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Article: Why You Should Take a Staycation: Unwind at Home

Why You Should Take a Staycation: Unwind at Home

Why You Should Take a Staycation: Unwind at Home

We all need a vacation now and again – a chance to get away from the stressors of daily life and focus on our wellbeing and happiness.

Vacations can be expensive, hard to plan, and even off-limits during times of safer-at-home orders. Yet with so much going on around us, it feels imperative that we find a way to break free from it all and allow ourselves to enjoy the beauty of the present moment.

And that is where the staycation comes in.

What is a Staycation?

You may be asking, “What is a staycation?” A staycation is almost exactly as it sounds, stemming from the words “stay” and “vacation.” This is a period of relaxation, free time, and a little fun – all from the comfort of your own home. With a bit of planning, you can create the feeling of being at a pampering resort in your home, all while wearing your pajamas!

The staycation allows you to forget about the stressful planning, travel costs, and hotel fees of a standard vacation, leaving you free to enjoy the time you’ve carved out for yourself. So, keep reading if you want to learn how to create a blissful staycation for yourself!

The Benefits of a Staycation

Before we explore the best ways to make the most out of your staycation, it would be useful to take a look at the benefits of a staycation.

1. You Stay Safe and Stress-free

Chances are that we’re all beginning to feel a little cooped up in our homes, but the reality is that we have to think of the safety and health of ourselves and others right now. Creating a staycation allows you to unwind without putting anyone, yourself included, at risk.

2. You Save Money

Let’s face it, vacations can be expensive. And it can be harder to enjoy yourself when the back of your mind is filled with thoughts of your next bank statement. A staycation gives you a chance to take care of yourself and have some fun for a drastically reduced cost.

3. You Have Time to Breathe

When you take a staycation, you don’t have to deal with the headache of traveling, allowing you to actually relax and enjoy yourself. Between trying to get to the airport on time to trying to find your gate, a typical vacation can sometimes feel more like a nightmare.

It feels like your running from place to place, leaving little time to breathe deeply. A staycation allows you to truly enjoy the experience, from beginning to end.

4. You Can Focus on Your Needs

In our hustle culture, it can feel hard, even wrong, to take a break for your hobbies and interests. Taking a staycation gives you the green light to indulge in the activities that you truly enjoy, without guilt. The fact is that you need to take time once in a while to center yourself and participate in activities that bring you joy.

Planning Your Staycation

Now that you see how many benefits there are to vacationing from home, it’s time to explore the tips and tricks to plan the best staycation ever!

Prepare Your Palace

The first step to any good staycation is a clean, clutter-free home. You won’t be able to fully relax with a pile of dishes in the sink, so start by cleaning your home from top to bottom. This is also a good time to organize, as you might come across a forgotten activity or game that would be perfect for your staycation.

Mark Your Calendar

This won’t feel like much of a relaxing time if you’re constantly checking emails and responding to texts. Let your employers, family, and friends know that you’re taking time for yourself and mark it in your calendar. Turn off your reminders, set an out-of-office message on your email, and put the phone away. It’s time to unplug and do your own thing.

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This is the time to breathe deeply and just be. Don’t rush out of bed in the morning, hit that snooze button one more time. When you wake up, stretch and feel the muscles in your body relaxing. Write in your journal. Make yourself a nice breakfast. Stay in your pajamas.

Whatever you do, don’t stress yourself out with unnecessary guilt or “should” phrases. Be gentle with yourself right now, it’s your staycation, after all.

Get Creative

A staycation is an excellent time to explore your artistic side. Grab your paints, markers, sketchpads, construction paper, glitter, glue, and any other medium you have – and set your creative spirit free.

Self-expression is good for the soul, and this is the perfect time to have a little fun with your art supplies.

Backyard Picnic

Make a delicious spread for yourself and take it out into the backyard to enjoy in the sunshine. Or, open your windows and set your picnic out in the living room, complete with your favorite movie, album, or podcast.

Take a Nap

As adults, we may have forgotten about the beauty of the afternoon nap – mostly because we can’t take naps at work. But this is a staycation, and you can nap if you want to! Feeling a little sleepy? Curl up on the couch with your favorite throw and your favorite show. Listen to your body during this time, it will tell you what it needs. And if it needs a nap, hit the sack.

Movie Night

Grab the snacks, bake a pizza, and turn on the TV, cause it’s movie night! A staycation is a great time to indulge in that new movie you’ve been meaning to see, alongside your family and your favorite cookies. You might try renting something new or going for an old classic – the choice is up to you!

Get Physical

Have you always wanted to try belly dancing, but never found the time? Are interested in learning how to kickbox and become more agile? Are you new to the healing art of yoga? This is an excellent time to try new workout routines, movements, and stretches. There are millions of at-home workout routine videos on the internet, so pick one and get moving!

At-Home Spa

Pamper yourself during your staycation. Slice cucumbers for both your eyes and your fancy water. Sprinkle rose petals and throw a bath bomb in the tub. Put your favorite relaxing music on and light a candle. Soak in the healing, warm water, and close your eyes, allowing your muscles and your mind to relax. Paint your toenails. Wear a healing facial mask. Take care of your body and give it the attention it needs during this time.

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Indulge in Your Favorite Hobbies

Or, find a new one! You have the time right now to explore yourself and your interests, which may change over time. This is a great moment to find out what your soul seeks right now. Do a puzzle that’s been sitting on the shelf for far too long or try playing a new video game on your phone.

If it calls out to your heart, give it a try!

Treat Yourself - At Home

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to spend your staycation – the most important thing is that you do what you enjoy and what feels right to you. So make the time, mark your calendar, and get ready for a relaxing, healing vacation right in your very own home.

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