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Article: 5 Spiritual Women Leading the Empowerment Movement Today

5 Spiritual Women Leading the Empowerment Movement Today

5 Spiritual Women Leading the Empowerment Movement Today

Every day, millions of women wake up with the mission to empower others spiritually. They are bold, intuitive, and compassionate, igniting a new way of thinking for all humans on this planet.

The 5 women we will speak about today are not defined by their gender, rather they see themselves as souls who have come here to help others live more peaceful lives by offering them spiritual techniques and tools they have learned, studied, and developed.

These women each have their own unique personality and use their loving, nurturing energy to help their communities and the world at large in unique ways. Whether they are teaching classes, offering them online, writing books, consulting people one-on-one, or travelling the world to offer training, they each have found what works for their unique personality and message, and they have leveraged amazing platforms to reach people.

There is a lot we can learn from women who don’t walk the beaten path. These trailblazers have a different way of thinking, they battle their own demons, and they face societal issues head-on with heart and trust.

What Does Empowerment Entail?

Empowerment can mean finding the inner strength to stand up for yourself. Empowerment can mean walking away from things, people, and ideas that aren’t helping your health and happiness. Empowerment can mean finding your voice and activating your intuition. It can mean finding your purpose and shedding the conditioning of self-hatred that can become normal from societal pressures and environmental influences.

Empowerment can mean finding your purpose when you retrain your mind to think, respond, and produce positive thoughts so you can live in a place of excitement and enthusiasm on your own. Empowerment can mean not needing social status or a partner to be happy. Empowerment can mean learning the secrets of the Universe so you can manifest and use magic. That’s what’s so amazing about discovering what empowers you: it looks different for everyone.

5 Women Leaders You Can Learn From

Here’s a little look into the lives of 5 women who are really no different from you. You have everything within you that they do, and you better believe they each had mentors to help them along the way too. We can learn from each other and empower the world!

Tej Khalsa

This woman worked as a personal archivist for a spiritual leader named Yogi Bhajan in America for many years. Tej herself eventually became a teacher in Hollywood, and now teaches twice daily at a few locations. She teaches the secret lineage of kundalini yoga and meditation and speaks her mind about the true nature of reality with a sense of humour. She shares stories from her time with one of the most well known spiritual teachers of the decade and inspires others to awaken their own intuition and spiritual awareness by leading teacher trainings, workshops, and daily classes whether she is sick, on crutches, or extremely tired. She shows us what dedication to the community and selfless living looks like.

Ruby Warrington

This inspired author has written modern age spiritual books and has an online platform The Numinous which covers astrology and sober living. She is someone who wants to help people manage their modern lifestyles by keeping one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual world. Her book, Material Girl, Mystical World allows her to share her spiritual insights that have helped her in a fun to read way.

Naha Armady

Naha is a woman who will admit that she is a wizard and has dedicated her life to helping the global community and particularly the Los Angeles community through in-person and online classes. Her online classes available on HOI.TV and her in-person classes through the LA-local metaphysical chain House of Intuition are essential a modern-day mystery school where she reveals the secrets of esoteric magic. She is extremely well versed in tarot, crystals, spiritual healing, and many more topics and works tirelessly to teach others this ancient wisdom.

Sonia Choquette

This professional clairvoyant offers online training programs, books, private sessions and more for people to heal, find their intuition and connect to their spiritual identity. As someone whose spiritual gifts are awakened, she bravely shares with others stories of how she uses her intuition to help others and then trains others to open their gifts step-by-step in her many books and training programs. She has expressed ideas that others would be afraid to and in doing so she has helped others awaken their gifts and voice.

Gabby Bernstein

This woman travels to speak at many places and empowers people with her books as well. She shows others how to be open about their spiritual experiences and how to integrate spirituality into their life. She has reached worldwide acclaim for her books which include Spirit Junkie, The Universe Has Your Back, and Miracles Now. She teaches about a book called The Course in Miracles from 1976 that changed her life and assists its readers in achieving spiritual transformation.

Concluding Thoughts…

There’s no way to quantify who is working and helping more, no way to put these incredible souls in a hierarchy, because the truth is they are all doing something amazing by committing to a path of a higher calling to live life for the good of others.

We cannot define a leader by the number of followers they have, the number of books they’ve published, their age, how much they’ve travelled, or how much money they make. It’s much more about how effectively they ignite inner transformations and activate a consciousness on the planet where women are able to see their true power, and where people of any gender become aware of their spiritual identity so they can leave with the tools of a metaphysician and co-create with the Universe.

I highly recommend checking out some of these women who are teachers, authors, healers and empowered souls. They can guide you and your loved ones to a new way of living and thinking where each day becomes magical, making you able to use the higher laws of the Universe to help others as well as yourself.

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