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Article: A Meditation to Help You Feel Happy

A Meditation to Help You Feel Happy

A Meditation to Help You Feel Happy

The pursuit of happiness often becomes very complicated but happiness is actually quite simple. We create stories in our minds that put the carrot in front of the horse so that we don’t experience happiness in the present moment.

We think we will be happy when something happens, as soon as we get promoted, when we meet that special someone or when we finally reach our ideal weight. That type of thinking is like stealing from yourself. You do not have to wait to be happy. You can choose, today, right now, to be happy.

Your mind is constantly thinking, analyzing and playing out scenarios in your head. This creates angst because we are not regulating our emotional state but really being bombarded by our uncensored thoughts. If you were at an ashram in the middle of the jungle, you would train yourself to calm your mind and come to a peaceful state of existence.

For this meditation, you will need to be in a place without distractions. You can record it in your own voice or have a friend read it for you. Have a journal and pen handy as well. It’s time to liberate your mind and get happy now no matter what your circumstance!

Guided Meditation To Help You Feel Happy

Begin to breathe slowly and deeply for one minute with your eyes closed. Focus on your breath as it enters and leaves your lungs. Notice how your chest rises and falls with each breath. What is the quality of your breath? Is it cold or warm?


On your next inhale see a vibrant yellow color coming into your body with your breath. The yellow light fills your body from your toes all the up to the head and even to the tips of your fingernails. Your body is now full of this light.

As you exhale watch all the negativity in your mind leave as dull or dark colors going out of your body when you breathe out. Take another deep inhale this time filling every cell in your body with a silvery sparkling light. Your body is now bright like a lightbulb and the light is around your body as well.

Banish Negative Energy

Get ready to push out any residual negative energy from your body. You now push your air out as hard as you can through pursed lips and watch all the dark murky emotions move fast and far away from your body.

You see yourself feeling so light you begin to float and feel cheerful and optimistic. You feel happy and excited about today. You feel anticipation of good things to come. You now breathe in and see the bubble of light pushing out around you to four feet and then ten feet.

Find Positivity

This bubble is full of positive energy and you see any negative thoughts you used to think unable to enter into the bubble. Your whole body feels relaxed like jello. You take a breath in and then sigh as if saying, things are going really well for me. Now you visualize someone coming up to you and you realize you are smiling ear to ear. They begin to smile too.


You now see hundreds of people walking towards you and you smile at each of them and they smile back at you. You turn around and everyone in this crowd is smiling as if they have some secret.

You whisper to someone next to you, “I just want you to know I appreciate you.” Suddenly you look up and see angels all above you and floating down from these angels are rays of golden light flooding into the hearts of everyone in the crowd.

You didn’t realize before but everyone in the crowd is you, in every moment of your life, all gathered here to receive simple happiness from the angelic realms. The angels begin to sing a beautiful song and it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard. The words say, just be happy and give happiness to everyone you meet.

Experience Joy

You feel like dancing and even giddy. You realize what has been missing from your life. You just need to see the light in every person to spark magic in every moment. Know that when you smile, your soul’s are speaking and that light is in you beaming to people at a distance even when you’re not around.

Yes, we need food and a home and money to pay for our car etc but the true joy in life comes from the spirit and the light in each of us that feels expansive and cozy. This light is always here, just breathe and you will feel that happiness bubbling out of you.

Discover Truth

The truth of who you are is this light and the rest, is a good story but you now know the truth. Be in the world but not of it. With all these smiles now stored in your heart, it’s time to go share them. You can come back to this place to gather more anytime you’re feeling low on energy.

Your breath is the secret to this magical portal of happiness that accesses the spiritual realm, it’s your bridge and it’s always there. In every cell now is this light and you have an endless amount of it to share and reflect in others.


Take a deep breath and slowly, with utter enthusiasm, begin to wiggle your toes and open your eyes. Write down how happy you feel and how easy it was.


What truly matters beyond the identities we have created for ourselves is just being kind and loving and that makes life enjoyable. Happiness after all of this, is the most simple thing in the world, giving love. Your energy field is full of positivity to share with people now and your energy will attract magical experiences as you just stay present and raise the vibes.

People will love your company and you will experience a new side of them reflected back to you in your loving intentions. Promise yourself to hold this intention to share smiles, love, and kindness everywhere you go above all else. Thank people for their presence and when you see people, smile.

You are a power plant of happiness, it’s pouring out of you like a fountain of energy. Watch how your day shifts and how your whole life feels as if you’re living in a different dimension.

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