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Article: Free Yourself: A Meditation to Let Go of Toxicity

Free Yourself: A Meditation to Let Go of Toxicity

Free Yourself: A Meditation to Let Go of Toxicity

If you’re having trouble getting over someone, it’s time to get assistance from your soul and spiritual helpers. This is a type of inner child work that will help you see the root cause of your issue which usually has very little to do with the person and more to do with a way of thinking that was created when you were young. We are going to use guided visualization to see why you’re so attached to this person and empower you to finally let go of this person once and for all.

Sometimes we are experiencing deeply rooted insecurities which developed at a young age and those unconscious insecurities are playing out in our adult lives. If we’ve been this way for a while, we probably aren’t consciously aware of it.

On the Topic of Meditation

First, we need to talk about societal conditioning before we go into meditation. If we don’t put ourselves into our own cultural context with a birds-eye view, we will not often understand where our most strong motivations come from.

We’ve seen the prince and princess story since we were young and have been spoon-fed the idea of happily ever after as if it’s the meaning of life. Well, times have changed and we no longer are believing this lie that happiness comes from dating someone.

We now know that the source of our happiness that we can control comes from aligning our life to our soul’s purpose and training ourselves to be of humble service to our community.

A relationship is nice but it cannot be the sole focus of our life or we will develop an unhealthy attachment to other people and risk becoming insecure enough that we can’t let go of someone once and for all. You can record this meditation in your own voice or have someone read it slowly for you.

Have a pen and paper handy.

Guided Meditation To Let Go Of Toxic People

Part 1

Sit in a quiet place and in a comfortable position. Take some slow deep breaths to prepare your mind to go into a relaxed state. Start to see your energetic body raise above your physical body. You are going up out of the earth’s atmosphere into a very vast space.

You will now be brought to a specific moment in your life that has allowed you to become attached to this person. It may be when you were very young, long before you met them. You may see when you decided to give your power away or when you first witnessed codependency.

Write down how this experience is affecting your current situation. If you don’t get anything, wait and breathe and ask to be shown what memory needs to be healed in order for you to finally let go of this person. If you’ve found the memory, go ahead and give yourself a healthy memory with new people.

See yourself developing healthy emotional boundaries or having a spiritual mentor who properly guided you to see the real meaning of your soul’s path. You are recovering your personal power as you do this.

Part 2 of Meditation: Finding Your Soul Purpose

A guide is now waiting for you to take you to find your soul purpose. We have so much energy and most of it must be directed to our soul purpose or we develop unhealthy attachments to other people. This guide is a wise elder, they have been waiting to help you and are going to guide you to sit with them at a table.

Sitting across from them they will reveal to you your purpose. Between you, on the table, they will write on a piece of paper what your purpose is. Watch them write it as you realize your life is changing. You are stepping into your highest calling. You are ready to see why you came to earth. Your guide slides the paper to you and you see what is written.


You take in a deep breath to feel this meaning start to become who you are.

Start to see all the stories that you have believed in your life that no longer serve this higher purpose falling away from your consciousness, losing their charge. The things you’ve held onto so closely that do not serve your higher calling are falling away effortlessly. You are feeling stronger with each breath as you call back your energy.

Be Grateful

Your guide tells you it’s time to forgive the person you want to let go of by thanking them for the lesson they were in your life to teach you. Write down what lesson this person taught you about yourself and how you’re now able to understand yourself better or make better decisions.

You must take responsibility for why you attracted this person into your life and find the blessing that the situation taught you to fully let it go. You do not need this person to be happy. Say mentally, “I do not need this person to be happy.”

Let Go

You can now clearly see the person you are getting over for who they are, not the idea you have of them. You see them moving away from you until you can no longer see them and they disappear with a cloud of sparkling fog. It feels right that they are gone and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

They are not your purpose and you now have the freedom to pursue what will actually make you happy. Now write down how your present life will be different and how you have recovered your strength.


Still sitting at the table you look to the right side and see a giant scene in front of you. You watch yourself pursuing this life purpose. You see yourself grow into the person you’re meant to be and you see yourself helping others in your purpose. You see yourself smiling and feeling excited in this new purpose.

Your purpose is enough to keep you happy. Your guide claps their hands indicating a shift has occurred in your mind. From here on you will focus on your purpose enthusiastically, fearlessly with hope and tenacity.


You breathe deeply and return to your body writing down any remaining insights.

Follow Up Tasks

Now comes the fun part. Write down a plan of how you will use your time and energy today, this week, this month and this year to pursue your soul purpose. What books do you need? What training do you need? What do you need to learn and how much money do you need?

What will be your goal today, for the first week, month and year? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Manifest Through Creativity

Now it’s time to let go of all the items in your life that remind you of the person you no longer need. You can redo your room, post a vision board of pictures with your purpose and get rid of the old identity you had before this momentous finding of your soul purpose. Maybe donate clothes and find some new energy in a revived wardrobe.

Paint a new color in your home, rearrange the furniture and put up art that inspires you to follow the purpose of your soul. If you need to communicate with someone that you are moving on, do so in a peaceful manner. Find activities and new social circles that support your growth in following your soul’s purpose.

Now it’s time to write your manifesto. This is a page written in the present tense and you give yourself the qualities and skills you want to develop. Write down what you do to help people, what your job is, how people feel with you, how successful you are in that endeavor and how you feel doing this.

Live in Affirmations

For example, when I wanted to become a yoga teacher, I wrote my first manifesto which came true like this; “I am an inspiring full-time yoga teacher. I help people understand how to take care of their bodies and connect to their intuition. My classes are full and my students trust my guidance and keep coming back to class with their friends.

I am excited when I wake up in the morning because I know I’m empowering people and making a difference which is extremely fulfilling. I have healthy boundaries and a work-life balance now that I have committed fully to my soul’s purpose. I am so happy that when people think of me, they smile too.”

Type up your manifesto and frame it in a place where you will read it every day.


You can revisit this article and meditation as needed. You will have some days where it’s not easy to follow your soul purpose and you feel like filling a void with something or someone in the physical world but this is not the answer. We cannot live trying to get happiness from the world.

We can only be happy when we are giving love to the world. It’s not that we cannot have relationships but we will not have healthy ones if we are living for ourselves instead of for others. We must first live for our soul.

“Human love is for one thing only: to love your soul. The Infinite world around you will be in love with you.” -Yogi Bhajan

When you feel lost or lonely or sorry for yourself. If you have a moment where you feel negative or weak, come back to this quote and you will find your strength again. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” -Dr. Martin Luther King.

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