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Article: Reframe Your Perspective To Reshape Your Career

Reframe Your Perspective To Reshape Your Career

Reframe Your Perspective To Reshape Your Career

Ever felt stuck in your career? You’re not alone! Most people go through times where they don’t see a way out of their current situation and they feel like a victim in their own life. If you’ve been feeling stuck at work and looking for a way out, let us guide you toward a new path of thinking that can help to dislodge feelings of helplessness.

Historically we have been taught that the world happens to us, instead of us happening to the world. Take a moment to ponder that. Have you lived most of your life hoping good things will happen to you without knowing the higher laws of quantum physics which have proved that you’re co-creating your reality?

For the most part, people haven’t been exposed to this perception or method of understanding of reality, thus they view life as a struggle, unaware of the power of their own thoughts and visualization.

Why We Don’t See What Limits Us

Because most of us were raised without proper knowledge and education, we can only access small parts of our minds and emotions. We don’t realize how necessary it is to be in tune with ourselves because we don’t know how deep we really go. We are trained to think that we have less control than we do because our parents and communities are just not aware of the law of attraction, which states that like attracts like. That means the energy in our auras that comes from our subconscious thoughts and emotions will attract similar vibrations and experiences that have the same frequency.

This belief that the only way to change your life is through your own words and actions is only a part of how the Universe actually works. Your mind may resist this, but there is scientific evidence that our thoughts and emotions do have an effect on reality. There is a multidimensional reality that we cannot see with the naked eye that does not operate on linear time.

If we feel - consciously or subconsciously - that we can’t achieve something because we don’t believe in ourselves, we will block ourselves from seeing the creative solutions that are the most powerful. The way you can overcome subconscious limiting beliefs is practicing saying, thinking, and writing affirmations to retrain your subconscious brain. These affirmations or intentions create an open subconscious emotional state that will allow you to receive positive vibrations and access your highest self. At first, it isn’t easy, but the more you practice the easier it gets.

If you haven’t had much luck with financial success, start visualizing what that might feel like and it will open up that possibility in your mind. That imprint will be sent out through thought waves, which are electromagnetic frequencies that create a vacuum that the Universe then fills. You then must take action in the physical world to put more energy towards this emotional state you’re blueprinting in your mind’s eye and feeling in your heart. Go ahead and ask the Universe to help you, and don’t forget to say thank you!

Consistently projecting your vision as well as consistently working towards it and asking for help from the Universe is basically the only secret to manifesting. Feeling the feeling of being where you want in your visualizations on a daily basis will make a huge difference in how you use your time and in the types of people and experiences you attract into your life.

How Successful People Approach Manifesting

People who have achieved colossal success and are living the lives of their dreams often have an understanding of how their emotional state, their focus, and their intention will make a difference in what opportunities they attract and what possibilities they perceive. Having a spiritual connection to higher states of consciousness through practices such as meditation allow the brain to develop new neural pathways that can perceive new, creative approaches.

Before you will be able to manifest a goal, you often must build up your health and confidence so that you can honestly believe that you dream is possible. Often when a goal is in alignment with your true self, it will not be clear how to achieve it until you start taking care of your health through a clean diet and exercise, which allows your frequency to raise as your body starts to get tuned into positive, high-frequency thoughts.

Concluding Thoughts…

The pineal gland is the gland that allows us to have a strong vision of what we want to create. Our diet and health affect this gland significantly. If you aren’t taking care of your body, which is like a highly sophisticated computer, you can’t download programs that will optimize your life. You will have trouble with creativity which comes from having an active pineal gland and healthy flow of energy in your body.

When you realize that taking care of your body is like maintaining the engine in a race car, you’re able to perceive new ways of approaching your life. Instead of seeing one or two black and white possibilities, fear-based options, or only difficult routes of achieving what you desire, you’re able to easily think of or tap into ideas that will show you there are many approaches to a goal.

When you make your lifestyle one that prioritizes keeping your mind positive and focused on your goal without doubt or fear, amazing things happen. You can work with the cycles of the Moon to manifest your creative ideas with efficiency. This method espouses that there are certain times when we are naturally more creative and times when we can expect things to move forward each month.

Finally, never discount the power of asking the spiritual side for help. Most people who aren’t able to use their intuition because of an inactive pineal gland or lack of awareness of the other dimensions don’t know there are a host of helpers waiting for you to allow them to guide you, through your intuition, to a career you love and feel fulfilled in.

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