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Article: Unintentional Meditation: 6 Meditations for the Multitasker

Unintentional Meditation: 6 Meditations for the Multitasker

Unintentional Meditation: 6 Meditations for the Multitasker

Not surprisingly, traditional solitary meditation doesn’t work for everyone. Some of us may even feel stressed, anxious, or frustrated trying to sit still and focus on a single thought or mantra.

And that’s okay.

Everyone is different. It is one of the many wonders of this world. We have different ideas, different hopes, different dreams, different opinions, and different preferences. We were never all meant to be the same. It is what makes living today so great. It keeps life interesting.

Purposeful meditation is not the only way to reach a higher state of being. It is not the only way to practice mindfulness, and find your inner mental peace, calm, and clarity.

So, sitting on your butt focused on one thought isn’t your thing. You can still incorporate meditation into your day-to-day life.

Find something that clears your mind - a hobby or an activity that consumes you, where your worries and fears fall away and you can simply be.

If you’re wondering what hobby or activity that may be, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here.

Meditation is about clearing your mind of toxic energy and busy thoughts, but many activities can give way to similar benefits.

Here’s how you can meditate without actually meditating:

1. Run or Walk

I found running when I was about 16 years old. I have always referred to it as my “meditation.” The first 15 minutes start with my thoughts running wild. I think of every scenario in my head. I have conversations with myself to talk out issues or problems that have been bothering me.

Once these thoughts have run their course, I fall into a state of simply being. I can feel my heart pounding and hear my breath heavy. I take note of my feet hitting the pavement. I feel every impact. It’s like a detox. Every step is a step forward. It’s putting whatever has been clouding my head in the past. I come out with clarity and a sense of peace.

It is not for everyone. Some people hate running. Not everyone is going to love the same thing. Remember, everyone is different.

However, for some, it’s a viable option to help clear their mind. Go for a run. Look around. Lift your head up and feel the fresh air fill your lungs. Or walk, if that’s more your cup of tea. Leave the earbuds at home. Let your senses take it all in. Get active and find your clarity!

2. Cloud Watch or Stargaze

Depending on the time of day, look up. Find a comfortable place to lay down and watch the universe go by, literally.

Nature has a huge impact on our mental health. It makes us feel better.

The sky, in particular, is full of the unknown. It is full of more particles and objects than we could ever imagine.

And it is also equally as empty. The gaps that separate those stars are light years away. Watching the sky can provide clarity and perspective. Bigger problems may seem smaller after unintentionally meditating while stargazing or cloud watching.

Let the sky fill your soul. Allow your worries and thoughts to fall away. Get inspired and reap those meditation effects, minus the actual meditation part. Give in to peace.

3. Shower Zen

Shower meditation is a thing! However, if ‘meditation’ has you spooked, just enjoy the moment. Practice mindfulness by being present in the now. Feel the water fall on your body and drip down. Allow your thoughts and worries to fall away with it. Cleanse your body and your soul.

Meditation does not have to be complicated. Find small meditations in your daily activities. Take a deep breath and relax.

4. Start a Journal

Meditation is about awareness. Writing your thoughts down can help you gain this awareness - awareness of yourself and the world. Some individuals use journals to write down their train of thought after the act of meditating. However, you can use it to achieve a meditative state too!

Write down your thoughts, write a story, or write a poem. Again, this might not be for everyone.

If you love writing, it’s probably right for you. Live in the story as you write it. Feel it. Or dump your thoughts on paper until you’re out of thoughts and your head feels clearer.

Writing can provide a creative outlet to help you find your calm. It can offer a place to empty your thoughts or count your blessings. When things go bad, we often forget about the good. Constantly remind yourself of the positive. You’ll worry less and feel better more.

5. Create Something

While writing is creating, there are many other ways you can find your meditative state through creation. Paint, cook, bake, knit, sew, or build. Enjoy the experience of it. Take in the journey.

The journey matters more than the end result. The journey makes you, you. The journey is what you look back on. The journey is meditative. Your attention will be fixed on creating. Let it take over. Let the time go by. Ignore your phone. Just be, in this moment. Watch your creative side unfold!

6. Eat and Drink Mindfully

Another small way to find a meditative state is to eat and drink slowly. We live in a fast-paced world. Slow down once in a while. Enjoy and savour every bite. Drink your coffee slowly in the morning. Take in the warmth and the new day. Notice the details you miss when you rush through your meal or when you are grabbing your coffee and running out the door. Pause for the moment.

Anything can be meditative, depending how you do it. Take your time through this life. Enjoy it. Don’t miss the little things. Be grateful for these small parts of your day. Remember, you only get one life - live it.

7. Clean

Ever wonder why some people love cleaning? It offers a meditative state. It allows time to let go of thoughts that aren’t serving you well. Plus, you end up with a clean home and rejuvenated mind!

Declutter your life and declutter your mind. Find meditation effects through cleaning your home. Take that weight off. We are surrounded by things. It clutters our space and our minds. When your physical space is clean and clear, your mind feels cleaner and clearer. Take some time each week to clean.

Throw on some music. Dance, sing, and clean. Enjoy the moment. Take in the now. Be present.


Find meditative spaces in your life. Meditate without actually meditating! Find activities or hobbies that offer an escape from your worries and busy mind. Find your zen - start today.

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