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20 Wellness Trends You Have to Try in 2020

Since you’re all out there trying to live your best wellness lifestyle, we’ve got all the latest in wellness living that you need. What trends are happening in 2020? Are they worth your time?

The wellness industry is changing very fast and we no longer have just a few big wellness trends each year because there are more people and companies than at any other time in history. It’s hard to pinpoint the top wellness brands or items because there are so many categories within wellness that are growing. We’ve grouped our predictions into categories so you can see just how vast the topics and products are.

20 Wellness Trends You Have to Try in 2020

The good news is that people are making money making people healthier and lifestyles are shifting. Major corporations are adopting more sustainable and healthy branding and the consumer demand is shifting as people experience the benefits of healthier lifestyle choices. Here is where you can look to feel your best in 2020 and in the coming decade!

We gathered up the best of the best and dove into a ton of wellness resources to bring you the best list of 20 wellness trends that you have to try in 2020. So, let’s get to it.

1. The Takeover of High-Tech Wellness

We also expect more smartphone services that start to help you manage your wellness in new ways. DNA testing, bio-metric apps, wellness profile data collection apps, virtual reality, meditation apps, sleep apps, and streaming will continue to expand and become affordable.

Robot movies have the masses scared when it comes to AI. Yet, get this: AI is making its way into the wellness stream of things, in more ways than one.

AI Beauty is Here to Stay

AI technology has paved the way for virtual reality to take-off, which means your spa experience just leveled-up. It can offer a breath away from reality - giving you time to rejuvenate and relax.

In 2019, we saw AI-generated clothing lines, beauty gurus, and skincare. Now in 2020, we’re looking forward to AI beauty technology that goes beyond,

Our thoughts? We believe that AI driving the creation of personal wellness consultants is going to be huge. It’s actually pretty cool and pretty futuristic sounding. These ‘consultants’ produce programs based on things like your DNA, geographical location, and more. At least, this is the predication. Keep your eyes out for more on this.

A Woman does yoga in the sand.

2. Kundalini Yoga & Yoga in General Will Grow in Popularity

Kundalini Yoga is going to be huge in 2020. If you haven’t tried this type of yoga yet, you need to. It involves breathwork, chanting, mantras, movement, and more. Chances are, you’ll leave one of these yoga classes feeling rejuvenated and probably more in control of your life.

The cool part is that this type of yoga has been around for a long while. But it’s only hitting the mainstream more recently and has become more and more accessible to people in different places.

Meditation Franchises Are Growing Daily

We will probably see more modern meditation franchises where there is less of a traditional religious aspect of meditation and more of a mainstream packaging. Companies like Unplug Meditation (based in Los Angeles) which offers teacher training, has its own branding, and app as well as. Ziva Meditation in New York is an example of a meditation studio that is using the digital space and offering corporate wellness.

More corporate wellness programs will expand and allow for new services and technologies to be used with Health Savings Accounts (HSA’). This greatly improves the bottom line for companies and apps are helping employees track their wellness plans.

3. Nutrition is Going Back to the Basics

Okay, it’s 2020 now, we can all agree that fad diets clearly don’t work, right?

In 2020, we’re going to see a decline in previously overhyped fad diets like the Ketogenic Diet and an increase in home cooking and whole foods.

This will be a result of health problems caused by crash dieting, that will be coming to a head. So, nutritionists, doctors, celebrities, and dietitians alike are bringing it back to whole foods - and so should you.

A bullet proof coffee is a carton as an example of the keto diet. It is an orange carton and a person is holding it in front of some green bushes. They have tattoos on their arm.

Superfoods & Meal Subscription Services

Additionally, with the popularity of the keto diet, the paleo diet, and raw superfoods, we are seeing the demand for guilt-free foods where chickpeas or cauliflower replace rice and wheat.

Recipes are more readily available than ever before as is access to ready-made meals with apps like ForksOverKnives and delivery services like Green Chef, Kettlebell Kitchen, Keto Fridge, and Factor 75. Subscribing to your monthly meals is becoming more affordable and time-saving than ever. With options like this becoming more and more popular, we’ll begin to cook more and feel better.

Ditch the pre-packaged stuff and go for real foods that promote health.

4. Downtime is More Important than Ever Before

It’s no longer cool to work 60 or 80 hour weeks. It’s not healthy, and this isn’t anything we didn’t already know.

In 2020, we’re going to stop talking about “wanting balance” and going to actively create it. The wellness movement is shifting toward a more balanced lifestyle and people are taking notice, our employers will become advocates for a better balance in order to create happier workplaces and as we begin to work with our mental health better each year, we will learn when to say “enough is enough.”

All the health and wellness resources point to the idea that downtime is necessary to reset your brain chemicals and more. You need it. Make time and space for yourself this year.

More time alone can even help you manage anxiety. Use that downtime for yourself. Make it a priority.

5. The Concept of “Dopamine Fasting” Will Be Everywhere

Dopamine fasting sounds like some crazy science experiment, but it’s actually something that has been around for quite a while.

At the end of 2019 and going into 2020 we are now naming this phenomenon and reading studies about its pure benefit.

It’s about detoxing from the technology around you. It’s giving your brain and body a break from that instant gratification feeling. This year, it’s all about understanding your limits with your tech devices and it will be more important than ever with children getting technology at younger ages every year.

We also believe that digital detoxing retreats will be on the rise this year.

Man holding a jar with food in it.

6. Sustainable Packaging on the Rise

This has been a long time coming. We’ve slowly moved toward more sustainable ways to produce and consume. Packaging is getting there… 2020 is going to be big for this. And you can partake in it by double-checking where your packaging is coming from (and whether it’s harming the environment or not).

As these products get more accessible to the masses we will see a big drop in purchasing of single-use plastics and we believe that some big corporations make take big moves to encourage people to get reusable items.

Hint: Tupperware containers and beeswax covers are huge now. And if you want to learn more about zero waste, check out this article here.

7. CBD Oil Will Be a More Accessible Treatment Option

CBD is already a huge trend in the wellness lifestyle side of things, but it’s becoming bigger and bigger. As more and more places legalize Marijuana and edibles, CBD will become more accessible to those who don’t want to be taking harmful painkillers anymore. This will also create a safe and open environment for those who were already using, as CBD is becoming more regulated and tested.

2020 will show more acceptance when it comes to this therapeutic remedy and more uses for it.

Plant-Based Medicines Will Also See an Uptake

Additionally, plant-based medicines have faced a lot of taboo over the years, but alternatives like medicinal marijuana, magic mushrooms, and ayahuasca are becoming major pillars in the health and wellness community. If you’re all about a wellness lifestyle, you’ve definitely heard of them.

We’re not saying that 2020 is the year to start trying these, but we have to acknowledge that the studies are growing and that these are going to make a major change in the coming year or so.


8. Gut Bacteria Talk

Science continues to prove that the gut is connected to more than we ever thought. When it’s imbalanced, it causes mental and physical problems, meaning you might feel down in the dumps or you could get seriously sick from it.

This might sound yucky (and we don’t necessarily recommend this method) but many people are turning to home stool kits to monitor their gut health.

This may be something to talk to your doctor about because we forecast that information about our guts will become more and more important as we understand how we can balance it.

Fermented Foods to the Rescue

Gut health is still all the rage and we are seeing more unique Kombucha flavors, kimchis, sauerkrauts, prebiotics, probiotics, kefir, and other fermented foods hitting the shelves. Keep an eye on the small companies using organic local produce because the demand for sustainable and organic is still growing as well.

Read this next: Gut Health: What Do I Need To Know?

9. Sustainable Menstruation Products

It’s the last thing to come up at a climate change conference but reusable items for menstruation are the new way to go.

More and more people are switching to multi-use menstruation products as a way to reduce waste, and it’s making a huge impact. This year, we see a larger commitment to organic tampons, menstrual cups, or period-proof underwear. As well as more conversation around periods that will dismantle the stigma around the natural occurrence that so many of us experience once a month.

The conversation doors have been open. Join it!

A man's arm has a fitness tracker on it.

10. Fitness & Sleep Trackers Will Become the Norm

This technology keeps coming down and price. If you don’t already have one, you’ll probably get one, especially with the whole competitiveness associated with friend challenges and more. The best part about this is that this technology keeps you in the loop regarding how much you’ve moved. With so many of us living fairly sedentary lifestyles, movement is more important now than ever before.

Additionally, sleep is undeniably important, but what if we could get real data on how we are sleeping? Well, you can. There’s wearable technology and bedside technology that does just that. You can get real-time feedback on how you’re sleeping and possibly what exactly is impacting it the most.

11. Online & At-Home Workouts Will be Prioritized Over the Gym

That fancy gym membership isn’t necessary. Now that the internet offers a wide selection of workouts to choose from and the online and at-home option is becoming more and more appealing to many, especially as our lives get busier and busier. We forecast a shift to online gyms and gym workout subscription services that will pair with products to make staying fit a personalized at-home experience.

Lots of wellness house-call apps are popping up to send yoga instructors, Reiki practitioners, and masseuses to your home at the push of a button. Even psychic and mental health practitioners are going to be offering more texting services and membership platforms.

MIRROR is a great example of how technology is helping shape the wellness industry for a couple of reasons. This in-home gym is an interactive platform that offers yoga, boxing, personal training, and more in your mirror. Move over Fitbit, this sleek mirror offers you live feedback and motivation from real fitness professionals making it a personal experience. We also expect more smartphone services that start to help you manage your wellness in new ways.

12. Less Meat, More Plant-Based

From plant-based diets to skincare products, we’re taking it back to the basics again. There are all kinds of new plant-based meat alternatives too. Most people are taking a pass when it comes to chemically-based products and foods. It makes sense… plants are shown to be less harmful than various chemically produced products and foods.

We’re going to see a lot more Beyond Meat products and a bigger emphasis on things like Vegan Gelatin alternatives will become the norm.

Companies are racing to create vegan gelatin that will replace the meat byproducts that are in typical gelatin powders. This will make products gummy bears, Jell-O, and yogurt more accessible and better for the environment.

13. Cellular Regeneration

Intermittent fasting has been all the rage on wellness podcasts and within the influencers of the wellness community. While intermittent fasting has become more popular, we are also seeing a rise in interest in water fasting as new tests reveal the benefits are helping heal chronic pain, old injuries, and generate stem cell growth.

Stem cell replacement therapy is still expensive but something to keep your eye on as well. Of course, collagen supplements and products will continue to grow along with this thread as well.

Two friends who are confident in their bodies.s.

14. Body Positivity Goes Beyond

This year body positivity is not only going to becoming more prominent in the media but it is going to grow to those that it affects. In 2020, we will no longer look at the photoshopped bodies that the media think are “plus-sized and edgy” as the ones to embrace, all bodies are beautiful no matter their gender, sexuality, size, or skin colour.

We as a society will embrace love handles and stretch marks, rolls and birthmarks, discoloration and deficiencies.


15. Accessible Health Services or ‘Telehealth’ Will Become the Norm

From online therapy to other online consults of all kinds, telehealth is taking over. You can basically access good healthcare from anywhere at any time. You can even get a prescription online now, the convenient side of telehealth will make it win over in-person visits every time.

At the same time, we must be mindful of where we are getting our information and products from, as this opens up security issues and liabilities within our healthcare systems.

16. Wellness Vacations Will Become Mainstream

Experiential travel is becoming more popular and the retreat business is booming. The festival season continues to add more annual events to its lineup with more sub-genres and topics for each type of activity.

The marketing of experiential tourism which enhances mind, body, and soul is taking advantage of the technology age where we have screens in our face and capitalizing on pointing out that we need to break from our screens to stay balanced.

Tourism companies that offer unique off the grid experiences for technology detox such as GetawayCabins will probably continue to pop up near big cities.

Book Your Appointment Now at a Wellness Detox Spa

Spas with IV therapy, infrared healing, float tanks, hydromassage, cryotherapy, CBD and new cannabis products, bio scans and genetic testing will continue to grow and spread. We will see hybrids of services where spas offer virtual reality experiences and of course more ways to sweat in a hot room while working out.

Skincare is going to continue to grow with more unique peels and products and consumers are going to be looking for organic and sustainable, cruelty-free options.

17. Subscription Wellness Boxes

Since online shopping is capitalizing on high screen time and social media addiction, we will likely see more companies turning to monthly subscription boxes in the wellness world. Many companies who aren’t getting foot traffic customers are teaming up with other companies to offer a unique curated experience that changes based on monthly themes or seasonally timed topics. It seems people love the idea of unpacking a surprise of things that will inspire them to care for their mind, body, and spirit.

Subscriptions to Wellness Podcasts

With this, Wellness Podcasts will also see a spike this year. We know podcasts have already taken off but there is still room for growth. With major media companies offering platforms for experts in the wellness field, more people are choosing to offer videos or live stream their podcasts on Instagram TV or other streaming services.

This offers the podcaster a chance to sell tickets to audience members who are interested in seeing their guests as well as adds the visual element to the audio format of podcasts. Many influencers are using podcasts, guided meditations, ebooks, recorded classes, and books to brand themselves in the wellness industry because there are fewer barriers to becoming a wellness celebrity with access to media production on our smartphones.

Try these: Top 10 Soul-Filling Podcasts.

Woman with wrinkles smiling.

18. Anti-Aging is No Longer the Emphasis

We’re over complaining about our wrinkles. Ladies and gents, it’s all about embracing this change and letting it empower you. The shift is also moving toward health and wellness, as opposed to just aesthetic appeal.

This plays into the body positivity but needs its own category. We’re going to see advertisers stop using ‘aging’ as a negative and more role models that show representation off beautiful, natural crows feet and wrinkles on our screens.

19. Ice Baths

You’ve probably seen many of your favorite wellness influencers take the ice plunge which has largely been inspired by Wim Hof, ‘The Iceman.’ We also expect people to continue to be interested in other muscle recovery and fascial release products and practices such as yin yoga, cold shower therapy, cryo-tanks, jade rollers, magnesium sprays, and myofascial release tools like Hypervolt.

20. DNA Testing

Want to dive deep into your inner self? In 2020, DNA testing is taking things to another level. This trend is here to stay and DNA tests are going to tell you more than just your genetics, but also about your health and wellness.

Although the price is still slightly high, it can help you make necessary changes in your life to lead a happier and more fulfilling one.

Honorable Mentions

Nap Bars, Professional Cuddling, & Fitness Community

The wellness industry is changing the social landscape. Juice bars and herbal bars are spreading. Will NapBars take hold in 2020 or will they be like professional cuddling services and stay niche? Orange Theory Fitness is the perfect example of companies that are providing a sense of community and high energy fun for people that offer an alternative to the isolation that social media-driven society is dealing with.

Two people cuddling and taking a nap on a white bed.

Beverage & Yoga Alternatives

Additionally, people are starting to become ‘sober curious’ and interested in beverage alternatives that don’t deplete your body’s immune system. Socializing in healthy ways will likely continue to be big business in 2020 and beyond with the booming conscious festival market, retreat industry, and wellness spas continuing to expand.

There are lots of fun wellness trends to watch including ‘stoned yoga,’ ‘goat yoga,’ ‘cat yoga’, ‘naked yoga,’ and many more fusions of modern culture with ancient healing practices. If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur, the wellness industry has a lot of potentials and for career stability and growth, there is a lot happening in this industry that promises to offer many jobs in the future.

What Wellness Trends Are You Going to Try in 2020?

If you’re looking to improve your life and keep up with your wellness living strategies, try some new ones this year. Make those changes. Watch your life evolve and see doors open.

Your health should be a top priority and most of these trends have one thing in common: They’re science-based. They’re proven. We’re sick of the lies and we now seek out the truth. 2020 is the year for real changes when it comes to health and wellness for everyone.

Okay, now let’s set our New Year’s Resolutions to start out 2020 just right: How to Set Your New Years Resolutions With Intention.
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