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Article: Planting Trees to Feed Your Soul

Planting Trees to Feed Your Soul

Planting Trees to Feed Your Soul

Billions of trees are cut down every year. As the world’s forests continue to disappear, tree planting has never been more important than now.

Trees hold beauty and power. In ancient times, religions, such as the Celtic religion, worshipped trees. They recognized the energy and strength that these tall plants embody. In other cultures, trees symbolized nature, balance, fertility, and stability.

Trees are one of the great mysteries of the world, with some of the oldest living up to and over 5,000 years. If you have ever set foot in the redwoods of California, you would have witnessed the monstrosity and gigantism of some of the tallest trees on this planet.

With some standing over 100 meters tall, these towering beasts demand respect, making many stop in their tracks in awe.

In a recent article published in Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, ecologist Suzanne Simard discussed how trees even communicate with each other. Through a network of fungi in the soil, they send nutrients to each other and warnings regarding environmental changes.

It may sound outlandish, but scientists continue to explore the intricate communication network of these plants and their functioning. Billions of trees are cut down every year. As the world’s forests continue to disappear, tree planting has never been more important than now.

What we do know is that we need trees to survive. Without trees, life on earth would cease to exist.

Sprouts growing out of nursery pots.

The Power of Trees

Trees are an energy source in more ways than one. Our mental energy, physical being, and spiritual self benefit greatly from these plants. Have you noticed when you walk through a forest the sense of calm, serenity, and peace that envelops your soul and your mind? It’s that sigh of relief. It’s that weight slowly coming up off your shoulders.

Trees ground us. They provide safety, stability, and balance within our universe. They can provide healing energy to your soul and allow you to reconnect with this world and this life.

On a more scientific level, trees provide oxygen to the air we breathe. Trees undergo photosynthesis to create energy. They use carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water to release oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for our energy production. In a way, humans and trees balance each other out.

Another important fact about this large plant species is that they help combat climate change.

Trees offer shade on a hot day and cool the air via transpiration. Transpiration occurs when trees release water from their leaves. As the liquid turns into a vapor, it naturally cools down the air. Many refer to trees as our natural air conditioners, where energy can further be conserved and saved. They also help clear air pollution via photosynthesis.

Trees provide homes, food, and safety to various wildlife. As our forests dwindle, so does our wildlife. Animals have nowhere to go, are starved, and are pushed out of their natural environment. Planting trees and protecting our forests can counteract these effects.

These ancient plants further stabilize the soil. Their root systems hold the soil in place and prevent erosion which in turn, gives way for other species to grow and flourish.

Lastly, trees can aid in economic growth. Depending on the type of tree, fruit harvest can bring jobs and expansion to an area.

The benefits trees have to offer our soul, our life, and our environment are endless. The above facts only touch the surface of what these remarkable species can do.

A hand planting a new plant sprout.

How Can Planting Trees Fill Your Soul?

The importance of planting and saving our trees and forests is vital to our existence and our energy fields. Planting trees can help reduce our footprint, counteract the damage we have already done, and help heal and refresh our spirits and souls.

Take the time to plant one tree, even if it is in your own yard. You will watch it grow over the years. It can serve as a way of healing, a symbol of new beginnings, a new life, or a new chapter. Watch it flourish as you do. Allow it to represent a newfound appreciation for this world and your life.

Plant a tree to ground yourself. Connect to the earth. Be present in the now. Remember that issues and problems will come and pass. It is up to you to remain centered, to balance yourself, and to persevere. Trees withstand storms, winds, and thousands of years of change. Draw from this energy, and bring it forth into your life.

Allow trees to teach you strength and inspire you. They represent so much more than what you see. Their roots ground them deep into the earth, and their branches stretch high into the sky reaching toward the sun. Tap into their unique vibrations and their patience.

Enduring thousands of years, trees patiently grow and stand through time. They balance out this chaotic world. Let their effects soothe your soul and calm your mind. Let go of anger, hate, or any other negative thoughts. Learn forgiveness and strive for healing.

Plant a Tree to Give Life

Planting a tree is an opportunity to give life. You are breathing life into a new plant, your own soul, and the planet. If each of us planted a brand new tree tomorrow, there would be over 7 billion new trees on earth. Create sustainability for future generations. Give back.

Take advantage of being outside and among nature. Allow it to inspire you. Feel the moment. Be in the moment. The simple act of planting a tree can remind you to practice mindfulness, to be aware of your movements and your thoughts, and to pay attention to right now.

It can be meditative as you solely focus on giving life to this tree and this world. In the act of giving, we can find our own peace and happiness. The Law of Attraction states that what you put out into the universe is what you get back. Put positive energy into the universe, and you will get positive energy back.

Planting a tree is a positive experience, not just for you, but for the world around you. It gives the world positive effects through the benefits and impact trees offer. In return, you receive positive energy. Open your heart to these positive energies.


Trees are the longest living species on this planet. It is important we realize their significance and their strength. We can constantly learn from them and grow with them.

Plant a tree in your community or on your property today. If you are unable to plant a tree, donate or support a local organization that does. Fill your soul with positivity and happiness. Continually strive for personal growth and development. Create connections with nature and nurture the environment around you.

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