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Article: A Meditation To Help You Find Point Zero

A Meditation To Help You Find Point Zero

A Meditation To Help You Find Point Zero

Where does true inspiration live? It lives beyond the mind, beyond the mental attempts at ordering and figuring out, it’s in a space of knowing, of oneness where time ceases to exist and where you and I are essentially the same force of energy pulsing through the planet and multiverse.

Wait, what? Can you please put that into terms that make sense for a human?

What I mean is that there’s a space within us that feels safe and it knows what is best for us. That same space is where we can implant ideas into the software of the universe that can then manifest into our lives. We call this point zero. It’s where we have no thoughts and it’s where Buddhists love to hang out. It’s not a particular place, it’s actually a void, no time and no space.

Here you can know things without trying, you can find answers to life’s biggest complexities and you can feel good. Here you can ask the universe for help and you can change the outcome of your own destiny. Here is where you can heal, you can break patterns and you can find a sense of both fulfillment and purpose. It all starts here, where all your mind is clear and your thoughts are still. This meditation will help you access higher spiritual truths, better well being and a depth of living that will make you excited to open your eyes in the morning.

Simple Meditation

The best things in life and the deepest truths are not the ones we struggle to remember and sweat to grasp, they are the quiet subtle and epic truths that arise when least expected to surprise us that life is beautiful, elegant and easy. It is here that we find point zero to be the most valuable and still the freest and easily accessible space in our minds that leads to true happiness.

Begin to deepen and slow your breath. Take your time. Now, sense your feet on white sand. In all directions you see sand. In the sky is only the colour blue. There is nowhere you need to be. Just stand with your feet on the sand and breathe. In and out.

You are standing in the perfect place, in the perfect moment, where the Universe is perfectly in balance. You are right where you were meant to be in this moment and your breathing happens naturally so that you do not have to do anything.

If a thought arrives, understand that it is not you and watch it pass. Come back to the bright white sand, the bright blue sky, and your breathing. You’re completely present in this space and you feel the warmth under your feet and on your skin. You feel the quality of the air entering your lungs. You sense everything is right, in balance, moving at the right pace and harmonized with the universal heartbeat as your heart beats in perfect rhythm. The idea that you need to struggle or resist anything drops as you embrace the present moment.

You find energy returns to you as all your thoughts cease.

You no longer think about where you are, you simply are there.

You no longer think about your breath, it simply breathes you.

You sense you are the sand, you are the sky, you are the breath entering and leaving your body. You are each heartbeat, you are the energy between everything and you are eternally present, creating with each thought and each moment. You have power and tremendous respect for all that is a part of you which is all of nature. You are humbled at the enormity of this truth. You are a part of something that is constantly recreating itself, limitless and alive. You do not need to control it, only ride the waves, trusting that you’re a part of this great neutral energy of life. Observe the feeling that nothing is actually everything.

Concluding Thoughts…

Notice that you did not need a drug to reach an altered state! Just an intention and breath. The guided meditations that include breathing will always help us expand because the breath raises our frequency. Breath is full of prana that clears negative vibrations. Anytime you’re stuck in an illusion of separateness or isolation, take three deep breaths and expand your peripheral awareness to feel connected again.

We don’t need more, we don’t need status, we don’t need looks. All we need is to stop our thoughts, connect to our spirit, and connect to who we really are. Looking at spiritual art, I’m often able to sense that same feeling of point zero. Where I see I have nothing to worry about because my heart and soul are a part of this beautiful network of energy we are all connected to.

The illusion that I am separate or need to control my life fades as I see this web of energy connecting me to the rest of what we all are, together, one living breathing love vibration. When we tap into that oneness, we find peace and we find a new world where we can speak things into reality, we trust the universe supports us and we find love in every moment.

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