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Article: Why Are We Attracted to Certain Scents?

Why Are We Attracted to Certain Scents?

Why Are We Attracted to Certain Scents?

Have you ever picked up an essential oil and been blown away by its smell? Or walked past a bouquet of flowers, only to feel delight in its fragrance? Conversely, how about catching a waft of a budding aroma that makes you recoil?

The truth is, there is no great science behind why we are attracted to certain scents and repelled by others. We are attracted to scents based on what our mind, body and soul need. We are attracted to them based on how we feel. The smells that we are most drawn to are smells that can alter our physical and emotional states.

The Not-So-Science Behind Scents:

If you find yourself in a heavily polluted area, not only is it bad for your physical body, but it can also induce mental irritations such as stress, negative thoughts and anxiety. The foul smell of feces naturally induces warning bells in your head which is your body’s way of saying, ‘Don’t even go there!’ Meanwhile, the delicious smell of grandmother’s homecooked meals not only brings feelings of comfort and familiarity, but happiness too, sometimes on an almost overwhelming level.

And let’s not forget, this attraction to certain scents extends to people as well! We may find ourselves attracted to someone purely on the basis of their ‘smell’, regardless of what they look like, how they behave or how they sound, and this is due to a deep biological need hidden deep within us that spots an ideal mate based on personal needs and desires.

Feelings, emotions, desires – this is what it all boils down to, something that confounds rational thought and yet exists in its entirety. When it comes to the sense of smell, it is intertwined with what we as individuals desire at our most base level. Inhaling a scent leads to a stimulation of the Olfactory Nerve which sends signals to the specific area of our brain which is responsible for emotions and memories.

So, when you are inhaling a scent and sighing at how good it smells, just remember that you are responding to deep part within yourself which is clapping in approval as scents can trigger happiness chemicals and truly make our day brighter!

How Can We Use Scents to Improve Our Lives?

Many of us experience some of the mental afflictions that we deal with on a regular basis like stress, misery, anxiety, and depression, especially in this fast-paced world which demands so much of us. Finding ways to keep our senses happy is a great way of maintaining balance and inner peace, regardless of what is going on around us.

Using Aromatherapy

Delighting the sense of smell can prompt happiness and relaxation, and the more we do it, the greater the long-term effects. Aromatherapy is one way of doing this. Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways; you can drop a few of your favourite drops in the bath (diluted first with a teaspoon of carrier oil such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil) and enjoy the aromatic scents as you lounge in the bathtub.

One very effective way of utilizing the power of scent is the put about ten drops of your favourite oil into a bowl of bowling water and then inhale deeply for about ten minutes. This can be done at any time of the day, but is particularly effective just before bed when you need to wind down for a good night’s rest.

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The Comforting Smells of Cooking

And don’t forget the powerful smell of cooking! Have you ever just been baking or cooking in your kitchen and suddenly felt this bubble of happiness well up inside you? A pleasant memory that may have previously been hidden deep within the subconscious may have suddenly be triggered.

These happiness moments may only last for a few moments, but they are essential to your overall well-being.

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Flowers are also wonderfully potent when it comes to keeping your sense of smell happy, as is nature in general. Bringing flowers into your home can trigger happiness chemicals in your brain, so it is well-worth looking around the flower store for some time and browsing around the tulips, roses and carnations to see which ones call out to you and which scents are most pleasant to you.

Similarly, walking among a freshly cut lawn that smells strongly of green grass or being by the open sea can delight the senses; taking time every week to spend a substantial amount of it among nature is both healing and therapeutic for you.

In Conclusion…

Remember, every sense that we possess is there for a reason; to help, guide and strengthen us.

We are no different to animals at heart and the more we nurture our senses, the stronger and more able we become. The sense of smell is there to help keep us moving and shaking in this ever-growing, fast-paced world; it is there to help keep us sane and grounded, as well as warn us of potential dangers.

Keeping our mind, body and soul happy by providing ourselves with scents that are personally pleasing and beautiful to us can help combat negative thoughts or energies that can be brought on by our circumstances and environment. So, go out there and find the scents that work for you!

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