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Article: Selfies & Self-Love: What Selfies Can Do for Your Self-Esteem

Selfies & Self-Love: What Selfies Can Do for Your Self-Esteem

Selfies & Self-Love: What Selfies Can Do for Your Self-Esteem

Selfies get a bad rap. They are often looked at for being narcissistic and self-absorbed. But through that web of negative backlash, selfies actually have some benefits (we aren’t kidding!).

In fact, they could contribute to your psychological well-being. Now, we aren’t saying to go out and blow up your social media feed with selfies. But just the act of taking them can boost your mood and your self-esteem.

So grab that selfie-stick and say cheese without shame! Let’s dive into why selfies really can be good for your soul!

1. Oddly enough, selfies may make you happier.

Huh? You read that right. At the University of California, they did a little research study. The goal? To find out what snapping selfies on your phone throughout the day did when it comes to your mood and emotions.

Students were instructed to take 3 different selfies throughout their day. After, they reported their moods. And interestingly, the results showed they were actually happier. It was further reported that the students found it made them more mindful throughout their day.

2. Selfies capture a moment.

Nostalgia is good for your brain. In other words, taking selfies provides great memories to look back on. Who regrets taking a selfie? Exactly. But have you ever regretted not snapping a pic to remember a moment by?

Selfies serve as a nostalgic reminder of a treasured and cherished moment in time. And while nostalgia has been considered to be a negative attachment to the past, it also can be good for your brain.

How? The New York Times reports it combats loneliness, boredom, and even anxiety. It even brings people closer together.

So take those selfies! Then take a walk back in time later. You’ll think fondly of the moment and the people involved.

3. A selfie serves as a reminder to yourself that you like yourself.

This one may sound silly. But when you’re stuck in a mental state where you can’t stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself - you know the one - the downward spiral, then uncontrollable negative thoughts. Looking back on selfies you took can serve as a reminder that you really are all that and a bag of chips! It can help you drop those negative feelings and thoughts and think highly of yourself again.

Plus, remember that dinner where you looked fab? Thank god you took a selfie and can remind yourself how awesome and beautiful you really are!

4. Selfies force the people in the photo to smile.

Did you know smiling can make you feel happier? Research indicates that it’s true! Forcing a smile really does work to make you feel great on the inside as well - at least a little better.

Make someone flash a grin with you at the camera! You’re helping them and you put on a lighter mood and a happier perspective.

5. Selfies give you a confidence boost.

Personal growth and development includes loving yourself and embracing your flaws. Taking selfies allows you to do just that. You get to see yourself on the other side of the lens.

Self-love is something we all need a little more of. It’s easier than ever to pick yourself apart and compare to the “ideal.” But you’re awesome just being you. Selfies prove this to yourself. They allow you to embrace the way you look and own it!

Not to mention when you post a selfie and get a few likes or comments, it definitely increases your confidence. This can spill into other parts of your life. You might feel more confident around a group of people or at work. You may feel more confident to speak your mind and just be you.

Say Cheese & Snap a Few Selfies!

Grab your friends or family. Take some photos you’ll want to remember.

No selfie stick? No problem! Here are a few pointers to get the most out of your selfies:

  • Look toward natural lighting. If you’re indoors this means looking toward the outside natural light to highlight your great features the best.
  • Avoid shadows by facing directly toward the sun or directly away from it.
  • If it’s dark, use the flash!
  • Smile. Think of something funny and try not to force this one. If you’re in the selfie with other people, talk to each other or fake laugh until you’re keeled over in real fits of laughter.
  • Take many pictures at one time! This sounds silly - but the pros don’t get it right on the first shot either. Take a reel of them by putting your phone or camera on burst and slightly adjust your facial expression or body placement each time. The more snaps, the more options you give yourself. Even professional models have 100 photos taken before just one is chosen. This is the key to getting the picture you want.
  • Try different angles until you find one you love. Play around with it.
  • Don’t over-edit. Embrace who you really are - flaws and all. After all, it’s our flaws and imperfections that make us unique!
  • Avoid the duck lips. Just be yourself. People want to see the real you - not a forced version.

Take a selfie and soothe your soul! They’re not all bad. In fact, they can be super mood and confidence boosting. And they can create memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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