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Article: Self-Care Sunday: Move Your Body

Self-Care Sunday: Move Your Body

Self-Care Sunday: Move Your Body

Sundays were made for self-care. It’s a time to rejuvenate, relax, and reset for the week ahead.

And no, that doesn’t necessarily mean bumming it on the couch all day caught up in a whirlwind Netflix binge (I mean sometimes, it’s necessary - but not this Sunday, folks!).

This Self-Care Sunday is all about movement. We’ve heard the endless list of exercise benefits probably one too many times. So now it’s time to muster up some fitness inspiration and become empowered.

Are you ready to boost your confidence for the week ahead? Put that list of exercise benefits down. Take a few fitness tips (don’t worry - they’re coming!) and get moving!

Here’s how to start your week right. (Also, if you had that Saturday night out - some of these activities will totally help you detox.)

1. Hit Up a Yoga Class

I’m not going to lie - this is my absolute favourite Sunday activity. I plan a solid sleep in, then a day of half-productivity to prepare for my week ahead (such as meal planning and scheduling activities, work, and exercise sessions) and half chill time.

Typically, I sign up for a 6-9 pm warm yin yoga class on Sundays. You don’t feel rushed. It’s a nice relaxing end to your Sunday. And on a cold, winter day - it’s the perfect cozy activity that you’ll feel good about. Plus, when you come home, you’re in the perfect mindset to ease into your bedtime. It’s great.

Why yin yoga? Sundays are meant to be taken slow. And yin slows it all right down for you. Each pose is held for 2-5 minutes at a time. It’s a nice, simple, and slow-moving stretch out. Look up yin yoga classes in your area! It’s an excellent Sunday routine and self-care tactic to add into your week.

2. Go For a Leisurely Bike Ride

If it’s a nice day out, why not go exploring? Become a tourist in your own city and get a little movement out of it. Or take in a few local trails. Bike amongst nature. It’s a good break from technology, and the fresh air might be the exact thing you need.

It’s an activity you can do with ease - which fits right in with your Self-Care Sunday.

Hint: Bike rides around dusk offer spectacular views and colours. But don’t feel the need to wait. If you’re more of a morning person and a go-getter, take this fitness inspiration and run with it. Get up and hit the trails with your bike in the morning! This is YOUR day. Do what feels good for you.

3. Check Out a Fitness Class

Most gyms tend to only host morning Sunday fitness classes. So, if you’re wanting to make this part of your Self-Care Sunday, consider checking your local gym’s schedule ahead of time.

But it can set your week off on the right foot. You’ll get up, head to your workout class, then start your day. You’ll feel productive before you’ve even made a dent in your Sunday. Trust us - It’ll feel oh-so-good.

And it may set off a chain of productivity. With those endorphins in tow, your fitness inspiration might motivate and inspire you to get even more done - things you may not normally consider doing on a Sunday. And studies show that these feelings of accomplishment contribute to optimal mental health. You’re still doing yourself some good!

4. Go for a Walk

Take a stroll around the block. Remember, this Sunday you just have to move - even a little bit.

So… If you’re thinking that you just don’t really wanna… Go for a short walk. Maybe once you’re out and about, you’ll feel like doing a little more or going a little further.

Plus, walking plays right into those exercise benefits. It’s easy on the joints, but works your heart and helps you gain valuable lower body strength and muscle.

5. Dance It Out!

I’m serious. Throw on some tunes and get moving. I do this some Sundays as an excuse to clean my apartment (I’m not even kidding). I dread cleaning. I put it off until it absolutely has to be done. But if I throw on a good song or 2, dance around a little bit, I get into the swing of things. You get your workout in - and the result? A clean home or apartment.

And a clean home also frequently boosts your mental health. It provides clarity. You feel less weighted down by dust and clutter. It’s a win-win.

But you don’t have to necessarily clean at the same time either. Dancing alone is also a-okay and will get your blood flowing and endorphins pumping!

Move Your Body This Self-Care Sunday

Put some of the fitness tips above into action! Take care of your body and yourself through a little more movement. Remember, you only get one body. Give it what it deserves!

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