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Article: A Meditation to Welcome Summer

A Meditation to Welcome Summer

A Meditation to Welcome Summer

It’s time to break out the beach toys, cut the watermelon, and plan some summertime fun!

From an external perspective, we often find ourselves more energized and outgoing during the days of summer. We go out and meet friends and want to try new things. From an internal perspective, we experience the blessings of our intentions we started during the winter come to fruition and feel our own spiritual passions awakened. We have time to relax as well as more energy to get things done. The memories we make this summer can be special if we set our intention to point our season in the direction we want.

In this visualization meditation, you will awaken your own inner passion for life again so you can find your own personal goal for the summer and get excited about what is to come. This meditation is also a great introduction to visualization techniques that help you manifest and can help you understand how to practice mindfulness.

The power of intention is something the ancient Essenes, Druids, Egyptians, and Mayans tapped into with special ceremonies around the summer solstice, which marks the official beginning of summer. Let’s follow in the tradition of connecting to nature’s blessings!

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year (in the Northern hemisphere), opening up a portal of positive spiritual energy. Meditating on this day amplifies your energy because of the planetary alignments, and that is why people throughout history and cultures have chosen this day to have special celebrations of the gifts of nature and the human spirit.

Summer Solstice Celebration Meditation:

  1. Find a quiet, safe place to meditate. Maybe a grass field, a clean corner in your home, or even next to a lake. Being anywhere in nature can help you connect to your true self - so go ahead and climb up a tree if that feels like the best option for you!
  2. Start by writing down any activities that spark your interest or things you would like to experience this summer. Perhaps that’s traveling to a new place, meeting a special someone, trying a new fitness class, or just or spending time with your loved ones. Write down at least three things you’d like to “charge” (energetically speaking, of course) with your intention in the meditation.
  3. Start your meditations by sitting tall on a chair or in a cross-legged position. Having a straight spine allows your energy to flow easily through your chakras so your creative ideas can activate and you can charge them with positive emotional energy. We also like to start meditations with simple, slow, deep breathing. This calms the mind and body so we can visualize with more of our attention.
  4. Now it’s time to visualize yourself doing each of the three things you wrote down. This is like directed, intentional daydreaming, so have fun with this part! Watch yourself enjoying one activity at a time and notice one key emotion you feel from visualizing each activity. For example, visiting a beach might make you feel peaceful. Write a word for each visualization next to the activity based on how the visualization makes you feel.
  5. Now spend a moment visualizing a bright fire within you. Inside this fire is passion, love for life, love for yourself and for others. As you visualize this fire, feel the fun and playfulness in the dancing flames, feel the life inside your body reignite. There is always a way to experience magic when you focus on feeling love and spreading it to others so we all feel joy. This can make your summer come alive!
  6. To conclude your meditation, take three deep breaths and feel the peace in the moment that will carry you into this new part of the year. Welcome in the summer now that you’ve gotten clear with your own intention for the season.

Great job, you’ve just used the power of your mind and intention to generate real energy that co-creates your own experience.

Hello, Summer!

As you share your light on this day, notice how your light wants to expand and follow its lead. When you smile at others or invite them to do something fun, they also feel inspired and come alive. It is helpful to others to spend time with them doing absolutely nothing or even something simple. Having a good conversation, laughing as you sit in a park, or walking down a dirt road are simple yet profound ways to feed your soul this summer. Remember, the more you awaken your own ability to expand your light by being excited, passionate, fun and playful, the more you remind others how to also enjoy life. Give yourself permission and invite the good times in.

Your own intention has great power and now that you see your projects you started in the beginning of the year coming to life, you see you are connected to everything and the universe does conspire to help you. Keep yourself in a positive state, expect good things to come your way, and be ready to try new things. If you find yourself feeling negative, come back to this meditation or focus on what you’re grateful for in your life. You are the captain of this ship and you can experience wonder and joy all summer long.

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