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woman taking an outdoor shower

Hydrotherapy: How Cold Showers Can Change Your Life

The ancient yogis who studied the energy of the body in relation to the universe have left us many secrets to unlocking the potential energy we can all sustain if we understand the minutia of how the intricacies of our body communicate with each other. The 8 main systems of the body are in a constant state of communication, and the healthier each one is, the better we can tap into good energy and higher states of consciousness.

Sounds pretty epic right? It is! Which brings us to a tried and true practice of the ancient yogis called ‘Ishnaan.’ If you’re interested in this ancient form of therapy, you’re not alone. Many modern biohacking experts use hydrotherapy for organ health and body purification.

The way the yogis do cold showers is different from simply showering with cold water. It and involves massage, dry brushing, and oil. Besides improving health and intuition, they say it strengthens your nervous system. And, since it’s the most unpleasant thing you’ll do all day, anything else will pale in comparison so you won’t be phased when stuff hits the fan.

Benefits of Cold Showers

The main systems affected and improved by cold showers are your circulatory (endocrine), immune, glandular, and nervous systems. The blood is purified in this process, as the water in your body is replaced. The glands that secrete hormones and cause fluctuations in our emotions are said to be purified. Your nerves, which give you grit and the ability to combat stress, are strengthened. All in all, that’s pretty helpful!

Here’s how it works.

When the water hits your skin, your blood flows away from your organs to warm the skin, thinking it’s under attack. The capillaries open as you massage the skin under the cold water, and then, when you’re out of the water, the blood rushes back to the organs and flushes them. This is what makes this a detoxing and healing process.

People find their body fights illnesses easier because their immune system is stronger when they take cold showers daily. They find themselves alert, clear-headed and energized, and needing less sleep. The body gets used to the cold water and eventually will be able to warm itself enough not to feel the coldness of the water as the nervous system strengthens.

In today’s technology age, our nerves are shot. Plain and simple, we are overstimulated and the amount of energy we expend thinking and using electronics drains our vital life force (also called chi or prana). To rebuild the amount of life force in our nervous system and energy field, we can use cold shower therapy.

You’ll even notice that people who take cold showers seem to glow. This is because of the increased circulation, detoxified blood supply, and delivery of nutrients from the blood to the skin, which stimulates the growth of new skin. Cold showers are definitely a secret to youth and beauty.

How Yogis Take Cold Showers

The process of ishnaan begins with a soft dry brush to remove the dead skin cells from your epidermal layer. They then use pure almond oil on the skin, massaging their body under the cold water. This causes blood to flow away from the organs and to the surface of the skin, making the skin young and firm again with the delivery of vitamins from the blood that promote collagen growth.

Some yogis will get in and out of the shower a few times, each time massaging the body outside of the shower to warm it up. This creates the flushing effect and allows the body to regenerate itself. Massaging the entire body hits the pressure points that correlate to specific organs and stimulates them. The massage is key to the overall process.

Concluding Thoughts…

You now know more about cold showers than most of the people! Who knew something that sounds so unpleasant could be so good for you? This is a highly prized preventive health care practice in the holistic field that many people, regardless of being a yogi or not, use. It’s widely accepted as a way to improve both physical health and emotional well being.

The kundalini yogis say hydrotherapy is the fountain of youth (or at least part of it, along with breathing techniques and a drug-free lifestyle, etc). There are many stories of yogis remaining ageless. Besides what we look like, it can build a power in your mind that makes you bold and fearless, able to conquer life. Now that’s quite a selling point.

By far the biggest feedback I’ve heard from yogis is that they have more energy and can handle life easier with this daily practice. I’ve heard devout yogis even say they value it as much as their daily yoga and meditation.

Summer is the perfect time to give this a try. Wait for a particularly hot day, and take the plunge!

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Instead of following the "norms" of career development, Shannon followed her gut. It's led her to some extraordinary places and experiences as a healer, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher and Kundalini yoga instructor.... Read More

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