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Article: 8 Soothing Summer Soul Vacations

8 Soothing Summer Soul Vacations

8 Soothing Summer Soul Vacations

You always hear about people wanting to “find themselves.”

But how about instead of finding yourself, you discover different parts of yourself?

Work on improving yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Throw your mind and your thinking wide open.

How? Take a vacation that feeds your soul and offers a new perspective.

While relaxation and rest are important, so is seeing things from a whole new perspective. It can expand your world and open the doors to a new opportunity.

A soul vacation is part of a holistic wellness lifestyle incorporating balance and peace. Maybe you need to refuel that fire and motivation in your soul. Maybe you need to come to terms with something that has happened. Perhaps you simply need to let go and open your soul to new people and new things again.

Honestly, you don’t even need a reason for it. A soul vacation can help you find things you weren’t looking for. It gives you time to dive into yourself and be honest with yourself. It forces you to search deep into your being, and come out enlightened and ready to tackle those tough challenges in your life.

So, where should you go? What should you do this summer to soothe your soul? Below, we outline all kinds of possibilities for you to explore. Start on your journey toward a balanced wellness lifestyle and go for it! Book that soul vacation.

1. Take a Solo Trip

Many of us don’t consider traveling alone. It can be scary. And it can also be really lonely. Yet, out of this loneliness and uncertainty, you can really get to know and understand yourself. Maybe you will discover you actually aren’t a morning a person at all and love sleeping in. Maybe you will find a new hobby you love. Maybe you will find that peace or freedom you’ve been craving.

Without the opinions or input from others, you get to do you. You get to do what you want, when you want. Sometimes that’s hard to find in our day-to-day. And sometimes you need that freedom to steer your own ship.

You might also make new friends. Traveling alone offers abundant opportunities to meet other people - people you may not have had the opportunity to talk to or meet otherwise. So, try flying solo. You have nothing to lose.

2. Take in Nature

This can coincide with a solo trip or you can grab your best friend and head out for the weekend. It can be a big or small trip - just for a night or for an entire month. You choose what you need.

Find somewhere picturesque. Surprisingly, sometimes these places are right in our own backyards. You may not have to travel far. Look up hikes or Airbnbs in your province or state. Your soul may just need a reset. You might need a break from the big city or the regular grind. Maybe a cozy cabin tucked away in the woods? Or a relaxing houseboat that will rock you to sleep every night?

Nature is a beautiful accident. It has a calming effect on us. Surrounding yourself in greenery and spectacular views can bring things into perspective. It can remind you how lucky you really are. A new perspective can work wonders on the soul.

Plus, nature is proven to improve mental health and well-being. Talk about a health and wellness lifestyle! Treat yourself to a hiking getaway among nature and reap the physical, spiritual, and mental benefits. It doesn’t have to be high intensity, just as long as you’re getting out there.

3. Chase an Adventure

Feeling stuck or bored? Maybe you need an adventure. Think surfing lessons, skydiving, hiking Kilimanjaro, or camping - something you’ve never done before! An adventure can ignite that fire and drive in you once again. Challenge yourself physically and mentally. Prove to yourself you can; that’s how you grow.

Has that fear of heights haunted you? Have you wanted to push back? Take that jump, literally. Sign up for skydiving or bungee jumping.

Has it been a while since you tried something new? Have you allowed yourself to settle into your comfort zone? When was the last time you were uncomfortable? When did you push your limits last? Hike that mountain, or take that canoe trip. Break through the walls you yourself have built. Tear them down by your own hand, and let your spirit soar.

4. Try a Yoga Retreat

You don’t have to be a yoga pro to take a yoga retreat. There are so many options for this kind of retreat. There are even retreats that offer meditation, yoga, and surfing. So if you’re interested in yoga but it’s not necessarily what you want to spend all your time doing, try a combo retreat.

The places these retreats are offered at aren’t too shabby either! From Costa Rica, Thailand, India, Bali, to Hawaii, you won’t find a shortage of spectacular, sun-soaked spots and locations to book your retreat at. Make sure to research your retreat beforehand to know what to expect.

5. Grab Your Besties & Hit the Road

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ road trip? And while it could be considered adventurous (and could fall under our adventure category), a road trip can also be pretty chill - especially with your best friend or friends in tow.

Map out a route. Maybe it’s California State Route 1 or the Cabot Trail (all great options). Or maybe your road trip can get you from point A to B so you can see new places and experience new things.

Summer is the time for it! Pick a date, a place, a route, and get your friends onboard.

6. Challenge Yourself to a Silent Retreat

Silent retreats are becoming all the rage. Surprisingly, they can be pretty beneficial for your soul and your mind.

They are challenging and intense though. If you want a relaxing and easy-going vacation, this probably isn’t for you.

A silent retreat allows you to venture deep inside yourself. Preparing yourself is necessary for a silent retreat. Do your research well in advance and before signing up. Know what you are getting yourself into.

If you do decide to try this out, be kind to yourself. Take it as an opportunity, and don’t give in to negative self-talk. You got this! Go find your inner peace. Push the edges of your comfort zone so that the whole world can fit inside it.

7. Reconnect with Your Roots

Ever wonder where your ancestors lived or what their lives may have been like? Check out and research your family if you aren’t sure exactly where your roots reach back to. Then, adventure to where it all began. Do you have Irish ancestors? Go check out Ireland. Book a tour in the town where they lived.

Learn about your family. It can offer insight into not just your soul, but your relatives’ perspectives and views as well. Catch a glimpse of your past. Ground yourself with this new information. Keep this information as a cool souvenir for the rest of your life. Best of all? You can share it with your family and the people you love. Re-ignite those connections, and dip your toes in the past.

8. Volunteer Across the World

Helping others helps you. You have probably experienced it before - that sense of reward and instant gratification after you have helped make someone else’s life better or easier. The best part is that you can travel and experience new things while volunteering abroad. Help others or give back to mother nature. You choose.

A volunteer vacation can fill your soul and lift your heart. Let these emotions in. Let them change you. You will grow and become better for it.

Again, there is so much variety for volunteering abroad. If you are an animal lover, volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. If you love people, check out teaching in Asia or Africa. If you want to give back to nature, check out tree planting organizations. Find your way to give back and feed your soul all-in-one.

It doesn’t have to be abroad. You can do this sort of thing on a staycation even. Consider volunteering at a local tree planting spot or homeless shelter. Give back! It feels oh-so-good.

Go Book Your Soul Vacation!

You may have been contemplating it, perhaps mulling it over. There is no better time than right now. If you want to lead your best holistic health and wellness lifestyle, take time for yourself. Give your soul what it craves.

Go on that solo adventure. Sign up for that retreat. Push through your comfort zone. Find your roots. Bask in nature. Let yourself live, and allow light to shine into your soul. This summer is your time. Get out there and nurture your soul - we all need it from time to time!

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