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Article: 10 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Life More Sustainable

10 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Life More Sustainable

10 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Life More Sustainable


It’s a concept that’s been weighing heavy on our hearts and minds for a while now. How can we make sure that we’re not only contributing the smallest amount of waste but also creating a more fulfilling and stress-free environment for ourselves?

The word sustainability has been thrown around with enthusiasm lately, and that’s because the more sustainable we become as a community, the better our lives will be – both Mother Nature’s energy and our own lives, as well, will flourish.

If you’re ready to take a few simple steps to help your vibrations and the vibrations of the planet rise up, keep reading to find out how to create more sustainability in your own life!

10 Easy Steps to Make Your Life More Sustainable

The definition of sustainability is a murky one.

The true definition has yet to be agreed upon by experts, but the general idea is to keep certain things at a specific level. Environmentally speaking, this means taking steps to avoid depleting the natural resources made available to us by Mother Nature – she only has so much to give, after all.

But it’s important to remember that introducing more sustainable practices into your life is something that you’ll do for yourself as well, as these practices will eventually create more space and time in your life to do the things you love and focus on what matters to you.

Let’s now take a look at 10 easy steps you can take to make your life more sustainable.

1. Thrifting

When you need a new sweater or pair of joggers, it’s probably easiest to open up your Amazon app or head down to Walmart – but is this the best way to find new pieces?

Thrift shopping is an ultimate act of sustainability for multiple reasons – one of which being the fact that you’re buying second-hand and relying less on fast fashion.

But one of the coolest things about heading down to the thrift store is that you can take a few items that you no longer need with you – creating a treasure for someone else out of what you might consider trash at this point.

And let’s be honest, some of the coolest, most unique pieces that you can find come from the thrift store. You never know what kind of vintage or designer items might pass through the doors of your local consignment shop!

2. Invest in a Sewing Machine

woman sewing a garment at home

Have you ever passed by a gorgeous fabric at the craft store and considered how lovely it would be as a skirt or shawl? How many times have you had to toss an item of clothing that you loved because of a small rip or hole? Investing in a sewing machine is an easy way to create myriad opportunities for more sustainable living around the house.

Learning basic sewing skills can save you time and energy when a small tear appears in your favorite jeans, but it can also lead to unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that you make yourself!

You can also transform old garments that haven’t been worn in a while by turning them into something else.

There is plenty of free sewing patterns online, and you can sometimes find quality fabrics at the thrift store!

3. Ditch the Plastic Bottles & Aluminum Cans

Who doesn’t like bubbles in their beverages? It is my personal belief that bubbles make just about any cold drink taste better – and if you’re anything like me, you go through quite a few plastic bottles and cans in search of the thirst-quenching, bubbly goodness.

That’s why you should get yourself a Sodastream in 2021.

This device turns tap water into sparkling water with the push of a button, and there is plenty of affordable flavor drops to enhance your hydration experience, from cola to cucumber and everything in between.

Not only will this product save you money in the long run, but it will also vastly decrease the amount of waste produced by your thirst for flavor!

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4. Embrace Other Food Groups

Woman smiling holding a slice of cucumber

These days, many people are becoming vegan for environmental rather than moral reasons. Even if you’re not ready to give up the burgers, incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet will not only give your body more energy but will also reduce the amount of harm done to the planet.

If we all cut back on our meat consumption just a little bit, we could reduce greenhouse gases and other environmental pollutants caused by factory farming.

Try cooking at least one or two plant-based meals a week to start and take note of how your body feels. If something that seems doable and enjoyable to you, this can be an easy way to introduce more sustainability into your life.

5. Go Paperless When Possible

With so many bills and subscription services available these days, we’re getting more mail than ever – and a lot of that is still coming from our precious trees! To easily cut back on paper waste, take a day to go paperless whenever possible.

Gather your paper bills to get a better idea of how many you receive, and then go online to each website to see how you can switch over to paperless bills. You can even create a separate email account just for your bills and subscription services!

6. Skip the Daily Shower

woman washing her hair in the shower

Yes, you want to be fresh and clean when you go out into the world. But let’s face it, many of us are working from home and have been for months now. Are those daily showers necessary or wasteful?

Try taking a shower every other day or even cutting back on how much time you spend in the water. Showering less frequently will use less water and products, and it will also allow your skin and hair to retain their natural oils, making them softer and more moisturized.

7. Stop Lining Your Trash Can

If you’re looking for ways to treat the earth better and you’re not easily grossed out, one of the best things you can do for the planet is to stop lining your trash cans with a plastic trash bag.

All of that trash is just going to the outside bin, right? Why not get a kitchen trash can with wheels, scoot it outside, and tip it over? You can rinse it out with the hose while you’re out there – an activity that takes a lot less time than the 10-20 years those bags will take to decompose.

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8. Plan for Future Purchases

woman sitting on couch using her laptop

Not everyone has the means to go out and purchase the latest and greatest in environmentally friendly technology, but when you do save up for these purchases, make them count. Whether you’re saving for a new phone or a new car, do your research before deciding to ensure that whatever you’re investing in aligns with your beliefs and environmental stance.

For instance, if you need a new vehicle and you’ve been eyeing a new pick-up truck, try considering something smaller or hybrid if possible.

9. Connect to Your Intuition

One thing that we’re not taught in school is how to listen to our intuition.

As it turns out, listening to the cues of your body and spirit can give you deeper insight into situations or activities that will benefit your energy and being. It’s time to start asking yourself which practices and activities you truly want to fulfill and which ones you can live without.

Stop participating in activities that drain your energy and your wallet. Don’t go out to eat if you aren’t really in the mood. If you’re not in love with the shirt while you’re in the store, don’t buy it. If you’re craving a burrito, but you’re not actually hungry, connect to your inner voice to gather wisdom.

10. Bring Starbucks to You

hands holding coffee mug

There are quite a few of us who enjoy our morning coffee – for some of us, it’s the only thing that motivates us to get out of bed.

But there are quite a few reasons to ditch the morning trip to Starbucks, from the cost to the plastic waste, the commute to the crowd. There are so many new gadgets and flavored creamers available right now that making an award-winning cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home has never been easier.

What kind of coffee do you crave in the morning?

If you’re into cold brew, try brewing your own and make your own cold foam for the top. If you prefer something warmer and stronger, invest in an Espresso machine. While these gadgets may seem pricey up front, you’ll be amazed at how much money, time, and energy you save in the long run by investing in them.

Make Your Life Easier!

Sustainability is not only about doing less harm to the environment but also making your own life easier. It’s about sustaining your own energy.

That’s why your intuition is an important component – you’ll need to access your well of internal wisdom to determine which practices and changes will make the most sense for your life.

So, follow your heart, trust your instincts, and sustain your energy!

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