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Article: Why Am I So Lonely & How Can I Stop?

Why Am I So Lonely & How Can I Stop?

Why Am I So Lonely & How Can I Stop?

Where does loneliness come from?

Loneliness is the feeling or belief that one cannot be happy alone. We’re here to tell you that that belief comes from a limited perspective of who you really are and what you’re really capable of. The void that people feel inside when they’re lonely comes from not knowing who we truly are - a soul having a physical experience.

The good news is that you can find your way back to that truth by experiencing new states of consciousness where the fear of being alone no longer grips you. We often think of ourselves as just a body moving from one place to the next, but that is such a small portion of who we are. We are a great, expansive consciousness that reaches beyond our bodies. From that viewpoint, we’re never alone.

Still, so many people suffer from loneliness and feel bad for themselves because their lives don’t look like star-studded romantic comedies. The culture we are in has some pretty messed up priorities when it comes to relationships, and once we expose this falseness, we can get to the deeper truth of who we are so we never feel lonely again.

We are Conditioned Into Thinking We Need Romantic Relationships

Think about how much money restaurants, jewelry stores, and flower shops make on Valentine’s Day. Think about how many beauty companies, plastic surgery companies, wedding dress and ring companies, venues, and magazines make a killing off of the story that we must find our “one true love.”

There is big money in the idea of loneliness, and you don’t have to buy into it. Instead of letting society dictate our happiness, we need only return to our inner-landscape and water our own garden. Pull up the weeds that keep you stuck in the mindset that you can’t be happy on your own, and plant new seeds.

How do you think nuns and monks remain so peaceful? They have looked at the stories of society and chosen a new way of thinking that allows them peace. This is truly a superpower! You are an eternal spirit with a soul that has come here to help the world. When you look to your soul, you get guidance and see beyond what Neo in ‘The Matrix’ saw was a facade of true reality. The truth is, there are many dimensions of reality beyond what most of us were raised to believe. The way people can see visions of the potential future or know things from reading a person’s aura shows us that there are energetic fields connecting all of us to one another.

Seek to Give When You Feel Lonely & Connect to Spirit

I found it took years to retrain my core beliefs around my identity and to stop feeling lonely, but eventually, over time and with patience, it worked, and that’s why I know it can for you as well. People are literally controlled by the mental chains that society wraps around us to make people think loneliness is real. I seek to free them of their limited perspectives so they do not have to rely on finding a partner to be happy.

The simple gesture of helping someone feel happy and peaceful is a great replacement for sulking in self-pity. Self-pity is a symptom of a societal belief that only keeps certain people’s income flowing and doesn’t really allow the rest of us to be empowered. Many people who live selfishly, seeking happiness through self-serving goals, will spend their lives chasing a carrot, trying to meet certain ideals or look certain ways to impress others so they can get that companion when the only friend they really needed was their soul and a purpose to serve others.

Many religions and spiritual practices nudge us to think not of ourselves but to look to help others as salvation. In that, those systems really do train people to find happiness. You don’t need to subscribe to a religion to be happy though, you need only seek to give love and stay connected to your true identity as a spirit here to learn to be loving and kind to others instead of selfish.

Concluding Thoughts…

One simple way to retrain your thinking around this is to read the incredible books by Eckhart Tolle. They are popular for a reason! He helps us connect to a new identity and helps us think of serving others on this planet. He offers a vision of how happy the world could be in his book A New Earth which has been a New York Times bestseller. He is a famous author that has been a stepping stone for many minds to overcome the fear of being alone and find a much deeper and more fulfilling way of relating to life and our purpose as humans.

When you notice yourself feeling lonely say, “I am a soul with a purpose of serving and uplifting others.” Pick up one of his books and read a page. Do something kind for someone else, check in with them, and show love. The more you practice giving instead of wanting, the more natural it will become. Make it your focus for the next month and allow yourself to make a habit of it. Your happiness will truly shift and you will be empowered. Ultimately giving love will activate the law of attraction in your favour and you’ll find your personal relationships become much more rich and fulfilling. I highly recommend this article for more on how to stop feeling lonely!

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