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Article: What Type of Camping You Should Do This Summer

What Type of Camping You Should Do This Summer

What Type of Camping You Should Do This Summer

Camping is a breath of fresh air. Not only that, it can also help you in some personal growth areas by forcing you out of your comfort zone. It’s not every day that you have to rough it in the wilderness, without possibly a shower or functioning toilet. Talk about uncomfortable.

But don’t panic yet; not all camping is a complete middle-of-nowhere experience. In fact, I’ve camped out in the middle of the Sahara Desert with running water including a shower and flushing toilet. In other words, you don’t have to rough it. There’s a variety of options based on your wants and needs.

Do you crave adventure? Do you want to get back in touch with nature? Or would you rather a tiny home away from home in the wilderness? We’ve got ideas and inspirations for all of these different types of wellness lifestyles.

So… if you’re wondering what type of camping you should do, keep on reading! Let’s harness a little inspiration for the day and start planning your next camping trip.

1. The Classic Camper: Tent Camping

Tent camping is where most people’s minds go when the term ‘camping’ is brought up. Usually, this involves renting of a camp spot in a national, provincial, federal, or state park. Other options include hike-to campsite or canoe-to campsite, but we’ll get into those in later sections. Here, we’re talking about the basics of all camping.

You choose a spot. Reserve your spot. Pack up the car and head off for the week or weekend. This is a great option for families, especially since camping sites tend to have activities or activities nearby for kids and families. They may have a pool, be situated next to the beach or a lake, they may have boating activities, and more.

It’s also great for team building for your kids and the whole family. Set up the tent together. Cook together! Try water skiing together.

As always with camping, make sure you have a safe spot to store food and throw waste away. The rule is, when camping anywhere, to leave no trace. It’s about respecting nature and the property you’ve reserved for your mini vaca and camping getaway.

2. Hiking or Backpack Camping

Feeling athletic? Want a bit more of an adventure? It almost doesn’t get more hardcore than this. Backpack camping or hiking to camp is what individuals do that hit up the Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail.

Luckily, there are various other places to do this too where you don’t have to spend months in the wilderness (although it would be one heck of an experience if you did!). The Appalachian Trail and the PCT both have various entrance points so you could potentially do a night or two. There are also other parks that have backpack hiking and camping options.

Usually, you’ll have to check in with the park or trail staff beforehand (some require permits). This ensures they know safety-wise whose in the park or on the trail and when.

And it’s tough work! You have to carry all your tent equipment, cooking items, food, and more on your back. Don’t expect this to be easy. So, if you’re wanting to expand some personal growth areas, this one is definitely for you. Grab a few buddies or a few girlfriends and head out for a weekend or a couple of weeks. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and each other.

3. Canoe Camping

Again, this one is tough work when you’re faced with long portages. A few kilometres ends up being possible double or 5 times that. You’ll likely end up having to make multiple trips to move your stuff and your canoe to the next launch pad.

But it does allow you to get further into the great outdoors and wilderness. And various skill levels can accomplish it. Although, make sure you put safety first! Bring life jackets and other appropriate equipment.

If you’ve never canoed before, consider taking a lesson or two before attempting a whole weekend of canoe camping.

4. The Roughest: Survivalist Camping

This is the top of the top, and it’s extreme. This is for people who are very competent when it comes to outdoor life. Yup, it’s all about survival and pushing your limits to above and beyond your max.

This type involves vast research and skills, so be wary. This isn’t for beginners or those who don’t know basic survival skills, like making a fire or shelter from scratch.

5. Like a Little More Comfort? Go Glamping!

Camping isn’t all about being tough and rough. Glamping is becoming huge across the map. It’ll cost you a bit more, but you get set up in a glam tent in the wilderness, with most amenities. How great is that?

If you need a little inspiration for the day for this one, Instagram has an array of highly enticing examples when you search the hashtag #glamping. Check it out. Then find one near you! It makes for a relaxing - and sometimes, romantic - getaway.

6. RV/Van or Camper Camping

This is another great one for the fam! It’s also good for those that maybe don’t like the rough and tough part as much as well.

It also allows for mobile camping, meaning you don’t have to stay in the same spot. Want to go on a road trip while camping along the way? Rent an RV or van. You get to bring your home with you. Plus, there’s minimal set-up for sleeping or staying in one spot for a little while.

Find Your Wild Side!

Whatever that may be! Head out into the wilderness and camp in your own chosen way. And maybe try to push your comfort zone even a little bit. But have fun with it along the way. The world slows down and gets a little quieter when you head out on a camping adventure.

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