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Article: 5 Best Apps To Help You Create New Habits

5 Best Apps To Help You Create New Habits

5 Best Apps To Help You Create New Habits

I’ve heard it takes anywhere from 19-40 days to create a new habit. You might start out wanting to meditate daily, but then get distracted on day 5 and forget. You might feel you just can’t make time every single day for 10 minutes of meditation.

One way to really stay motivated to solidify new habits in your life is to use apps that will remind you of the habits you’re working on and why you’re working towards them. Habits either contribute to your life or detract from it - they make up the parts of the vehicle you use to propel you towards (or away from) success.

Think about this for a moment. When you create habits that keep you in a high-vibration state (like exercise, using positive affirmations, taking vitamins, doing something that relaxes you), your brain will create patterns that make you do these things naturally. The same way you brush your teeth twice a day, you’ll keep yourself in a high-vibration state without thinking, and voila, the law of attraction will work in your favour!

The law of attraction states that vibrations attract similar vibrations, and it will work to your benefit when your train your mind and body to think and live positively and healthfully!

5 Habit-Creating Apps

Fabulous - This free to low-cost app makes habit tracking fun. It has goals like feeling more energized, losing weight, sleeping better, and focusing. It even boasts a 4.7/5 rating in the App Store. The Fabulous app is designed to help you perform and work through stress. It asks you questions to help you achieve your goals by shaping your mind. They even help you uncover why you may be feeling unmotivated. If you don’t know which habit to start with, they have ideas for you! Its design is fun, simple, and easy to use for anyone. Definitely check this one out!

HabitMinder - This app is a straightforward way to get your health on track with tips for hydration, relaxation, breathing, walking, eating well, and more. HabitMinder sends you daily reminders so you’ll never miss a day and ruin your progress. This app includes habits like sleeping more, stretching, squats, or standing that keep your body feeling right. A 1-year premium subscription is only $7.99, a fraction of the cost of any gym or yoga studio membership. One of my favourite features of HabitMinder is their generated charts and graphs that help you wrap your head around your habits and progress in a visual way. For both the analytical and the creative mind, this can be simple and helpful. HabitMinder can link to your Apple health app as well!

Goals Wizard - Goals Wizard is a success coaching system to help you achieve your goals and its 4.7 out of 5 rating speaks for itself. You set the goals you want and it helps you track them daily. You simply check off what you want to have done each day. This breaks down your goals by life categories, such as work and career, love and relationships, family and friends, recreation and lifestyle, spirituality, health and wellness, and personal growth. Being able to categorize your goals is an incredible way to stay balanced! It also allows up to 6 family members to share the app so you can motivate each other!

Productive - The cute icons in this app make it fun to track your habits. Productive will send you notifications and track how many times you have done something in a row each day. Whether it’s remembering to walk your dog, getting in touch with your soul through meditation, or even reminding you of events based on your location, this is a smart app with a sleek, pleasing design. We love the simplicity of this app - it doesn’t take up your time trying to navigate it. This one also has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating! Not too shabby.

Done - This app has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating (that’s almost perfect)! Done helps you quit habits and tracks monthly progress to show you how much of an effect your intention and actions are really making in the big picture. You can even connect it to your Apple watch and track your streaks to motivate yourself. Your notifications will show you which goals are leading and you can see all your notes about your goals in one place. Done’s design is modern and sleek so your eyes will enjoy the experience of using the app too! After all, life is meant to be fun!

Concluding Thoughts…

By being mindful and actively tracking your progress, you’ll start to realize exactly how you use your time and how others may be influencing your habits. This will help you eliminate the habits and routines you’re so used to doing that you don’t realize are detracting from your life. There is nothing you can’t achieve if you’re consistent.

There are plenty of other apps you can check out as well, so experiment and find one that works for you. We just wanted to give you some great options and open your mind to the idea of using apps to improve health and happiness in your daily life! Using these apps will motivate you as well as tangibly help you create habits. Technology can make us healthier, more balanced individuals if we use it correctly and in moderation.

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