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Article: How to Clear Your Energy Field by Healing Traumatic Memories

How to Clear Your Energy Field by Healing Traumatic Memories

How to Clear Your Energy Field by Healing Traumatic Memories

When a situation really gets under your skin, usually it is a reaction we are having based on past experience. Additionally, when we attract negative situations or people, we often have an unhealed trauma energetically sitting in our field that is attracting those vibrations.

Unhealed traumas from our past can also come from past lifetimes as well as ancestrally inherited imprints in our genetic code. If you notice a repeating pattern you don’t like in your life, as you keep having the same challenge in different situations, this is also often because of unhealed traumas.

Needless to say, we have our work cut out for us.

Before you hang your head in desperation, there’s a huge silver lining here. Healing traumatic memories is the most empowering work I have ever done. It is the best way to let go of habitual thoughts that are hurting us and holding us back.

It clears our energy field so we can manifest positive things, clears us to be able to offer to heal to others, and can end cycles of suffering that make us feel like a victim. It can allow us to raise our vibration so we can access creative solutions, spirit guides and it gets rid of magnetic pulls towards negative habits opening us to ways of living that are not going to sabotage ourselves.

The First Step

This type of healing is done in meditation. This process requires one to get used to guided meditations. A good way to begin is by spending a week or so doing guided meditations where you are visualizing things with your eyes closed. This will strengthen your third eye and ability to focus in this specific way.

You’ll need a journal to keep track of this as well. This type of meditation is usually referred to as inner child work and many people approach it differently. There’s not necessarily one right way to do it but one thing that you can be sure of is that if you consistently do it daily, it will transform your life.

You’ll find more love, positivity, and empowerment that you didn’t have access to before. This work is something that clairvoyants must do in order to be clear enough to read other people.

If you’re new to meditation, you will get used to it. At first, it may be hard to get your mind to focus but instead of a meditation where you aren’t doing anything, you’ll find it’s a little easier because you do have something to focus on. Just know that at first, you may not get that vivid of pictures or just a little bit of information.

If you work through the confusion, you’ll get more used to the process and be able to trust the connection to your spiritual self more and more. As you notice your real life problems or at least the sting they used to have, begin to dissolve, your enthusiasm for the process will grow as well.

The Daily Work

Always have your journal and a pen with you for this work so you can look back and reflect on what comes through in meditation. When you decide it’s time to begin your meditation it’s important to give yourself a few minutes to shift into a relaxed brainwave state. Zen music can help you and even listening to the same music each time can help you.

Binaural music or Hemi sync music which is easy to find online can also help you get into the right frame of mind for meditation. Try taking deep breaths in your nose and pushing the air out strongly through your mouth. You want to begin each meditation the same way.

I like to visualize each chakra starting from the base. I visualize them spinning clockwise and vibrantly. From there I ask that I only be guided for the highest possible good.

The next part is simple. Ask to be shown a trauma that is affecting your life. Don’t think about it, just see what you observe as if watching a movie. Once you see the memory, write down how it feels like this is affecting your life.

Create a Healthy Environment

Then you heal the memory by creating a healthy environment in your mind’s eye where nothing bad happened and you were supported emotionally. Now you have a new memory to experience. How do you feel with this memory? Write down how this new experience will affect your life.

This is an exercise that requires imagination but we know the brain acts the same whether it’s visualizing or in real life so it will generate new emotions that charge your energetic field differently. You’re basically reprogramming your subconscious. In a way, it’s self-hypnosis.

You may want to work on one trauma for a while or try to do a few in one meditation. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Sometimes we need to work on one memory multiple times or for years if we feel we haven’t quite resolved it in our memory.

This is a subjective exercise without hard rules yet it will help us see where our reactions, fears and deepest rooted belief systems and behaviors stem from. In this process we are able to see our formative years and when we started to think certain ways.

How To Manage Unexpected Feelings

If you are in an emotional crisis and feel overwhelmed by the experience, this technique as well as the music and breathing can help you handle it. You can ask to be shown what trauma is making you have such a strong reaction.

It will often take away the emotional charge that feels so strong at the moment once you work on visualizing the healing for the initial experience. We often have a string of experiences that have the same theme which has been brought on by the same root experience so you can trust your inner guidance to show you the most important experience.

Do not overthink or over analyze this entire process as it’s not something that the linear mind is going to grasp easily. My best advice is to do the work and see how things shift over a couple of months.

For example, let’s say your partner is getting under your skin easily. It seems to be affecting you more than is reasonable and you want to understand why you’re having trouble keeping yourself positive mentally. You would sit down, breathe, and visualize your chakras, and then ask to be shown what trauma needs healing.

Often the memory won’t seem that major but it created a pattern of thinking. Sometimes it’s something so major that your mind had blocked it from your memory. Both are valuable to heal.

Let’s say you were having jealousy issues and you suddenly saw a moment in childhood where you watched a parent be obsessive and insecure about their relationship setting your own pattern in motion. You would then visualize parents that are secure in their relationship, allowing you to see strength.

Perhaps you’d have those parents sit and talk to you about how to give your partner space and how to build a healthy self-esteem.

Your energy field surrounds your body and comes in contact with everyone. They get an impression of you from this energetic bubble. You can allow people to feel safe and uplifted around you thereby strengthening friendships and bonds through your energy field when you follow this internal process of healing your inner child.

Your Inner Child Wants to Heal

Your inner child’s imagination will be stifled if the memories they experienced are still hurting them. Freeing them from these memories increases your imagination and ability to have strong visions you can charge with your creative energy. This happens beyond time and space which again, your logic brain will be baffled by.

Studies have shown that thoughts, the wavelengths created by them, affect physical reality in the past, present, and future. Our physical bodies exist in linear time but our mind and spirit are not limited to that.

If you are having trouble with this creative process, I suggest reading three books. The Intention Experiments by Lynne McTaggart is a collection of scientific experiments done at Ivy League schools about how thoughts affect reality beyond time and space. It’s a fascinating and mind-opening read.

Secondly, I recommend The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette which is an easy to understand explanation of the spiritual work a clairvoyant does and how to trust your spiritual self. Finally, a deep dive into the holographic or reflective nature of the law of attraction will help you take responsibility for the things you can heal within yourself to shift your reality in a book by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson called The Shadow Effect.


This clearing of traumatic memories will create a strong foundation for working with your true spiritual self. From here, you’ll be able to develop your spiritual abilities much easier if it’s something you feel called to do. In your daily life, you’ll find yourself able to navigate from a stronger place where you aren’t swayed by things that happen as you used to be.

You will be able to know your true nature as a spiritual being more clearly because the maya, the illusion that most people live in unknowingly, will be revealed to you.

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