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Article: 5 Ways of Thinking That Will Upgrade Your Life

5 Ways of Thinking That Will Upgrade Your Life

5 Ways of Thinking That Will Upgrade Your Life

Open your mind to the possibility that things can get much better, even if they are already good.

You don’t have to get your PhD in Mindfulness to improve your busy life.

The mind is subject to our higher consciousness, and when directed, can create an entirely different experience of what it means to live. In that, our practice of directing the mind, which we will call mindfulness, is undoubtedly the single most important aspect of our existence as humans.

Wherever you are today, these 5 ways of thinking can bring more energy and open possibilities that lay dormant in the infinite potential of the universe that exists beyond the common ways of thinking which are largely regimented and conditioned to see only a partial reality. As we unlock the powerful wavelengths of our thoughts, we begin to shape and mold our reality.

Take a deep breath and let these concepts simmer as you embark on this quest to allow more joy and empowered behaviors into the fabric of your being. They are simple and easy to practice.

When you find yourself feeling off or negative, this will shift your state of mind quickly. The more you use them, the quicker you will be able to alter your state. Have 1-3 that make you feel excited and positive, that amplify your state. You can use these when your mind gets off-course to reroute yourself.

1. Have A Few Go-To Affirmations

Just to give you a few ideas, you could mentally repeat one of these affirmations. Something to move from feeling like a victim to empowered would be, “today is the best day of my life.” To move from a negative state to a positive mentally say, “only positive energy is allowed around me.” To charge up your excitement and build momentum in a positive direction, you can mentally repeat, “amazing things are happening right now and good things are here.”

2. Be Thankful

When you thank someone, it lifts them up, and together you both experience a higher frequency. It’s only logical that being thankful can keep us in a positive state. When you find yourself feeling bummed out, think of twelve things you’re grateful for and then go over them a second time. Notice how you feel before and after doing this. It’s very smile-inducing. Smiles, by the way, will open you up to many more opportunities than you even know.

A musician I know has a happy demeanor, he’s a free spirit and a loving jovial lad. He is constantly telling me how people are always inviting him places and how he’s getting free things when he goes places as if he has a big sign over his head that said: “I LOVE FREE STUFF.”

Ultimately, he loves to love. He loves people and he jokes all the time, which means he has a propensity, an inclination to be smiling more often than not. Those smiles open doors for him and allow him to constantly have fun wherever he is.

This is a major way to upgrade your thinking. We all have goals and when we prepare for them to work out, we are telling the Universe, ‘I’m ready, baby.’ It’s like going on a date with someone you really want to have a relationship with. You’re not likely to show up in your pajamas with bad breath right?

3. Prepare For Your Desired Outcome

If you got what you truly wanted, what would you need to have prepared? Would you need a passport, a specific wardrobe, a suitcase? Make a list of things to do as if you already have that job you want or you are starting that business you’ve been dreaming up. Your actions will create momentum in your mind that the reality you’re stepping into is real.

Have you ever been around someone that lights up the room? They have the ability to inspire people by their presence and their way of being. Do they live with intention, passion, and the belief that life can be truly magical at all times for everyone regardless of the situation? It’s as if they can’t be touched by the negativity around them.

4. Have A Loving Intention

Before you get out of bed, before you walk into work, before you meet a friend for lunch, take a moment to set your intention to be kind and loving. It will alter your interactions and it will help build rapport, trust, and depth in your interactions. When we only react and respond to our environment, we often become braggy or defensive which is off-putting.

It’s easy to slip into gossiping or complaining when we are around those who do not direct their mind with intention, so practice having a loving intention and your energy will fuel those around you instead of draining them, and it will keep you feeling excited about life while releasing the happy chemicals in your brain.

One of my teachers says this a lot: “there are no losses, only lessons.”

I challenge myself to take on roles in front of people in class, and we watch each other do well and sometimes not so well. It’s a place to practice failing and not let it beat us down. We practice receiving constructive feedback without being defensive and we embrace the opportunity to fail because we know it will unlock a new way of thinking that helps us grow.

5. Look for The Positive Lesson

Similarly, we have challenges in life that hit us in the heart. Someone rejects us, a family member brushes us off, or a boss doesn’t follow through with a promise. Whatever the let-down may be, we can actually look forward to these moments because they are such big opportunities to strengthen our resolve to find the positive and rise above to stay focused on our intention to just be a positive, loving human.

Those negative situations with a lot of meat on the bone can feed us the most and strengthen our capacity to love the greatest. Embrace them and find their value and it will take the sting out. Soon you’ll see that judging an experience as positive or negative doesn’t serve you.

Concluding Thoughts…

The more people practice positive thinking with these tools of mindfulness, the less aggression and hostility we will experience on a daily basis. The more people that are smiling on this planet, the less anger there will be. The fewer people wallowing in self-pity, the more people we will have looking out for others and supporting their growth. This seemingly simple mind stuff has the potential to shift our culture and that, my friends, is why we are here sharing this with you day in and day out.

If you found your soul was spoken to in the reading of this article, consider sharing it with someone who you feel like is ready to have a great day. Thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to read this article. I know we haven’t met but I’m sure that you have the potential to be a beacon of positive change, today, right now, wherever you are.

Now go have an incredibly inspiring, uplifting, extraordinary moment-by-moment experience of life!

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