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Article: Feed Your Body Friday: 3 Recipes for Your Root Chakra

Feed Your Body Friday: 3 Recipes for Your Root Chakra

Feed Your Body Friday: 3 Recipes for Your Root Chakra

Today it’s all about root chakra recipes!

When you choosing food for the root chakra you want to focus on grounding nutriments. By adding food like parsnips, beet, carrots, and potatoes to your diet you are choosing the right kind of food to have a soothing effect on the root chakra.

Beside the roots vegetables, to have a healthy root chakra incorporate red food into your diet. Most red foods have high levels of vitamin C, most notably beets, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, pomegranates, and cherries.

We most always keep in mind that the food we eat is important not only for our physical health, that’s why all three recipes we have curated we’re created with the vibrations that influence the chakras that make up the energetic center of our body in mind.

Today’s recipes are specific to root chakra including a full day of healthy foods that will help your root chakra balance.

We start with a beetroot smoothie, a comforting carrot parsnip soup, simple roasted vegetables, and crispy tofu.

Beet Root Smoothie.

Beet Smoothie Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes

Servings: 2


  • 1 cup beets, cut into cubes
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1/2 cup plant-based yogurt
  • 1/2 cup plant-based milk


  1. Place all the ingredients in the blender container.
  2. Mix for 1 to 2 minutes, until a uniform texture is obtained.
  3. Pour and Serve!

Carrot and Parsnip Soup Recipe.

Carrot & Parsnip Soup Recipe

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 6-8


  • 8 carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 6 parsnips, peeled and chopped
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 8 cups vegetable broth
  • ½ cup of orange juice
  • 1 tbsp. Chopped ginger
  • 1 tbsp. Curry
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional: Plant-based cream.


  1. Peel the carrots and parsnips, then cut them into pieces.
  2. In a saucepan, add the olive and onion over medium heat. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Add remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil and then turn down to a simmer for 25 minutes.
  4. Let the soup cool a little and in the blender container, emulsify the preparation until a smooth and creamy mixture is obtained.
  5. Divide into bowls and add plant-based cream if desired.
  6. Enjoy!

Veggies and tofu being roasted on a pan.

Roasted Root Vegetables & Crispy Tofu Recipe

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Servings: 6


  • 6 tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 tsp. of dried thyme + 1 tsp. tea
  • 4 whole carrots peeled and sliced
  • 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 3 potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 3 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
  • 3 tbsp. fresh parsley, chopped
  • 2 tsp. finely grated lemon zest
  • Tofu (Recipe below this one)


  1. Preheat the oven to 400˚F
  2. In a large bowl, mix 6 tsp. of oil, 2 tsp. of thyme.
  3. To the bowl, add the carrots, sweet potatoes and potatoes and toss to coat. Spread the vegetables in a single layer on a sheet lined with parchment paper. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Bake vegetables for 40 minutes or until vegetables are golden brown. Stir occasionally as they bake.
  5. After 20 minutes add the tofu (Tofu recipe below) and continue baking the vegetables and tofu together for the final 20 minutes, turning cubes halfway through cooking, until golden and crisp.
  6. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix the balsamic vinegar with the rest of the oil and thyme to create a vinaigrette.
  7. Just before serving, drizzle the roasted vegetables with the vinaigrette, then sprinkle with parsley and lemon zest.
  8. Serve and enjoy!

Tofu on a tray.

Crispy Tofu

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes


  • 1 block of firm tofu, 454 g
  • 1 tbsp. Maple syrup
  • 1 tsp. garlic powder
  • 2 tbsp. Reduced sodium soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tbsp. fresh parsley


  1. Cut the tofu into cubes.
  2. In a large bowl, combine maple syrup with garlic and soy sauce. Add the tofu and stir to coat well with the sauce. Cover and marinate for 15 minutes to 8 hours.
  3. When cooking, preheat the oven to 400 ° F.
  4. Prepare two deep plates. In the first, place the flour. In the second, beat the eggs.
  5. Flour the tofu cubes, dip them in the beaten eggs, then coat them with flour again.
  6. Place the tofu cubes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake 20 minutes, turning cubes halfway through cooking, until golden and crisp.
  7. Refer to the roasted roots vegetables with crispy tofu recipe above to finish.

These recipes for the root chakra are deep in color and flavor. In both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, root vegetables have very grounding energy plus they help with the pancreas metabolize sugar and stimulate digestion/elimination. So get in into your mindfulness and prepare these dishes with good intentions in your heart.


Next, check out A Root Chakra Meditation to Balance & Ground Yourself.

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