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Article: 5 Simple Stretches to Reduce Hip Pain

5 Simple Stretches to Reduce Hip Pain

5 Simple Stretches to Reduce Hip Pain

Sitting is something that most of us do a lot of and yet we often majorly discount how much that position takes a toll on our body. If you start to incorporate hip stretches into your daily fitness routine, you’ll find you have more energy, less stiffness, and even less pain. It can help you feel more mentally and emotionally clear too because it releases tension and improves the regular flushing of toxins from your system. Much of our lower back pain actually stems from tight, inflexible hips, and if you haven’t noticed, most people are dealing with lower back pain if they sit at work which is quite unfortunate. It’s time to liberate yourself from pain and get back to feeling great again!

The hips are also linked to your Root chakra and Sacral chakra, so you can increase your energy and creativity just by stretching your hips. If you’ve felt like life is hard and you are doing things just to get by, stretching your hips can help free up that stuck energy that is making you feel you don’t have limitless possibilities. It can also help reduce pain caused by pelvic imbalances that pull your spine out of alignment and drain your energy.

All in all, you can start reclaiming a lot by simply stretching and breathing! Stop hustling and start getting in the flow with these 5 simple stretches for hip pain.

5 Stretches for Reducing Hip Pain:

1. Half Sleeping Pigeon

This stretches the glutes, which are one of the largest muscle groups in the body.

Start in a high plank and bring the right knee forward to the right wrist. Bring your right ankle towards the left wrist slightly. Drop your left knee on the ground and untuck the left toes. Keep the back left foot pointing straight back as it will tend to point in. Lay forward, leaning your chest over your bent right knee, and either prop yourself on your elbows or cross your forearms on top of each other and rest your forehead on them. Spin your left hip forward and down as you spin the right hip up and back. Breathe deeply in this pose for 1 minute before switching sides. You’ll usually have more tightness on your dominant side so hold that side a bit longer to help even out your muscles.

2. Runner’s Lunge

This helps stretch the hip flexors, which become shortened from sitting.

Start in a high plank and step the right foot forward between your legs. Drop your back knee and then bring your right arm inside the right knee. Either stay here or lower your chest and come to your elbows. Breathe deeply in this position for a minute and then do the same thing on the other side. This is a great warm-up stretch to help reduce injury during sports, and it is also good to do before deep backbends which require open hip flexors.

3. Standing Quad Stretch

This can help keep your pelvis neutral and you shouldn’t ignore the quads which are the largest muscles you have.

Start standing and bend the right knee, grabbing your right foot with your right hand. Pull your right knee back behind the hip without arching your back to get a deeper stretch and breathe as you hold the stretch for a full minute. Do the same thing on the other side. Use a wall for balance if need be. We often rush this stretch after running or activities but the real benefit comes from holding it for a longer period of time which is what will help reduce lactic acid build-up that makes you sore.

4. Seated Wide-Legged Forward Fold

This is a simple hip stretch that helps the inner thighs, which are often neglected. If you’re really tight, you’ll feel it mostly in your lower back but you can fold a blanket and place it under your hips to help you fold forward if you are really tight.

Start seated and bring your legs wide apart. Walk your hands forward and be sure to relax your neck so your head will hang heavily. You can hold this for two minutes without pushing or forcing to relax the fascia, which holds extra tension. Breathe deeply and focus on relaxing the ‘gripping’ in the hips, pelvis, and lower back.

5. Knees to Chest

To finish, we have a releasing stretch that also helps your digestion.

Start laying on your back and first bring the right knee in and hug it to your chest so you feel a pinch in your hip. Hold it for thirty seconds breathing deeply and then do the same thing on the other side. Finish by bringing both knees in and wrapping your arms around them grabbing opposite elbows. Keep your head on the floor and breathe slowly and deeply for a minute. This will help relieve the lower back compression.

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Closing Thoughts…

Everyone needs a healthy balance of strength and flexibility. You’re more prone to injuries if you don’t take the time to create that balance.

Use these stretches for your fitness inspiration and look up more to find what works best for you. We all have tightness in different places so try some different ones and be consistent to see how you start to become more energetic and have less pain. With stretching, just like with building muscle, it takes time, and we make small changes as we keep doing it. One of the biggest fitness facts people need to keep in mind is that patience pays. While you may not notice any drastic change immediately, it’s the long-term physical and emotional benefits that you will gain when you make stretching a daily routine, just like brushing your teeth.

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