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Article: 6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism in the Winter Months

6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism in the Winter Months

6 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism in the Winter Months

Have you gone into hibernation-mode, seeking warm foods and slowly lessening your exercise because of the chill in the air that makes you want to sleep and watch Netflix? Well, here are some simple ways to keep your metabolism and digestion running so your inner furnace continues to burn those calories and keep your energy up for you!

Doing a little something every day to help us feel more energy will make a big difference in the long run. It’s true that we tend to have less energy in the winter time - but let’s not let this winter season make us feel like lumps of coal. You can still feel like a million bucks when you use these fun tips we have to boost your metabolism. Forget those expensive diet pills and crash diets because a little bit of daily maintenance will keep you feeling fantastic!

1. Bundle Up & Go for a Power Walk

Put on your favourite energizing playlist, layer your clothes, pop on a hat and get out for a fast 20-minute walk and you will break a sweat allowing your circulation to heat up your body and get your metabolism running. You’ll find you also get a boost of endorphins if you go for 20-40 minutes that help you feel more optimistic and motivated to do more than wrap yourself in a cozy pile of blankets on the couch. Music has a tremendous ability to get you to forget that you’re getting exercise. Go ahead and sink into a trance with a good beat or soul-inspiring mix and twenty minutes will fly by. Also walking fast isn’t that hard and your body will actually like it (unlike running which is akin to self-inflicted punishment for me).

2. Add Some Cayenne or Ginger to Your Food

Add a little cayenne on top of your food, whether it’s a sandwich, salad, or pasta. This spice boosts your metabolism and helps your body create heat so it won’t have to use as much energy to heat itself. Ginger tea or black peppercorn will also help create heat and boosts the metabolism as well. Red chilli pepper flakes are another great spice to help you boost your metabolism. If you have a juicer or live near a juice bar, get a shot of ginger daily and it will keep your metabolism working. Alternatively, if you can stomach the flavour of apple cider vinegar, take a shot of that daily (don’t take either on an empty stomach).

3. One Cup of Morning Joe

One (yes, just one, people!) cup of coffee in the morning can boost your metabolism. Some people are caffeine sensitive and green tea is a better option because it has a lower caffeine content. There are good low acid roasts and organic options that also have healthy minerals. This gets your digestion stimulated which is crucial for regular digestion. If you have more than 100-200 milligrams (which is more than 1 -2 cups) it can actually work against you so don’t overindulge thinking you’ll have more energy and lose more weight!

4. Breathwork: Practice Breath of Fire

This yogic breathing technique has many benefits, one of which is boosting your metabolism and building that inner fire. It tones your abdomen and helps you emotionally feel bright and optimistic. Breath of fire is great for overcoming depression, helping fight fatigue and improving mental clarity. If you work or live around negative people, it can also help you clear your energy field so you can overcome their bad vibes.

5. Yoga: Plow Pose Daily for 1-3 Minutes

Plow pose is called the mother of all poses for a reason. Its benefits are massive for the body and it kicks the metabolism into gear. If you have hyper or hypothyroidism, you can balance it by doing this pose for 1-3 minutes once or twice daily. It’s done by laying on your back with your feet sticking up like you’re going to stand on the ceiling. Lift your hips up so your spine is perpendicular to the floor. Don’t turn your head side to side to protect the small vertebrae in your neck. Try to get your chin and check to connect. Bring your feet over your head towards the ground and see if your toes will touch the ground. Keep lifting your hips to keep your spine straight.

6. Eat Plants & Stay Hydrated

Fibrous plants like pears, kale, spinach, berries and lots of salads and smoothies will keep your digestion moving right along. Try to get 3-5 servings of fruits and 4-6 servings of vegetables each day. Use herbs and spices to make your veggies taste good and you’ll look forward to the flavours. Processed foods take about 2 weeks to get out of your system and their fake flavours don’t let your taste buds pick up on the real flavours nature provides. Basil, olive oil, sun-dried tomato, pesto, oregano, cinnamon, coconut, lemon and garlic are great flavours to add to your foods to make healthy food taste good.

Concluding Thoughts…

Notice that none of these tips are expensive and many of them are actually free. When you have a lifestyle that boosts your metabolism, you’ll find your energy improves dramatically. These little habits will become natural and you’ll find you’re in a good mood more often! Let your life and choices work for you so you don’t have to fight your body or your emotions.

Nature has lots of remedies to help us, whether it’s grapefruit, oatmeal, or stress-reducing adaptogens like ginseng or maca root that help manage our hormones and balance the metabolism. Let us know how you keep your motor running during the coldest months of the year!

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