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Article: What We're Buying Our Dads This Father's Day

What We're Buying Our Dads This Father's Day

What We're Buying Our Dads This Father's Day

Father’s Day approaches - and you have no idea what to get him.

We all face this dilemma from time to time! This year, don’t get hung up on how much something costs - try to nail down exactly what would make your pops laugh, relax or just feel spoiled.

One of my Dad’s favorite Father’s Days was the same day he embarked on a 12-hour road trip. My sister and I stayed up late the night before and packed him a cooler full of sandwiches, snacks and drinks to make the journey a little easier. He likes to whistle along to songs, but can never seem to remember the names of the groups he likes, so I also put together a sweet mixtape (yes, in the 90’s) with his favorite Chicago, Boston and Hall & Oates tunes on it. He loved the whole idea - and we only spent our time. (Added bonus: he didn’t eat gas station pizza all the way there.)

In today’s article, our Daily Life Editorial Team thought we’d share what we’re grabbing for our dads to give you some ideas!

Our Top Picks for Father’s Day Gifts

Mady - Junior Content Coordinator

Ohuhu - Stand Alone Hammock

Image via

My Dad is Sunday afternoon nap king, so with this instant comfort vehicle, now he can admire the freshly cut lawn with his feet up. We don’t have big trees in the backyard, but this standalone hammock can sit on our deck anywhere.

Canada Craft Club - Beer of the Month Club Membership

Image via

Every year, my family chips in together to renew my Dad’s “beer of the month” subscription. Subscription boxes always make an awesome gift because it keeps on giving, they arrive without us having to drive anywhere and he gets to try new beers he might not pick out otherwise!

Marina - Social Media Specialist

Game of Thrones Coffee is Coming Mug

Image via

Despite the disappointing series finale, my dad is still a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, as well as a lover of black coffee. Combining these two things into this fun gift is sure to put a smile on his face. There are lots of funny options to choose from, but “Coffee is Coming” seemed most important - and appropriate.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Image via

This Canadian coffee company is Fair Trade and Organic - and they boast deliciously unforgettable flavors such as Grizzly Claw, Hoodoo Jo and Cliff Hanger Espresso. Dad loves a good cup of java and will need something to put in his Game of Thrones mug when he wakes up to the breakfast my brother and I will make for him!

Sydnie - Managing Editor

Ascend/Cabela’s - ASCEND® 12T Sit-On-Top Kayak

Image via

My dad keeps talking about going kayaking, but he has yet to buy this for himself. I might finally beat him to the punch this year because he always just buys himself something. I think this will be a nice group gift from our family and it might actually surprise him! It doesn’t hurt that it will also keep him fit and get him outdoors. Cabela’s is his favorite place to shop, so it was my first stop for gift ideas, and it never disappoints.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses

Image via

My dad is big into fishing and has recently done a few trips based soley around this hobby. He always talks about how great his polarized glasses are when it’s sunny on the boat and the rays reflect off the water. While I was online shopping I came across these Oakleys that have Prizm Deep Water Polarized Lenses specifically made for fishing and water activity. I know a new pair of sunglasses, especially with this technology, is something he wouldn’t go looking for himself! Another perk, other than being able to see the fish better, is that it will protect his eyes from the damaging sun.

Natasha - Content Editor

APEMAN Dashboard Camera

Image via

Like many Dads, mine loves techy gadgets, and, since my parents are both retired, they do a ton of roadtrips. Now, my Dad can switch on his dashcam while driving along his favorite mountain roads and capture some nice scenery - maybe even some wildlife if he’s lucky - to look back on later. He’s also a big safety guy, so he’ll love the prospect of catching accidents on camera.

Ball Tokens for the Local Driving Range

I’ve been doing this since I was a kid! I’ll stop by the golf course nearby and purchase some tokens for the golf ball dispenser at the driving range. I’ll buy enough for about 2 buckets of balls for each of us and then we’ll spend the afternoon swinging some clubs around. It’s a nice way to combine a gift with an activity we can do together (which is honestly what my Dad wants most anyway), and it gets us outside and moving in the sun.

Sarah - Senior Content Coordinator

Assorted Nuts

Image via Amazon ClubsGalore’s Nut of the Month Club - 3 Months

Yes, you read that right. My dad just really loves nuts, so I head to the local Bulk Barn and fill jars with different kinds - cashews, almonds, etc. There was a long time in my life when I couldn’t afford to splurge on all the things I thought he deserved - so I would get creative on a budget, and he loved it so much, I still do it!

They have so many tastes and combinations nowadays, and he’s pretty adventurous with flavor, so I can have some fun. Hot Wasabi nuts were a hit last year and I’m sure he’ll be all over the Honey Roasted Sriracha Cashews I just picked up.

MEC - The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible Pants

Image via

Dad’s a golf nut too, and when you get up at the crack of dawn, it’s a lot colder than when you hit the full sun at the 15th hole. It doesn’t take long to zip the legs of these super durable The North Face pants off into shorts, so staying cool won’t disrupt his awesome drives and he doesn’t have to bring a whole change of clothes to make the magic happen.

Parting Words

Some of us take this opportunity to spoil our dads, but you don’t have to drop even one dollar to show your pops how much you adore him. Keep in mind, he may not actually care about getting a gift - the real treat may just be spending time together and showing him he’s still your best man.

Whether you’re planning on spoiling them with gifts, time together or food, it’s a great day to make new memories and celebrate the person you call ‘Dad.’

What are you getting your dad this year?

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