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Article: Solo Hobby Alert: Why is Everyone Rollerskating?

Solo Hobby Alert: Why is Everyone Rollerskating?

Solo Hobby Alert: Why is Everyone Rollerskating?

While many of us have felt stress and emotional turmoil during the year of 2020, there is never a bad time for practicing gratitude for the good things. And today, we’re grateful for the recent resurgence of one of America’s favorite pastimes - roller skating. 2020 has seen a huge rise in roller skating interest, with many people picking up this hobby to pass the time during quarantine and social distancing.

Let’s take a look at the history of roller skating, why it’s become so popular again, and whether or not you need a pair of skates yourself!

The History of Roller Skating

Roller skates date all the way back to 1743, when they were first used during a stage performance in London – although the inventor was never recorded. John Joseph Miller was the first person credited with the invention of the roller skate in 1760, but they were likely to appear very different from the skates we know and love today.

Let’s jump to the 1880s, a time period which is thought to be the first boom of roller-skating popularity. In 1902, a public rink was opened in Chicago, Illinois, where 7,000 people joined the festivities on opening night!

The 1970s saw the second boom of roller skating popularity when roller disco became all the rage, a rage that lasted well into the 1980s. Since then, Southern California has seen many people rolling their way down the Venice boardwalk and skating around the town. While popularity waned throughout the 80s and the 2000s, they have finally made a comeback once again – thanks, in part, to Southern California native, Michelle Steilin.

Known as her roller derby name, Estro Jen, Michelle created the Moxi brand of roller skates, incorporating her love for roller skating and fashion and creating high-quality skates for men and women alike.

Why Roller Skating is Becoming Popular Again

Throughout 2020, most people around the globe have seen their fair share of isolation and quarantine, with social distancing becoming the new normal.

And with nothing to do at home alone, many people were looking to new hobbies and exciting, fresh ways to stretch their bodies and get a good workout. In fact, roller skating has become so popular that many companies, like Moxi, sold out around the spring of 2020. Since then, many skating brands have been difficult to find on the internet.

Some people credit actress and dancer, Ana Coto, for the recent roller skating craze on social media, as her popular Tik Tok video, featuring herself and her skates dancing to “Jenny From the Block,” by Jennifer Lopez, has received 1.7 million views. However, Coto herself maintains that it was Estro Jen that inspired her to start skating over three years ago.

Regardless of the reason behind this new wave of skaters, we’re here for it!

The Benefits of Roller Skating

You may find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, as it turns out, there are many benefits of roller skating as a hobby or a physical workout.

  1. It’s fun! There’s something rather exhilarating about strapping your skates on and rolling through town with the wind in your hair.
  2. It’s an excellent physical workout. Roller skating burns calories, helps you become more limber and gives you energy.
  3. It’s easy on the joints. Unlike other workouts, roller skating is gentle on the joints, making it a great choice for those with knee problems.
  4. It relieves stress. Like most exercise, roller skating will help you release negativity.
  5. It will help you learn new skills. You’ll find more balance and stamina coursing throughout your body as you continue practicing and learning new tricks.

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How to Get Started Rollerskating

If you find yourself attracted to this hobby and you like the idea of zooming around town on your quads, this is the best time to get started! It doesn’t matter what age you are or whether you’re naturally athletic, as anyone can learn to skate. This is one thing that makes roller skating to unique and fun – it’s for everyone!

If you aren’t sure where to start or how to find the perfect skates, you’re not alone. In fact, popular YouTuber and skater, Indy Jamma Jones, has released videos surrounding this very topic to help beginners figure out the right skates for them to start with.

Our Favorite Rollerskating Brands

SOURCE: Moxi Roller Skate Shop Product Photo - Strawberry Lolly

SOURCE: Moxi Roller Skate Shop Product Photo - Strawberry Lolly

1. Moxi Skates

Moxi Skates are known for their comfort and quality – but they aren’t the most inexpensive skates you can find on the market.

Their selection of skates and custom lolly’s are perfect for any new rollerskater wanting to bring a retro aesthetic into their new hobby. They also have vegan made options!

SOURCE: Impala Skates

SOURCE: Product Photo - Marawa Rose Gold Quad Skate - Impala Skates

2. Impala Skates

Impala Skates are less expensive but are known to have a few quality-control issues, meaning they’re great for beginners but they might not last you for years. While Impala Skates sells more than just rollerskates, their brand has blown up recently because of their beautiful skate varieties.

They are best known for their Holographic Quad Skates and their Cynthia Rowley collab. This is Gen Z’s rollerskate brand, combining old styles with new.

SOURCE: Riedell Skates

SOURCE: Riedell Roller Skates

3. Riedell Roller Skates

Riedell Roller Skates have been around for 75 years and is a well-known brand in the skating community. They offer varieties of skates that are not easily available on competitor sites. If you need specialized skates for roller derby, rink skating, outdoor, indoor, or freestyle - they’re your brand.

While some of their skates aren’t what you imagine when you think about this stylish new skate trend, ordering these will help any rollerskating novice train their way up to be a master!

Get Skating!

However, with the rising popularity of roller skating, finding skates can be difficult right now. One of the easiest options might be to check out your local skate shop and see what they have in stock. As a bonus, you can try your quads on right then and there to make sure they fit!

No matter what brand you go with, don’t forget about the importance of gear, like knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, and a helmet. Skating can be dangerous, especially for beginners, and you don’t want any unnecessary trips to the hospital!

So, get yourself some skates, strap into your protective gear, get outside, and feel the wind in your hair!

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