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Article: How to Give Yourself Permission to Change & Grow

How to Give Yourself Permission to Change & Grow

How to Give Yourself Permission to Change & Grow

The biggest person holding you back? You. This is your sign right here and right now to give yourself permission to change and grow or do whatever you need to do to get what you want in life.

Now more than ever, external noise tends to flood our thoughts and sway us toward one way or another. And when bad things happen, most of us are ready to point the blame at others, deflecting it away from ourselves.

Yet, this only leads us down an even more miserable road — one where we fail to take responsibility, and we fail to turn to ourselves as a source of change, growth, and happiness.

Permitting yourself to grow means focusing on what you can control. It means relying on your number one, you, more than anyone else. And that in itself is one of the most powerful moves you can make in your life.

This article is your friendly reminder to do that and also a source to guide you on how exactly you can do that.

Giving Yourself Permission to Change

When we are young kids, we get into a habit of turning to external influences for permission. From our parents to our teachers, we require guidance.

As adults, this turns into looking for permission from authority or your boss. Your mind is already conditioned for this line of thinking, so it often continues this way.

Then, one day you might wake up and think, “Hey, I’m not happy. Why?” Maybe you blame your job, your spouse, or those pesky interest fees that keep piling up. You start trying to find reasons. And usually, they don’t involve looking inward.

However, looking inward and giving yourself permission to grow or to feel is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. So, how do you do that?

How to Give Yourself Permission to Change

Step 1: Learn to Trust Yourself

You can make your own choices. No one knows you better than, well, you! Yes, you might have insecurities and doubts that creep in (we all do). But trust your gut every now and then.

Go with that intuitive instinct. Listen inward more and truly understand what you want.

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Step 2: Let Go of Your Need for External Validation & Approval

This one is so hard.

We’re hard-wired for this from birth. Whether this means looking for approval from our parents when we bring home our report cards or telling your spouse about something great you did that day, we long for that external approval.

Yet, there’s a whole other side to this coin.

When you allow others’ approval or disapproval to impact you beyond repair, you’re giving another person permission to judge you and tell you how you should live your life. I think we can all agree that the only person in charge of that is you at the end of the day.

Step 3: Give Yourself Permission to Feel

Change relies on processing past emotions that may have built up over time. This means feeling your feelings. And this is okay.

A quick note here: Giving yourself permission to feel and doing so doesn’t mean projecting your feelings onto others or lashing out at others.

If this is really hard for you, talking to someone you trust (or even a pro!) can help you peel back the layers and dig deep, helping you understand yourself more and guiding you toward becoming who you have always dreamed of being.

Step 4: Change What You Say

Literally. When you say, “I have to,” instead say, “I want to.” When you say, “I can’t,” say, “I can and I will.”

Your words are powerful. In truth, they are basically blueprints for your mind. Don’t lay down the foundations of blueprints you don’t want. Instead, take charge. Say what you want. State it for the universe and for yourself to hear.

When you manifest these words out loud to yourself and others, this is when the magic truly starts happening.

Step 5: Practice Giving Yourself Permission Daily

What would you do if you quit holding yourself back? Make a list. What if the impossible wasn’t impossible? What if the chains you thought were holding you down weren’t? Write it out and begin giving yourself permission to do these things each day.

And while you’re at it… give yourself permission to fail.

Failing doesn’t mean it’s the end. Rather, failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Plus, the most successful people in the world have failed more than others have tried. It’s a numbers game. Keep going!

Let’s Make a Pact…

...To quit being so hard on ourselves. To quit being our own worst barrier to success. To quit convincing ourselves, we aren’t worthy.

Give yourself the greatest gift of all: The permission to change. Dive into personal growth techniques and spiritual awakening tips if you need ‘em! Find what works. Open your world up.

Everything begins yourself. Know this. Use it. And carry it with you throughout your day and life. Knowing this little bit of knowledge and acting on it is one of the best things you can do to open up a whole new world for yourself and find greater fulfillment and satisfaction than you ever thought possible.

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