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Practice Being Calm All Day by Slowing Down

A friend of mine recently said something that planted such a strong seed with me that it began to be a turning point in how I live my life. He said his goal was to master calmness and always be that way no matter what. It struck me so profoundly that for the next few days I was observing where in my own life I wasn’t calm.

I realized, calmness had not been a priority and then started to reflect on how valuable calmness is when it comes to our health, our relationships and our overall enjoyment of life. It’s the big kahuna, the king kong, it’s the tree topper in our emotional decoration of our life that makes us twinkle.

Then came the big question, but how do I cultivate said calmness? I have to admit, I have a lot of tools like breathing, saging, crystal wearing, meditation practicing and healthy eating but still this constant state of calmness isn’t something that just happens.

It is something we can cultivate with our intention and also by understanding our nervous system. It’s become my personal internal journey to regulate my thoughts to choose calmness by embracing each moment as just what I need.

Let’s dive into this from a spiritual perspective. Why can calmness be a game changer and how do we become calm?

Reasons To Be Calm

Having the ability to react peacefully and lovingly in all situations gives us the ability to hold onto our happiness amidst change, in adversity and when faced with difficult moments. It allows us to process our emotions before responding so we don’t hurt others and so we don’t say things defensively.

It allows us to keep our stress levels low which can lower inflammation in the body, reduce risk of long term diseases and keep our adrenal glands functioning optimally.

Simplifying our day simplifies our minds so we can think about what we are doing and act with integrity and speak from our heart. We also have time when we slow down to hear the voice of our own soul, our intuition which has valuable information about what is best for us.

How To Be Calm

First and foremost, to be calm we must slow both or words and our movements. We will feel calm when we walk slowly and speak with a measured tone after careful consideration of our words. Being calm means we commit to not rushing, not cramming too much into our day and not constantly being late.

We can slow down by placing value on calmness and thus needing to be slow and do less.

I found my calmness was most challenging when dealing with people. How do we remain calm when people challenge us? We can give it to the universe. We can pray for them. We can have the intention to love them. We can surrender and accept we cannot change others nor can we solve their own problems.

We can forgive them in our hearts and we can ask the universe and all the spiritual assistants to help us. We often forget there are other dimensions (I didn’t even quite believe there were until I really dove into mediumship and clairvoyance). Those spiritual beings can help us when we ask and it’s not selfish to ask for assistance when you need it.

Our nervous system can start to get anxious when we aren’t breathing deeply, when we haven’t had food in a while, when we have too much caffeine and when we deprive ourselves of sleep. If we have too much on our mind or are worried about the future or past, our nervous system and glands begin to respond.

Even too much sugar can pull us out of a calm state as well as having low blood sugar. With all of these factors, we can work with our breath, our intention and spirit to help us remain calm and create a lifestyle that oozes calm. We can create calm environments with soothing music, calming scents and yes calm people.

We can choose jobs that are low stress and drink herbs that soothe us. We can have a diet that keeps our blood pressure low and do exercise that is calming like long walks.


We can reduce the stimulation and information coming in to remain calm. We can lower the amount of things we say yes to so we can find time to slow down. Everything doesn’t have to happen right now and we don’t need to have everything we want right now.

We often think that we will be happy when we accomplish something or when we get somewhere. We set goals for ourselves and then put the carrot in front of the horse so we will run after it. But what this can also do is put us in a state of frantically overworking and taxing our nerves to the point of anxiousness.

We forget to stop and smell the roses and our life passes us as we seek happiness in some time in the future.

But take a deep breath and decide to feel calm now. It’s a state where you can perceive things from your intuition. You can take time to listen and not to hustle. You can hear people from an intuitive space.

You can allow relationships to unfold instead of rushing and you can pay attention to what your body which has innate wisdom, has to tell you about your own life path. In a spiritual and emotional sense, moving slowly through life can help not only us remain peaceful but it will create a more peaceful feeling in those we meet.

We may reduce our number of car accidents, our klutzy falls and bumping into things and even reduce our overeating when we just slow down and enjoy the moment. Ask yourself, what’s the rush? Do one thing at a time and be present to what you are doing. If you’re cutting a cucumber, just do that.

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