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Article: Wellness Wishlist: Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Wellness Wishlist: Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Wellness Wishlist: Your 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and with the beauty of connection with our families often comes the stress of trying to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. We want to show them how important they are without going completely broke, and fortunately, this guide will help you do just that.

This is the ultimate guide for thoughtful, affordable gifts that promote self-care and wellness. Don’t worry, we’ll include a little something for everyone!

For the Over-Thinker

1. Present, Not Perfect Journal

We all have a friend or a family member that have a hard time getting out of their head. Try giving them the gift of stress reduction through the beauty of self-expression with this Present, Not Perfect journal by Aimee Chase. This is a fun guided journal with gorgeous illustrations - it can take anyone’s mind off of their stress for hours.

2. Let That Sh*t Go Journal

Another fun journaling option is the Let That Sh*t Go journal by Monica Sweeny. This journal helps the reader learn how to let go of grudges and move on once and for all.

3. Stress Less Cards

If your loved one isn’t a big fan of journaling, try these Stress Less cards by Sunny Present. These cards contain 50 easy exercises that quiet the mind and calm the soul. Including meditation and neuro-linguistic programming techniques, these cards help you build better coping mechanisms for stressful situations. (You may even need a deck for yourself!)

For the Beauty Guru

Do you have someone in your life that seems to keep up with all of the latest beauty trends? Maybe they’ve even started their own blog or social media page to inform others. Our beauty lovers may forget the healing and glowing-skin-inducing qualities of self-care—which is why they need a friend like you to help them remember.

1. Glam Up Facial Sheet Mask set

This comes with 12 unique, healing sheet masks that help brighten and moisturize the face. With options like avocado, tea tree, green tea, and peppermint, these masks are truly luxurious—yet reasonably priced. Simply unwrap, place the mask on your face, and prepare for a relaxing spa day at home.

2. Burt’s Bees Tips & Toes Gift Set

Sometimes we focus so much of our beauty technique on your face, we end up neglecting other parts of our body that deserve just as much healing and attention. This is the perfect remedy for those hard-working, often abused hands and feet. This gift set comes with two types of hand cream, foot cream, cuticle cream, hand salve, and even lip balm.

3. Rose Quartz Roller

This chilly treat is a must-have in any beauty lovers’ skincare routine. it reduces swelling, under-eye bags, and it wakes up your skin on sleepy mornings. Also, it’s exquisite to look at and a fun gift that they might never buy themselves. If you think that they’re more of a jade, they also have a ton of those that have different properties for your skin.

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For the Interior Designer

Have you ever walked into a loved one’s home and felt overwhelmed and in awe by their amazing style? It takes time, dedication, and talent to put so much love and positive energy into your home that it can be felt by everyone who enters—and this dedication should be acknowledged and rewarded.

1. Rustic Daily Mindfulness Jar

This gift adds an element of coziness to any home while serving the purpose of maintaining a mindful lifestyle. This jar includes 31 tasks to be completed daily to promote mindfulness and an increase in one’s ability to live in the present moment. The best part is, these tasks are simple, efficient, and quick.

2. BlankieGram Healing Thoughts Blanket

It’s always nice to cozy up with a warm blanket and positive thoughts during the holidays, which makes this perfect. The BlankieGram Healing Thoughts Blanket is not only soft and fuzzy, it’s printed with dozens of positive thoughts, sure to show them you care! It comes in many colors and was designed not to shed as many fuzzy blankets do. Wrap your loved ones in physical and emotional warmth!

3. Yinuo Light Scented Candle

Finally, this beautiful candle (or any three-wick candle for that matter) is the perfect addition to any home. The Yunio Light scented candle comes in scents like lemon, fig, and lavender which are all scents that are designed to banish unwanted energies and purify the space around them. These candles are not only a sight to behold, but they also work to cleanse the energy of the home.

For the Sleepy Angel

1. Goddess Sleep Mask

I don’t know about you, but I love my sleep—and I cannot sleep without a silky eye mask protecting me from the static of the outside world. If you know someone in your life who loves their sleep but has a bit of a princess-and-the-pea complex, try gifting them this ultra-luxe Goddess Sleep Mask. Not only is it the color of 24 karat gold, it’s made from Mulberry silk and includes a bonus gel insert for those hot summer nights. The front says “Buzy Manifesting,” reminding your Goddess gal to go for her dreams.

2. A Cute Tea Strainer

Any sleepy human would love a nice cup of tea before bed and this cat-shaped tea steeper will be the cat’s meow. They aren’t a cat person? Any fun silicone animal steeper will do!

For the Tough One

1. MaxKare Neck Massager

We all know a hard-working gentleman or two, and they may not immediately light up at the thought of a scented candle. We have suggestions for our burly men too, like this MaxKare Neck Massager. This massager is designed to target those neck and shoulder muscles that get so achy from physically demanding work. It can also be used on the back, making it versatile as well as useful.

2. The Man Can

While luxury grooming products may have historically been aimed at women, our men deserve the best: The Man Can is just that. This can include a bar of soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and a textured body mitt—all designed to suit the specific needs of a man and stuffed into a fashionable paint can. This gift is fun, efficient, and perfectly suited for your masculine friends and family members.

3. The Best Wellness Journal Ever

And for the more creative men in your life, try this Daily Positivity Journal. With a simple yet unique design and a practical layout, this journal will help him track habits, sleep, and gratitude, and includes motivational quotes to help him stay motivated and upbeat.

Remember to Give Love

No matter what you choose to give your friends and family these holidays, remember that the holidays are about celebrating these connections we have and fostering gratitude for the love we receive. Don’t stress too much about whether your gifts are perfect, just remember to give them with love.

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