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Article: 5 Spiritual Teachers You Must Get To Know

5 Spiritual Teachers You Must Get To Know

5 Spiritual Teachers You Must Get To Know

We’ve heard stories of saints and sages that changed the world, yet still today there are special souls that work to hold space for the transformation of our hearts and educating the world about the true nature of reality. If I hadn’t met these spiritual teachers, I would probably be very depressed, drinking too much and hating my job. However, because of these incredible spiritual teachers, I am empowered, love my life and healthy.

I wanted to introduce you to these people who are still alive today and actively reaching out to people and helping them. You can actually meet them and ask them questions about the nature of reality and they can help you heal your relationship with yourself and your soul. Words cannot express my gratitude for these teachers I have been blessed to meet and study with.

What Can A Spiritual Teacher Help Us With?

They can help us find the answers on how to break self-sabotaging behaviours, how to figure out what to do with our lives, how to get unstuck from situations we feel trapped in and even how to train our mind to access spiritual truth on our own. In our personal lives a spiritual teacher can help us solve our inner emotional issues so we can align with a purposeful life. In the big picture, a spiritual teacher can change the course of history for a culture by inspiring people to see things from a more loving perspective. They can, like Gandhi, inspire non-violent protest. They can help thousands of people if not more. Even Steve Jobs had everyone at his funeral read Life of A Yogi which was a spiritual teacher who changed the world through him. Each of these teachers has online classes available as well so you can start learning with them today.

1. Harijiwan Khalsa

Harijiwan teaches the public and trains teachers in kundalini yoga and meditation. He teaches in Russia, Spain, New York and Los Angeles. He has won a Grammy for his spiritual mantra music “White Sun” and I had the opportunity to work at the studio he teaches at. His classes are available online through Rama-TV so you don’t have to travel to meet him. When I took his classes, his energy field was so big I would not be able to hold my tears back. His frequency is so high that it would raise my frequency and help me release the pain in my own aura. It was something I couldn’t fake, nor had I experienced before. His caring dedication to helping the world has earned him worldwide acclaim as one of the top spiritual teachers alive. People fly from all over the world to take his trainings and a dedicated group of students have spent years studying with him to be able to share what he knows with future generations.

2. Guru Jagat

As a teacher of kundalini yoga and meditation, Guru Jagat uses ancient yogic teachings passed down through Yogi Bhajan who had special abilities and travels the world teaching how to upgrade our mind, body and soul connection. She teaches in New York, Los Angeles, Spain and many other places. She founded Ra Ma Institute of Applied Yogic Science and Technologies and her classes are available online on Rama-TV. Alicia Keys attends many of her retreats. She offers training for women, relationship training, business training, and retreats. Her teachings are infused with astrology and she has a close relationship with Tibetan spiritual lineage as well.

3. Tej Kaur Khalsa

Tej was with Yogi Bhajan and in charge of the archives of his teachings for many years. She teaches many celebrities including Russel Brand, Rachel McAdams, Tej runs a kundalini yoga and meditation studio in Hollywood that has classes and workshops every day. If you visit Nine Treasures Yoga, you’ll find students that have studied with her for many many years. She also co-teaches the teacher training with Harijiwan in New York and Los Angeles. Tej has a strong connection to spirit and is highly intuitive and compassionate. She is so dedicated to helping the world that she usually teaches twice daily seven days per week and sees private clients. She has been a hugely influential person in my spiritual path and she is, in my view, a living saint that anyone who can would be blessed to meet and study with.

4. Afimaye Galarraga

As a third generation healer, Afimaye has the lineage of spiritual gifts. He is a medium and a Yoruba Priest. He offers tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, and other types as well. He sometimes offers classes and also travels. Keep up with him on social media and you’ll learn a lot and find a lot of inspiration through what he shares. I was blessed to work with him at House of Intuition in Los Angeles, and I can attest that his skills as a clairvoyant are incredibly developed and accurate. He is a rare gifted person who is dedicated to helping the world and can help you in ways that today’s modern education falls short. He is connected to the spiritual world and walks between ours and theirs. He has a gift that he shares with the world and is based in Los Angeles.

5. Lori Boarch Camacho

Lori is a medium, channel, and clairvoyant that also offers healings, house clearings and performs ceremonies as a minister. She offers in-depth in person and online training for people who want to offer readings and be a healer. I started my studies with her in 2011 and still attend workshops to continue growing. She trained me to be a clairvoyant and helped take the mystery out of how one can develop their psychic gifts. She has helped solve crimes with her gifts and has been called by police to help them. She is a rare healer that has worked with people with psychological issues, health issues and has helped turn around the lives of many including myself. I found my personal power and healed through her program and it helped me in more ways than I can describe.

Concluding Thoughts…

If you’re searching for more happiness, more meaning and healthier relationships, these teachers can help you find a new way of thinking and a new lifestyle. They are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and I can attest to their abilities and stand behind that they do. I also know that as we decondition from modern life and learn the secrets of the ancients, we will develop new habits. Taking some assistance from those who have gone through the process makes it easier.

You can also use these apps to start a meditation practice that we listed in this article or check out this article about great podcasts which are people who have tapped into new ways of empowered thinking and share their inspiration. Additionally, check out these women in this article who are leading the empowerment movement from a spiritual perspective in this article. Please share these inspiring people with your loved ones. You never know who is struggling inside and could find a whole new reality available to them just from reading a simple article like this.

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