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Article: 11 Powerful Mantras for Anxiety

11 Powerful Mantras for Anxiety

11 Powerful Mantras for Anxiety

One part of yoga that is an accessible therapeutic tool is the use of mantra.

The use of sound to calm the nervous system has been used for thousands of years and this is not just a practice that has been used by yogis. Repeating a word or statement is a common practice in many cultures as a way to direct the mind and improve one’s state of mind.

There are mantras for many different things we want to work on in modern life such as confidence, forgiveness, self-love, and motivation.

One thing many of us have been experiencing because of the current global pandemic is anxious feelings, so today we have created 11 powerful mantras, customized to assist you with these intense emotions.

Give these mantras for anxiety a try and see how you feel. You don’t have to use them all - just one calming mantra for anxiety can change things for you in a major way! The use of affirmations is a mindfulness technique you can use any time and any place too. You can use a mantra mentally or say it out loud.

Why Use Mantras?

A scientific study using MRIs found that mantras produce a calming psychological effect and support this is a long-standing associated effect from repetitive speech. Positive Psychology reports that there is a wide range of studies that make the use of mantras or affirmations a very accepted therapy in psychology. It has been shown to help lower stress, improve someone’s ability to react positively, and helps people stop negative thoughts from ruminating.

Originally mantras that were written in Sanskrit and used by yogis were more based on how the actual sound produced an effect in your body. The origins of mantras can help us understand how a calming mantra for anxiety works.

Mantras are instructed sounds that you create in your body to resonate with certain parts of the body and interact with your own energy. Just think about how you can generate a soothing sensation by saying a soothing sound. The word ‘soothing’ is a perfect example of this. Yogic mantras are still chanted in Sanskrit today because they were designed this way.

However, the scope of mantras is also bigger and includes stating a word or phrase repeatedly to reach a desired state of mind. This can help by redirecting your thoughts to create new habitual ways of thinking. Now you can see how meditation mantras for anxiety work in two different ways to reduce tension in our bodies.

Of course, repeating them frequently will produce better results than only using them once in a while just like any other thing we try to make a habit.

11 Healing Mantras for Anxiety

Sometimes we just feel overwhelmed with life, it’s true. There may be too many things going on to feel a sense of peace and we don’t know how to regain that sense of calmness. Now you will have these healing mantras for anxiety to help you out of a negative state. You don’t have to suffer through your day when you have the power to redirect your mind at any moment.

1. “Things are going really well.”

This mantra is designed to target anxious thoughts, worry, & panic. When you find yourself stuck in negative self-talk, this mantra can help your brain reset.

This will help your mind focus on the things that are actually going well and as your mind redirects to see the good in your life, you’ll feel a boost of positive emotions as well.

A black woman with very short hair breathes by a lake. Her eyes are closed.

2. “Positive energy yields positive results.”

If you’re feeling anxious about work or your goals, this mantra can help alleviate some of that stress.

This helps stop the idea that you’re not in control of your success and of enjoying your work. When you shift to focus on positive energy, you see your work in a new light where you are always able to create a positive experience.

3. “What’s truly beautiful is a kind heart.”

Isolation has been tough and lots of people are struggling with self-love. If you’re feeling this way, here is a mantra to help focus on your beauty inside and out.

When we focus on what we don’t like, we will feel negative. But when we focus on our intrinsic beauty and the real radiant energy we can always cultivate, we will feel that glowing positive energy and forget about what people think.

4. “The love I give is the love I get.”

Friendships and love have been under pressure throughout the last couple of months, so this mantra can help us reset how we think about those around us and break negative thought patterns about those close to us.

Often we get stuck in the idea that we just have to wait for love to come to us when the Universe is always reflecting our own energy back to us. When we empower ourselves with the mindset that we are getting a reflection from the world of the energy we are creating, we are able to feel love all day every day and stop the anxiety that can come from loneliness.

A lotus flower representing peace and tranquility.

5. “I have everything I need.”

It may not always feel that way, but money is can be a huge stressor. This mantra is for anxiety about money when you need to focus on the things surrounding you.

We often get stuck in a loop in our minds where nothing is enough. Once we get an apartment, we want a house, and then a bigger house, and so on. When we simply shift our focus to see that things are good, we stop the anxiety about needing to have more and start to see where we even have excess.

6. “I create a positive future when I raise my vibes in the present.”

The future can be uncertain. So when we feel anxious about the future and need to ground ourselves in the present moment, this mantra should do the trick.

The future never arrives and worrying about it only attracts negativity into our life. When we decide to have good vibes and focus on that, our energy is put to good use, and that helps us feel good.

7. “There are so many ways to share love right now.”

Anxious feelings can also come from what is certain - the past. This mantra focuses on forgiving ourselves, letting go of the past, and focusing on what we can do right now.

We can stop anxiety about the past by simply redirecting our minds on a consistent basis to positive action in the present. If we keep focusing on the past, it builds the energy of it but the past becomes quieter when we shift to focus on something that we can do right now.

8. “I am right where I need to be.”

Feeling like we’re not doing enough is a common source of anxiety in a world filled with hustle culture. The important thing to remember is that we are valid and sometimes doing nothing is okay too. If you’re worried about what you should be doing or anxious about what others expect you to be doing, this is the mantra for you.

When we are stuck in indecision going over what could go right or wrong, we create anxiety. When we shift our focus to get into the flow of positive energy, we just know what to do. It’s a subtle shift that will help reduce anxiety in a major way and is based on trust in your own intuition and connection to the Universe’s wisdom.

A sign that says

9. “I am guided, supported, and blessed.”

When we are feeling lost on the path, this mantra is here to help us conquer the unknown and find our own way.

When we aren’t focused on trust, we easily fall into mistrust. We don’t actually have to figure it all out and when we relax, we will feel secure. This mantra will help you relax and sense that you are actually totally supported by the Universe.

10. “The best use of my time is thinking about how to help others.”

If our anxious feelings come from what other people think, this is the mantra for you.

When we are feeling bad for ourselves or worrying about if we are liked, we are missing out on the opportunity to feel the deep satisfaction we are hardwired to feel when we are kind to others. This simple mantra creates a habit of being helpful instead of feeling like you need validation to be happy.

11. “I feel calm as I breathe in, I feel calm as I breathe out.”

This mantra links your breath to the intention of the mantra which is a great way to quickly stop anxiety even if you don’t know why you’re anxious. Say the mantra in your mind as you breathe in and out very slowly and deeply until you feel calm.

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Use The Mantras Daily

If you want, write these mantras on post-it notes and make a border around your bathroom mirror. That way, you start and end your day creating positive neural connections (aka positive thought patterns). They will guide you towards your own intuition which will help you feel relaxed and enhance your spiritual connection to the Universe. Soon, you will feel a high vibrational state of awareness where you don’t feel anxiety because you’ll feel a truly profound sense of connection to all of life.

These mantras tap into your soul and help you align to a deeper wisdom that the mind isn’t privy to. The soul knows you’re always ok, even if you’re sick. The soul knows that peace is a state of mind, not an amount of money in your checking account.

These mantras may not seem logical until you start to feel how they shift your energy and you may find they feed you more than anything else in a positive way.

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