to Celebrate Yourself in 2021

How to Celebrate Yourself in 2021

How to Celebrate Yourself in 2021

With all the time we are spending at home during these last few months of the pandemic, we may be struggling with having some human connection.

While it’s not always healthy to lean on others for validation, the healthy relationships we may be getting in smaller doses could be something you are missing out on. You might be missing those gatherings with friends that sparked joy. Or maybe simply chatting with a co-worker and receiving words of affirmation is something you’ve been craving in these last few months.

In order to create more love for yourself as an individual, this is actually a great opportunity to learn how to celebrate yourself, rather than depending on others.

Before this pandemic is over, it’s time to learn how to celebrate yourself, 2021 style.

It’s time to shift your mindset to thinking positively about yourself, doing things that you really love, and bookending your days with self-celebration.

Why it’s Important to Celebrate Yourself

  • When you celebrate yourself, you build confidence. No one can build you up or break you down when your confidence is rock solid.
  • Consciously focusing on your strengths will help you take more risks because you will actually believe in yourself.
  • Seeing the good in yourself can give you the gumption to leave toxic parts of your life that aren’t good enough for you anymore.
  • You’ll start to get in touch with what you enjoy more and more to build positive momentum in your life.

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6 Ways to Celebrate Yourself in 2021

1. Look in a Mirror & State Your Great Traits

Come up with some “celebrate yourself quotes” that really make you feel dapper.

Focus on your inner qualities and characteristics of your heart instead of the external facade. Choose a self-love mantra that you say every morning after you brush your teeth and smile back at yourself in the mirror.

Try saying mantras such as, “I am an ambitious superstar” or “I am a kind, caring person.”

2. Reward Yourself for Getting Things Done

Even if it’s just washing the dishes, folding the laundry, or getting in a little workout, seriously celebrate it.

You can build positive energy by encouraging yourself more and finding joy in celebrating the small things. When you work hard on something, be your own cheerleader and do something to congratulate yourself when you’re done, like buying yourself flowers. This will replace needing others to praise you and stop unhealthy approval-seeking behavior.

3. Spoil Yourself With Something You Want

Is there something you always eye at the store, or you have had sitting in your online shopping cart that you are just waiting to permit yourself to spoil yourself on? Well, you are authorized to celebrate yourself right now.

Give yourself that favorite hat, journal, bookshelf, or piece of art that makes you feel excited.

4. Do a Personal Pamper Session or Mini Makeover

Focus on your skin health, moisturizing your hair, and giving yourself permission to express yourself; however you want, whether that means getting a new outfit or putting on a full face of makeup with your sweatpants.

Do it for you and not for anyone else.

Self-expression is about feeling comfortable in your skin, not how you think you should look to get people to compliment you. Remind yourself that your energy is your beauty, not molding yourself to fit some ideal.

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5. Surround Your WFH Space With Compliments & Doodles

Whether you are still working from home right now or are spending time alone in an apartment, dress up your space with some uplifting compliments.

Grab your pad of sticky notes and get to work!

Focus on your personality traits like loyalty, attentiveness, courageousness, and adaptability. You can even draw on your sticky notes instead. Simple doodles like smiley faces, hearts, or checkmarks would do well here.

This helps ensure that even if you might be physically away from your co-workers right now or living alone, you’re still smiling and celebrating yourself as you go about your day-to-day tasks.

6. Treat Yourself to Your Favorite Food or Dessert

Do you often sneak a little treat but not let yourself really go for it? Why not eat what you want and stop feeling guilty? Doing this once in a while is fun and isn’t going to kill you, and let’s be real, you deserve it.

Practice treating yourself without beating yourself up about enjoying things!

Getting in touch with what your personal desires are through your senses can help you enjoy the flavors, scents, sounds, and colors that can make life feel magical.

Make Celebrating Yourself a Lifestyle

This is not a one-and-done thing but something that will become a big part of who you are. As you learn to celebrate yourself, try doing multiple things each day.

You made it through 2020, and you deserve to celebrate yourself for that.

This lifestyle of self-celebration will allow you to drop the friends who weigh you down and walk away from people who might actually be bad for your personal happiness. As you start to feel what makes you feel like gold, you’ll notice the people that start to tarnish your shine.

Often, the last obstacle we need to address in our lives that might be standing in our way is ourselves, and as you learn to celebrate yourself, you are helping to recreate the ability to feel good about your own life.

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