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Get Rid of Brain Fog With This Quick Breathing Technique

In the East, chi is the main focal point of healthcare. The meridians in the body are energy highways that connect to our organs and allow the chi to move throughout our body. In some cultures, chi is known as prana or life force energy.

Brain fog can be remedied by bringing in more prana to your internal and exterior energetic system.

Prana is brought into the body through breathing. Slow breathing techniques calm our nervous system and quiet an overactive mind, while powerful breathing techniques such as Breath of Fire are done for an extended period of time, clear negative vibrations from our energy field, and charge us up like a battery.

When fully charged, we think quickly, your thoughts are more organized, and we have increased energy and creativity. Why is this not more well known? Breathing is free and it’s so easy that people often think that the solution to their fatigue must be an expensive solution or pill, yet it’s just a simple practice passed down from yogi to yogi, martial arts expert to student, teacher to spiritual seeker.

The things you can do without brain fog are limitless and the value of a sharp mind is incalculable. Are you ready?

How To Do Breath of Fire

I attribute my breathing practice to my ability to get a lot done in a day and focus on what’s important. I also attribute my career as a writer and teacher to being able to give my body the appropriate levels of energy at the right times.

Breath of Fire is my go-to breathing technique; it’s simple and actually makes you feel high without impairing your ability to drive or giving you some lousy hangover. It’s a rhythmic breath, done by pushing air out of your nose while snapping your stomach in. You allow your inhale to happen through your nose and again push the air in one burst out of your nose.

  1. Sit up tall with a straight spine. Close your eyes.
  2. As you inhale through your nose, push your stomach out. Imagine your belly filling with air and expanding with each inhale.
  3. As you exhale through your nose, pull your stomach in, as if you are forcing the air in your belly out.

At first, try this technique for just 3 minutes, maybe first thing in the morning before you’re even out of bed. Get into a rhythm and try to keep your inhales and exhales as equal in length as possible. Experiment with the sound your breath makes. You’ll notice a significant shift in your emotional state. You can work up to 10 and then 30 minutes and you’ll find your brain will shift significantly in that amount of time. As far as how fast to go, start slow while you build up the muscles required for this breath. Over time you’ll be able to keep up a faster pace, like the second hand of a clock.

The Benefits of Breath of Fire

This may seem like just another thing that people say will change your life but I can vouch for its miraculous benefits both from personal experience and from what I’ve witnessed from my students, clients, and friends. For example, I gave my good friend a manifesting meditation that involves heavy breathing like this with some variations for 15 minutes daily and in a year, his entire life changed. He became a successful touring musician and moved to Malibu! He attributes his success to this breathing technique and began teaching it with the publicity it gained him.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that my brain just works faster than it used to. I have the energy I always needed to get a lot accomplished. When I do Breath of Fire, I feel so positive that I’m able to see big steps I can take to follow my soul’s guidance. I attribute the biggest leaps I’ve made towards success to these breathing techniques I’ve found in Kundalini yoga, such as Breath of Fire.

Concluding Thoughts…

The spread of the practice of yoga across the world has one common thread among all the main 22 branches, and that is the focus on the breath. The breath is our connection to higher states of consciousness accessed through the pineal gland and chakra system. The higher we are able to get our vibration by clearing negativity from our energy field, the more we can expand our minds to discover a world of possibilities and a reality where we are empowered by seeing how energy affects and connects everything.

I’ve coached, taught and wrote about personal empowerment for many years. I’ve taught thousands of hours of classes and no matter how many diets you try, how many yoga classes you take or how much you meditate, I can personally say without reservation that Breath of Fire is the most powerful thing I have encountered for cognitive function and expanding your personal ability to achieve things aligned with your true self.

So be the director of your life and make the music beautiful with a regular practice of Breath of Fire.

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Instead of following the "norms" of career development, Shannon followed her gut. It's led her to some extraordinary places and experiences as a healer, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher and Kundalini yoga instructor.... Read More

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